Sunday, February 27, 2011

7 and 5

We had a sweet surprise last week. Our good friends who are missionaries to an island in the Pacific were back in the states for around 6 months. In that time we got to see them 3 times for which we were so thankful. We had tried to figure out one more visit with them before they headed back to the Pacific but it just wasn't able to work out. To our knowledge they were well on their way last weekend only to find out that there had been an error with the ticket dates. They were here another week and only an hour away so we took full advantage of an invitation to go see them. We spent one more evening watching our kiddos play together, enjoying a wonderful supper and most importantly delighted in our time with one another. It will be around 2 years before we see them again. Our kids who are pretty close in ages will be around 5 and 7.
2 years is a long ways off but I'm sure will be here before we know it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Field Trip

Wednesday was a very exciting day for Peanut..preschool field trip to a local children's science museum. I do have to say that I think she was most excited about riding on the bus without a car seat or seat belts.
Field Trip
I got to go along on the field trip (Pumpkin got to stay home with Daddy for the morning). It was fun to experience a field trip from the perspective of Mom and not teacher. I didn't have to worry about schedules, getting groups put together, making sure we had the first-aid kit and emergency phone numbers and so forth. I just went and walked around with three cute little girls.
Field Trip
I was the mom that couldn't find her own kid right when it was time to get coats on and line up to leave. In fact I had to ask the teacher if she knew where Peanut was. That was a bit embarrassing! Peanut had decided she wanted to climb the caterpillar net thingamajig one more time without telling me! Oh dear! (There was a talk about how we never leave Mommy's side without telling Mommy where we are going so Mommy doesn't look like an incompetent Mommy! Ok...maybe not that last part!)

This next picture completely grosses me out but I have to include it because I was very proud of Peanut for doing what she did! I on the other hand stayed as far away as I could while still getting a picture of her brave moment.
Field Trip

Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the Mend

We are on the mend, trying to get all better. Peanut is finishing up round two on her antibiotics. Pumpkin's face is no longer plastered. Daddy's sinuses no longer feel like they are being crushed by a pick axe and both of my lungs are still in tact. Whew! What a long couple of weeks. We are a bit worn out and naps have become a part of our weekend routine so by tomorrow we should be good to go.

Simon is the only who escaped illness! He can typically be found stretched out in our living room or curled up in Peanut's Cinderella chair.
Princess Cat
He has still received lots of attention even though the girls have been sick. He has about as much fun with the girls toys as they do. The other day I found he and Pumpkin stretched out on the kitchen floor having a picnic!
Pet Picnic

Monday, February 14, 2011

Uninvited House Guest

It seems we have had an uninvited house guest who needs to leave. He has overstayed his welcome...not that he received much of a welcome when he came. Today I washed all of our bedding and cracked a window letting in the fresh, cool air, hoping he would get the idea that he needs to leave.

He is...ILLNESS! We are so done! We want our kiddos to be healthy and us to be healthy. It's been like a solid month of being sick. First it was the flu that got all of us except Peanut, then she got a bad ear infection that spread to the rest of us in the form of the world's worst cold. Pumpkin's face, hair and blanket have been plastered with grossness. Peanut's nose is chapped from the constant wiping. Daddy and I have hacked up at least one lung each. WE ARE READY for warm air and for illness to be gone.

We discovered Peanut had an ear infection back on January 30 and got her on amoxicillin for 10 days. We didn't think much about it, just assumed that the antibiotic would do it's job and she would be all better. She finished up the prescription last week and then on Saturday evening mentioned a couple of times that her ear hurt again. She wasn't running a fever and she was acting like herself. We had friends over for supper and she kept right up with everyone.

I gave her a dose of Tylenol before bed just in case and tucked her in for the night. I could not get to sleep myself that night due to my coughing issue. The last time I checked the clock it was 3 a.m. At 4 a.m. I awoke to Peanut crying so I ran in to check on her...she had to go potty. I got her to the bathroom and helped her. She finished up and I helped her zip up her footie jammies, then heard a thud and realized she had fallen down immediately thinking she had tripped but when I picked her up she was rigid and unresponsive. I laid her on her bedroom floor, flipped on the light, saw her convulsing and screamed for Daddy.

Helpless....there is no other word to describe how that feels. I knew it had to be a febrile seizure since she had one once before, the week before she turned two years old. I tried to remain calm reassuring myself and Daddy that she was ok, she just had to get through it leaning on my knowledge from our last experience. Still there is that helpless feeling and wanting to do more, so I took advantage of a friendship and called a doctor friend at 4 a.m. to get his opinion. He agreed that it was a febrile seizure and as scary as they are, she would be ok. We also called Papa to get his ER nurse opinion and he said the same thing.

Once she came to, we gave her Tylenol. She was completely out of it for at least 15 minutes but finally starting becoming more alert but exhausted. At 5 a.m. I took her temp again to find it had risen from 100.4 to 102.6 so we put her in a bath of just-warm-water for a bit to bring her temp down. She was a real trooper and only cried a little bit. Afterwards we all went downstairs and camped out in the living room. Pumpkin, who had woke up when this all begin, thought it was really great that we were all getting up so early as she is an early riser!

Needless to say Sunday brought another trip to the clinic to discover Peanut's ear is infected again...not like it was but enough. She was put on a MUCH stronger antibiotic.

She had a really good day on Sunday considering how it started. Today she was really worn out and rested alot which I was glad for. She had a low grade fever this afternoon but not tonight.

She did have to miss preschool today which meant that she missed her class Valentine's Day party. I was so sad for her but knew she couldn't go. She handled the news really well when she asked about it. I was able to pick up her valentines from her classmates. She really enjoyed going through all of her treasures.
Valentine's Day

We made the most of our day and had fun here at home.
Valentine's Day
The girls got little gift bags from us, a surprise in the mail from a friend, heart sandwiches for lunch, heart jello jigglers, a special dessert after supper, and fizzy tablets in their bath that turned the water green. So all in all, it was a good day. I got to snuggle alot today with my sweeties and that is always good. (Pumpkin kept saying, "Ewww, ewww, ewww!" with a huge grin on her face in the green bath water.)
I declare it is time to put away the kleenex boxes, thermometers, chicken noodle soup, heating pads and cough drops. I'm kicking illness out of this house! I will send him packing far away from here so he doesn't come visit any of you either! He is such a horrible house guest!

I will however be dishing out the Tylenol at the slightest hint of a fever in Peanut from now on. We had hoped she had outgrown those blasted febrile seizures after 2 1/2 years but not yet. I am so thankful that we know what the cause is and that there are no adverse side effects from them. Once she gets over this junk, she will be a happy, healthy little girl and for that we are so blessed!
Happy Valentine's!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Family Pictures

Family Pictures
We are lucky enough to have a very talented friend who does an incredible job taking pictures and who was looking for "practice families". I totally jumped on the offer and was blown away with the quality and amount of pictures we recieved. She did an incredible job and we got to hang out with her, so it was a win/win.

She came down to our place last fall to take the pictures. I haven't shared them here because I used one for Christmas gifts this year and then I needed to borrow a computer to upload the others. (My computer doesn't have a cd drive. Daddy's cd drive has a cd stuck in it from our accident. Our old laptop is too full and I can't put one more thing on it.)

So finally here is a sampling of some totally awesome pictures! Hope you enjoy. I do have a warning though...there are some SERIOUSLY cute girls in these pictures. I mean really, really, really cute!
Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Family Pictures

Family Pictures
I love this one because it totally encapsulates their personalities. Peanut is right there doing what she is supposed to be doing while Pumpkin is running away, on a mission in the opposite direction.
Family Pictures
We had so much fun and are truly grateful for the chance to have such gorgeous pictures of our little family! Thanks Kim! You ROCK!!!!!
Family Pictures

Another Snowy Day

So...Saturday we awoke to more snow. Where did that come from? We had no idea it was supposed to snow all day. We made the best of it though. We stayed in our pjs most of the day and played. The girls had alot of fun doing what seems to be the most simple activity. Grab a bag of pipe cleaners, a couple of colanders and let them cram, jam, and shove those pipe cleaners into the small holes in the colander.
Pipe Cleaner Play
We made a mid morning, late breakfast together of French Toast sticks which were really yummy. I always forgot about french toast. I have little pancake fiends so this was a yummy switch. I strung up Mimi's valentine decorations that I have hung on to. They consist of jut a few paper hearts but they are so much more than that to me. They are a reminder of her that I love having in my kitchen.

We also put all of their play food in Mimi's old picnic basket and they had a pretend picnic on the living room floor. They have really enjoyed playing this all weekend. Daddy and I have been well "fed".
Come on Spring! I'm running out of ideas to keep these little girls occupied inside.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Getting Out

One guess where we went yesterday on our first outing in 4 days....
Everyone knows where the big red ball is from, right? TARGET! Woohoo! Do you see that the red ball is very shiny? It was covered with ice!

Today Cora got to go back to preschool after being out for a week due to illness and weather. She was very excited because she was the snack helper. She chose to take Gogurt and raisin boxes. I got to go to Bible study too which was wonderful. The study I am in is on the life of Ruth. She was an amazing woman!

This evening while I made supper I pulled out an ink pad, stamps, card stock, stickers and crayons and let the girls go hog wild. They were making mail. I found the idea HERE. The girls had fun creating.
Making Mail
(The little one doesn't like to keep her shirt on much anymore!)

Hope you all have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I have it. I admit it I.AM.GOING.NUTS! I need out of this house. I need warm weather. I need restored health. I need to let my kids run wild at the park. I need to open my windows and let in the fresh air. I HAVE THE GRUMPIES!

Dobbie and Papa spent the weekend at our house. On Saturday the girls all ran out for a bit while the guys took in the art museum on campus. While out I noticed that Peanut was not acting like herself. Upon returning we took her temp and discovered it was 101.7. I gave her Tylenol and put her to bed on time rather than letting her stay up late (also after really sweet talking and twisting Dobbie and Papa's arms to get them to spend one more night). On Sunday she progressively started looking worse and then she started complaining about her ear hurting. We decided I should take her to the CVS Minute Clinic to get it checked out. After waiting 2 hours in the waiting room, I was told she did indeed have an ear infection and it was bulging! I am so thankful I took her in when I did. She looked absolutely miserable. In fact the NP that saw her asked if she had been crying but she hadn't. Her eyes were all red, watering and she had circles under them!!!

We stayed home obviously to care for her when we realized that a huge storm was heading for us! Our area was expected to get an inch of ice and strong winds. Not good for the power lines which worried us a great deal as we don't have any back-up heat. We weathered the storm though and came through with our electric never going out. Whew! The ice was so pretty on the trees but it was gone by morning after being blown all night long. The sidewalks were covered with shattered ice.
Ice Storm
So now we have been cooped up due to weather! The past couple of days have been quiet as Peanut was so sick and just didn't feel like doing anything. We watched a lot of Little House on the Prairie and other movies. Today I came up with a few fun out of the ordinary activities for us to do so we wouldn't go stir crazy.
Newspaper Sculpting
First we made newspaper sculptures. The girls had fun playing with the masking tape and the long newspaper "wands". We made a teepee for their Little People to camp out in.
Newspaper Sculpting
Later on we made Clean Mud. Basically you shred up 2 toilet paper rolls, grate 2 bars of Ivory soap, mix in some warm water and you get clean mud. (Click HERE if you want the actual recipe.)
Clean Mud
Pumpkin had more fun shredding the toilet paper as it is usually something we tell her not to do. Ha! Peanut enjoyed actually playing with the mud.
Clean Mud
We've also been enjoying some yummy treats. We made Blondie bars last night. Somehow they have disappeared though...probably the cat who by the way has made himself right at home.
Settling In
I've been trying to pump them up with good foods too. We've been having Oscar the Grouch smoothies. These consist of throwing orange juice, a banana, yogurt, spinach, and any other fruit you have in the blender and blending! We have had pineapple and blackberry in ours. You don't even taste the spinach and how it warms my heart to see Pumpkin (who has turned into the pickiest eater ever) slurp that thing down! She has no idea what her Mama is pumping her full of.
I also let Peanut run the vacuum. This entertained both girls for 15 minutes. It would have entertained them longer had Daddy not asked them to let Mommy take over and turn the vacuum off. I think it was too much vacuum whirring for him.
In between these fun activities has been fighting, runny noses, whining, crying, temper tantrums...and that's just from me. HA! Kidding! I only cried a bit today when I was about to lose my mind. I'm ok now because tomorrow...we're getting out of this place (with our ice skates on) even if it's only to meander Target. I think I deserve a Chai with soy for surviving the epic storm of 2011 too! Also did you know...HIS MERCIES ARE NEW EACH AND EVERY MORNING!

Daddy's Birthday

I've been MIA. Sorry! We had the flu hit our house including Pumpkin, Daddy, then ME! Yuck! Peanut then proceeded to get a horrible ear infection so blogging hasn't been among my top priorities in the past week. But now I'm back...
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Last Wednesday was Daddy's birthday. He had a small break in between classes and meetings so he was able to come home for a birthday supper. We had spinach salad, shepherd's pie and pumpkin pie. The girls made him sweet little cards and he opened his presents.
Happy Birthday Daddy!
Dobbie and Papa came down and spent the weekend us with us also. Daddy got two birthday dinners. For his second dinner I made crockpot ribs, mashed potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli, and tiramisu. We were so glad to spend some time with Dobbie and Papa. We played games, watched a movie (The Secretariat...awesome!), talked, played, ate...just enjoyed our time! I didn't have my camera out though. Boo! We did get this sweet pic of Dobbie and Millie snuggling together though.
So, I think Daddy had a good birthday! I know we had fun helping him celebrate!!!!