Friday, December 10, 2010


Pumpkin, oh Pumpkin! She is the fire cracker in the family. She is the spice. We joke that God took the spiciest genes from Daddy and I and created this one. But how she can melt your heart with her grin and those eyes that just twinkle and shine with orneriness.
She is 20 months old now. She is an expert walker, runner, climber. She gets into everything that she shouldn't. She runs and hides when she has her hands on something she shouldn't. This hiding spot is typically the corner in our kitchen behind her high chair.

She is a screamer. She squeals in delight when she is happy. She screams in frustration when she has been ticked off.

She has a temper like no other. She has been known to throw her toys when she is upset with them. She also is really good at throwing herself to the floor and pitching a royal fit.

She loves to cuddle up on our shoulder with her favorite pink and brown polka dot blanket. (Note to self: Search high and low for a back up blanket like this one!)

She says:
Mommy, Daddy, Gigi, Mimi, Bobby (for Dobbie), Papa, SisSis (for Peanut), ball, ruff ruff (for dog), meow (for cat), ow oo (for love you), byeeeeee, Nigh Nigh (for good night), baby, uh-oh, no no, Momo (for Elmo) and when asked to say lion, she ROARS!
She also mimics everything we say. She is a chatter box.

She shrieks when she sees the playground and knows we are stopping to play. She loves to be roughed up and tickled. She is a picky eater.

She is stubborn. She is determined. She is strong-willed.
All of which will get her far in life when she is all grown up. (I remind myself of this frequently throughout the day.)

We love her alot!

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Colleen said...

It's so amazing all the stuff they figure out so young. Wade does things that I'm sure David didn't at this age. I know it's because he learned a lot of it from watching David.