Friday, January 21, 2011


Our big girl...our firstborn has started preschool. Her first day was this past Wednesday and she was over the moon. She could not wait to carry her red bucket and yellow folder to school. There was not a hint of anxiety or a shred of nervousness. She was confident and she showed it. It made our hearts soar to watch her take this really big step.
1st Day of Preschool
She walked into class and didn't look back. I was a little sad but after years of teaching preschool, I know how awesome that is for her.
1st Day of Preschool
Her favorite thing to tell us after school is if someone lost a stick out of their behavior jar. She's keeping track! She likes to tell us all about the snacks they have too and what she made.

She has two official days under her belt of which she got to wear her jammies for pajama day for the letter P. After her first day of class Pumpkin and I took her out for lunch and let her pick the place. She picked Bob and Olie's (her imaginary friends) favorite pizza place, Pizza Hut!

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TWitmer said...

Wow! Hard to believe she is a full-fledged pre-schooler now Mindy! She looks so grown up. Glad you could be happy for her even though she is growing up.