Monday, November 22, 2010


When we are at Gigi's the girls' favorite thing to do is play outside. Like they get out of the van after our 4 hour journey and go straight to playing on the swing set, in the sand box, driving the jeep, and running around. I love it too. I love to see them getting that great fresh air that I grew up on. Also Pumpkin falls straight to sleep when we are at his house due to playing hard in the great outdoors. I've said it before and I'm going to say it again, if you have a backyard do NOT take it for granted. I took ours for granted for many years and what I would give to have outdoor space that is not a parking lot for my kids to just go out and play in now.
Going to Gigi's
There are lots of "big toys" to play with too! Peanut was actually steering this tractor all by herself while sitting on Gigi's lap and she rocked it to the moon! I was so proud of her!
Going to Gigi's
Since we don't have an area really to just go out and play in sometimes the girls can be a little loopy so we do things like stick bags on our heads and giggle away.
Going to Gigi'sGoing to Gigi's
Pumpkin started that silly adventure to get the crazies out. Surprise, surprise!

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