Friday, October 08, 2010

The Makeover

I would love to say I was going to show you pictures of a makeover that I had. Wouldn't that just be the funnest thing ever? To get whisked away and made over. This make over is a living room. Which really is quite exciting because the transformation is remarkable. This will be boring to most of you but so many have wanted to see pictures so this is for them.

If you remember we went to Gigi's a few weeks ago to help him redo his living room. I had forgotten to take pictures then but got some while I was up this past weekend.

(I had to get the before pics from my picture archives.)

Let's start with the before pictures. The living room had not been changed in this is the way I remember it as a little girl. The paneling is what was hung when my parents moved into the house in in the 60's.
Christmas at Gigi's
I know the carpeting is from before I appeared which really isn't that long ago, right? (HA!) The orange shag is coming back, I guess. We have a huge roll if anyone is interested!
Christmas at Gigi's
Here you can see that there was alot of stuff in the living room. This is what we call a dust trap and we all know how much fun dusting is.
Happy Birthday
So, it was time for an update, don't ya think?

And now the BIG reveal...are you ready? I wish we had a drum roll here because it really does deserve it!
We painted the paneling a light taupe and did all the trim in a cream. Let me just reiterate...TRIM! Gigi trimmed everything! The room was lacking trim before and that alone added so much. And the carpet...WHOA! We also got rid of the lacy curtains and hung new rods with burgundy curtains. It all came together perfectly!
As you can see too, there is alot less stuff in the room too. This was per Gigi's request and I was more than happy to oblige. NO MORE KNICK KNACKS!!!!
I do have to say...go back and look at that picture above. Gigi surprised us on our last trip up with that TV! He went out and got himself a flat screen digital TV! Pumpkin was amazed to see Sid the Science Kid as big as she is.

I had a hard time getting a good picture of this wall. Gigi has several pictures from his Navy days framed and wanted those hung in the living room. So, I made this grouping and remembered the bin with his Navy uniforms in the closet. I rummaged through and found two of his hats from the Navy and hung them along with the pictures. I love how it turned out. Check out that young man in the Navy uniform on the lower right. Pretty handsome, eh?
So there it is! We all love it so much and love to be in this space now. It is inviting and not so dark anymore. What a transformation some paint and carpet can make. But now...some of the other rooms are looking in need of updating too.


shannon fay said...

I love it....and he's still pretty handsome! ;)

TWitmer said...

WOW! Great job Mindy! Amzing what "small" things can do, huh?

the back door said...

wow! what a transformation:) you worked really hard, but don't you love that you can enjoy it!!

Julie Reynolds said...

Great job, Mindy! I am amazed at the difference! :)