Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treating Sorority/Frat Style

University Trick or Treating
Last night a friend and I braved the winds and took our kiddos trick or treating on the Fraternity/Sorority row at the university. We had a really great time. We took along a NASA worker, a pirate, baby Tigger, a lamb, and a farm girl.
University Trick or Treating
Peanut was OVER THE MOON excited about going with her buddies! She loved walking the street with them, scoping out the next candy station.
University Trick or Treating
My friend and I giggled at the fact that these teenagers really had no idea how to keep organization with gobs of little children running around on a candy sugar high. There were several times when our kids walked into a mob of college students searching out candy and we had a very difficult time keeping track of our beloved little ones which made our hearts beat a little beat faster.
University Trick or Treating
This little Farm Girl raked in the candy whereas Lamb Chops who was restrained in the stroller didn't. Thankfully Farm Girl is generous and willing to share.
University Trick or Treating
And many farmers do you know who can pull off the look of ladybug boots (on the wrong feet)???
University Trick or Treating


shannon fay said...

I remember before Peanut was called me and invited my littles to T or T in Plymouth....they were so little then! And now there's two more whole Flicks in the world! Where has time gone?

The girlies look adorable...I can't believe Pumpkin is already big enough for that lambie costume....she looks adorable and so does our little farm girl!

Love you guys!

Anne Frank said...

Oh we had such fun that night! Love the pics!

mobile coupons naples said...

vao,so cute pictures,god bless your family and little ones.very sweet.