Sunday, October 17, 2010

First Hair Cut and the Ballet

A few weeks ago Daddy asked Peanut and I to go to the ballet with him. I mentioned to Peanut that I was going to get my hair cut for the occasion and she decided she wanted to get her hair cut also. So the afternoon of the ballet, off we went for our hair cuts. Peanut was very excited!
First Hair Cut
I told her getting your hair cut is so fun because they wash your hair and it is so relaxing.
First Hair Cut
Peanut wanted me to get my hair cut first then her. The girl who was cutting my hair was so excited to give Peanut her first hair cut. She made sure we got a couple of curls that were cut to save, got us an envelope to put them in, and even gave Peanut a certificate for her first hair cut.
First Hair Cut
Now, we didn't get much cut off at all. Her hair was many assorted lengths in the back so the girl just evened it all up and cut off about 3 inches. I had a hard time parting with that much hair off of her sweet head. I was so worried her curls would be cut off. She does still have curls! Whew! And I don't have a picture of what it looks like. Sorry!

But here we are the at the ballet. We had a good time. As you can see, Pumpkin was not with us. We were in agreement that she would not do so well so we got a friend to watch her while we were out. (She figured out how to get out of her crib for the first time while we were gone too. So far she hasn't tried that stunt again. I am hoping it gave her a good scare and cured her for a while.)
Peanut's favorite thing about the ballet was "they were dancing on their tippy toes."

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