Sunday, February 27, 2011

7 and 5

We had a sweet surprise last week. Our good friends who are missionaries to an island in the Pacific were back in the states for around 6 months. In that time we got to see them 3 times for which we were so thankful. We had tried to figure out one more visit with them before they headed back to the Pacific but it just wasn't able to work out. To our knowledge they were well on their way last weekend only to find out that there had been an error with the ticket dates. They were here another week and only an hour away so we took full advantage of an invitation to go see them. We spent one more evening watching our kiddos play together, enjoying a wonderful supper and most importantly delighted in our time with one another. It will be around 2 years before we see them again. Our kids who are pretty close in ages will be around 5 and 7.
2 years is a long ways off but I'm sure will be here before we know it!

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