Saturday, November 06, 2010


If you are looking at the title and wondering, "What is that?", let me fill you in. A doppelganger is basically a celebrity look alike. And now if you are wondering why I am blogging about celebrity look alikes, well let me tell you a little story.

Friday night I took the girls to Target to pick up a few things. After scurrying through the incredibly busy store, I decided I deserved a small Starbucks treat. I got into line with both girls still in the shopping cart. Two men got in line behind us and one struck up a conversation with us. He asked Peanut how old she was and told her about his little girl who was getting ready for college and shopping in the store.

This man's doppelganger would be a cross between Dustin Hoffman and Ozzy Osborne. (I can not believe I just mentioned Ozzy Osborne on my family blog. Wow!) He was short, Dustin Hoffman nose and voice, and had long black wavy hair.

So I turn my attention to the sweet mommy in front of me and her precious little boy. All the while though I can hear the man behind me talking to his friend and he is saying things like "she looks just like my friend in a rock band." I am sure he is directing his attention to someone across Starbucks but realize he is looking our way. I then hear him say, "I should take a picture of her to show him." He has to be talking about someone else, RIGHT?

As we move forward he catches my attention and says, "Your daughter looks just like my buddy who is in a rock band. He's in the band Nile." (As if I am supposed to know the band, which I do not.) I ask which daughter and he points to.....PUMPKIN!!!! He pulls up a picture of said friend on his phone and I see no resemblance. I laugh and say, "Well, rocker definitely fits her personality. She rocks our house daily." He even says, "I should take a picture to send him and ask if this is what he looked like as a child." As far as I know, that did not happen thankfully!

He was for real people. My little pumpkin has a doppelganger and he is a 46 year old man in an Egyptian heavy metal band. (What in the world is Egyptian heavy metal? Hubby has yet to introduce me to that genre...thank goodness.)

I know you are dying to see for yourself. You want to see the resemblance or LACK THEREOF don't you?
Karl Sanders
Karl Sanders
Homecoming Parade
Hmmm....I personally think it is the blond bangs falling in front of the face that did it for him. As one friend put it, they both have two eyes, a nose, a mouth and two ears! Lots of similarities!

Oh the craziness you can run into on a Friday night at Starbucks!


Julie said...

You know, I actually think I see it. I can't describe it, but it's there - just slightly! :) No, I'm not kidding, either.

thejoyful1 said...
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thejoyful1 said...

sorry mindy...but i can see it, too! ;) there are SIMILARITIES in their features, and the pic of him made me think of some others of millie with a similar expression. haha! too funny!