Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dobbie and Papa's

Dobbie and Papa are back at their cabin which is very near Gig's house so we got to spend a night and day with them too. Peanut and Pumpkin had fun exploring, playing with their cats and dog, and just spending time with Dobbie and Papa. They even provided them with story time and songs which is what is going on in this picture. It was a hoot!
Papa taught Peanut how to play a fun game.
Papa Games
Of course we got some cute pics of Dobbie and Papa with Pumpkin and Peanut by their beautiful fireplace.
Dobbie and Papa

Dobbie and Papa

We ended our trip north by going to hear Gigi sing in his church's cantata. Thank you to Daddy who took Pumpkin to the nursery to play after she tested her boundaries on how loud she could be. We had alot of fun listening to Gigi's choir perform the Christmas music. Dobbie and Papa went with us which made it even better.
(Sorry for the blurry picture.)

After the cantata and some cookies we headed back home but ended up spending the night not quite halfway in a hotel. The weather took a quick turn and it started to ice. Daddy had a hard time keeping the van from sliding and everyone slowed down to a snail's pace so we decided not to risk it and just stayed in the hotel. We made it home safe and sound the next day.

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