Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flu Bug

I got hit with the flu bug this week. I have been taking it easy and grateful for PBS kids and movies from the library. The girls have been relatively cooperative and understanding especially when Daddy is gone to class. I am beginning to feel a little better and hoping that after a good night of sleep, I'll be ready to jump back into life (slowly at first, though).

The girls were both wanting to get out of the house this afternoon. Peanut kept asking if we could go somewhere but took it well when I told her we could not. Pumpkin who was running around in her diaper was ready to go when she saw Daddy getting ready to leave. This is what she looked like minutes after she saw him putting his shoes on. All one needs is a hat and pajama pants, right? (Be sure to check out how those pants are on.)
Ready to go!

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Ryan and Melanie said...

It was good to see you on Thursday! Hope you all stay healthy for the rest of the winter:)