Monday, December 06, 2010

Advent Underway

December 1st has come and gone. Last year we started our advent tradition and are carrying it into the second year. We have a string of 25 paper cones lining our stairway.
Each cone has a slip of paper telling what that day's activity will be. Every morning Peanut and I read what our activity for the day will be as we prepare for Christmas. So far we have done the following things:

December 1st - We decorated our apartment for Christmas. The girls have had such fun playing with the Christmas decor that is at their level. Every morning as Pumpkin and I come down to the living room, she points to the tree and says, "BEE!" We think she is saying "pretty" because we keep saying "pretty lights". The ornaments on the bottom of the tree get rearranged all day long and carried in play purses and baskets.
December 2nd - We made a paper chain out of Christmas paper to decorate our home with.
December 3rd - We watched The Polar Express together and Peanut got to camp out downstairs with Mommy around the pretty Christmas lights. She would NOT go to sleep and once she discovered it was snowing quite a bit, she was up for even longer. So what was a Mama to do? We put on our winter gear, hers over her pjs and took a quick walk in our parking lot and threw some snowballs at 12:30 a.m.
December 4th - I took the girls to a local church's family craft morning. There were stations set up all around the fellowship hall with different crafts the kids could make for gift giving. It was really awesome.
Craft Day
December 5th - During Pumpkin's nap, I took Peanut to a local museum that was doing another craft day. She got to make a penguin, a candle display, Santa's shoes, and a Christmas tree card. It was a fun time for her and I to be out by ourselves. We also did a quick round of Christmas shopping together.
Craft Day
December 6th - Today we wrote our letters to Santa that we will mail at the special mail box in town. Peanut's said, "Dear Santa, I really love you. Some things I might like for Christmas are things for my doll house, an Easy Bake oven, or a Leapfrog toy." Pumpkin's letter, which Peanut helped write said, "Dear Santa, I love you. For Christmas I would like things for my baby dolls, a Crayola Color Me a Song, or a new book."

We have many more fun activities coming up this week. One thing that I was able to get the girls this past week was the Little People Nativity set. I have wanted this since Peanut was just a baby. It has been a fun thing to play with and be able to act out the story of Jesus' birth with the girls. Again, they love to carry baby Jesus all over and mother him.
Nativity Surprise
(I totally know that Pumpkin's outfit is wild and crazy. Peanut insisted on picking out her outfit! Woohoo!)


the back door said...

i believe part of pumpkin's outfit came from princess....and she looked about the same in it:)i find it adorable!

TWitmer said... are such a good mom! I want to be like you :)

Colleen said...

We're having fun with ornaments here too. There's one that looks like a candy cane, and Wade tries to eat it about three times a day.