Thursday, January 13, 2011


There is excitement in our household. The first bit of news that has caused a stir of excitement is a new member has been added to our family. We are pet owners again. Gigi had a stray cat show up at his house that would not leave and the girls fell in love with him, so we finally made the decision to bring him home with us. This was made promptly after watching Pumpkin carry the cat in the choke hold and it didn't try to scratch or harm her. We are certainly keeping an eye on how much "love" she gives the kitty.
Peanut adores the kitty and keeps close tabs on him. She makes sure that he stays off the table and counter tops and gets after him if he doesn't. She is in love with having a pet of her very own! He is quite a cat too. When we brought him home, it was as if he had always been with us. He got out of the carrier and just relaxed. He must have already been litter trained because there has been no need to train. (Oh, how I didn't miss litter...oh well!) He fits in perfectly and is SO laid back! It's crazy! He lets Peanut just carry him around. He is a little unsure about Pumpkin but "puts up with" her antics very well.
If you recall, our last cat was named Arthur after Art Garfunkel since Daddy is a huge Simon and Garfunkel fan. SO...take a guess what our newest pet has been named...Simon, in honor of Paul Simon.

Our other bit of news...well let me show you Peanut's excited face regarding this's a bit blurry but that smile, that's perfect!
Preschool Bound
SHE'S GOING TO PRESCHOOL!!!!! The above pic was taken the day after we told her. I wish we had a pic from the day we told her or better yet, video. She could NOT stop grinning and hugged us at least 10 times. She was ECSTATIC! Tomorrow she and I head out to visit one and hopefully she'll be on her way next week! Pumpkin was excited too although she may not have understood why.
Sweetie Pie
She's going to get some one-on-one Mama time which will be good for both of us.


Kari said...

The Adorables!! Including Simon...He looks like a Simon....did we tell you we have settled on Tom and Jerry for ours...the one with the blue eye is Tom...bigger papa sitting outside Laporte Hospital, while Papa has an interview in Pacu...then going to Sams...trying to stock up as we heard groceries are going UP!! probably up up and away!!!

Brenda said...

I can't wait to see baby-doll clothes on Simon...just seems like it is something he wouldn't mind, being so laid back and all...