Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cookie Decorating Day

I should be sewing those Christmas projects I have up my sleeve, but here I sit, uploading pictures to Snapfish and blogging. I am too tired to even think about seam allowances and winding bobbins. The flu bug hit Pumpkin today. Ninety percent of my day was spent just holding her and snuggling but that 10% when I was up, I was running around like a mad woman making the most of those minutes. So far she is the only victim. We are hoping no one else gets it and that she'll feel better in the morning.
Cookie Day
Yesterday we had a fun cookie decorating party with a few of Pumpkin and Peanut's friends and the obviously uninvited guest, "The Bug." So far two party attendees have been struck down with sickness. Needless to say, those beautifully decorated cookies whose frosting was spread with knives that had been licked and fingered by the littles...yeah, those cookies....they were promptly thrown away this morning after Pumpkin starting throwing up. We do not take those kind of chances! There will be more cookies made in the next few weeks so the girls will certainly get their fair amount of sugar intake. Do not worry about that, folks!
Cookie Day
But....the party! We had a ball with our friends. A couple weren't able to come due to already being sick or maybe they heard that there was going to be that ruthless, uninvited guest and opted out.
Cookie Day
On Tuesday the girls and I made the cookie dough, cut out the cookies and baked them so they would be ready for decorating on Wednesday. After our guests arrived we gathered in our cozy kitchen around the table and slathered butter cream frosting on those cookies. The kids were on frosting and sprinkle OVERLOAD! I think they all had fun. I did. I had a blessed time hanging out with one of my sweet new friends. She has been such a blessing to me here in our new town. She also has some of the cutest little guys around.
Cookie Day
One of the cookie decorators had more fun just sitting in her high chair eating the cookies her mama gave her so she wouldn't slather that frosting all through the house.
Cookie Day
So far our advent activities this week have been:
December 7 - Read the Christmas story from the Bible then act it out with our Little People Nativity.
December 8 - Have a cookie decorating party with a few friends.
December 9- Today we were supposed to make a Christmas craft. That didn't happen due to "The Bug" so if we're all healthy tomorrow we'll add that to tomorrow's activity.

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