Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Man

We love house guests. We love to have people in our home. This is something we haven't done as much of since our move so when someone is here, we love it! We had a special guest the weekend before Thanksgiving. I'll call him "The Man." He bears this nickname because this is what Peanut started calling him when he came to her 3rd birthday party and it just stuck. We have known him now for around 13 years and have watched him go from a junior high kid to a grown-up! We think he is a pretty great guy.

I have to put a blurb on here about his visit because the girls adored him, especially Peanut. She would not leave him alone, had to sit by him at the pizza place, and couldn't wait for him to get up in the morning to see her. It was pretty sweet. The coolest thing is he was absolutely wonderful with the girls and not at all annoyed by any of their whimsies.
The Man
(Check out Peanut's smile! And no, of course Pumpkin wouldn't look at the camera!)

Thank you to The Man for visiting! We thoroughly enjoyed your stay and hope you stop in again.

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