Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Interview with a 4 Year Old

Kevin, Mindy, and Cora Flick
I "interviewed" Peanut on her birthday as a way to remember some of her favorite things. I want to share her answers her so they are recorded because frankly this blog is the scrapbook of our lives. I've also included some favorite pictures of her from the past 4 years.

Merry Christmas!
How old are you? 8...ummm 4

What is your favorite color? Green

Where do we live? In an apartment

What is your favorite toy? Baby dolls

Who is your favorite friend? Dawson

What is your favorite show? Curious George

What is your favorite thing to eat? Pancakes
New Snowsuit

What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor, nurse

What is your favorite book about? Elmo Books

What song do you like to sing? ABC's
Going Shopping

Where is your favorite place to go? Dobbie and Papa's and Gigi's and Shannon's

Who is Jesus? God is love.

What is your favorite thing to do? Go to the pet store to see the fishies.
Christmas 2008

What is something that makes you feel happy? When 'Pumpkin' plays with me.

What is something that makes you feel sad? When Millie bonks me in the head.
Garden Quilt Tour

What is something you like about Mom/Dad/Millie?

Dad brings me candy

Millie plays with me.

Mommy gives me toys.

Funny Face
How did she turn 4? Four years have brought joy beyond measure and love that makes our hearts soar because of this little girl. We love her more each day and are amazed by the little girl she has become. We are so proud of her!
4 Years Old

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She is 4!!!!!

4 Years Old
Peanut went and turned 4 on Wednesday! We tried to talk her out of it, but she wants to be "all growed up." We asked her if she was going to go out and find a job now. I mentioned McDonald's to which she replied, "I would eat hamburgers!" Oh dear! Good thing real job hunting is a ways off yet.

4 Years Old
We actually did the big shindig on Tuesday due to Daddy's schedule being much lighter on Tuesdays. Gigi came down to see us too. We started our day by heading to Olive Garden because Peanut wanted spaghetti for lunch, but she ended up with ravioli.
4 Years Old
Afterwards we headed to a park for a little bit. The humidity levels have been horrible here the past few weeks so we were all melting away. Upon returning to air conditioning, it was time to open gifts. She scored some excellent things...harmonica, fishing pole, Bitty Baby clothes and doctor kit, new clothes, and some other fun things.
4 Years Old

4 Years Old

4 Years Old
For a few weeks I had been talking to her about what she might like me to make for her birthday supper and every time the answer was HOT DOGS! So hot dogs it was, oh and some bratwursts. I also made some excellent coleslaw that I highly recommend even if you don't like cole slaw. You can find the recipe HERE. We also had sweet corn and hashbrown casserole.
4 Years Old
Peanut also got to pick what she wanted her birthday cake to be. I narrowed it down to 4 that she could choose from. The 4 were Curious George, Strawberry Shortcake, the cutest Cookie Monster, and Mr. Potato Head. (I was pulling for Cookie Monster.) And the winner was...Mr. Potato Head! It was so easy to make and it really did turn out cute. I made Pink Lemonade cake for the actual cake with Buttercream Frosting. It was a very dense and moist cake. You can find that recipe HERE.
4 Years Old
I think Pumpkin enjoyed the cake too. What do you think?
4 Years Old
We had a good day! Peanut got to stay up and sleep downstairs. This is how she looked at 9:00 a.m. on her actual birthday morning. This must be the birthday coma.
4 Years Old
Wednesday the girls and I had a quiet day at home. I made her chocolate chip pancakes for her birthday breakfast after she had feasted on popcorn puffs and candy! It was her birthday for goodness sakes.
4 Years Old
We took her out to TGI Friday's Wednesday night for supper. The servers all sang to her and she got a free ice cream sundae which she thought was pretty neat.
4 Years Old
There were a couple presents that we held back just for her birthday day that she opened after we got home. We got her a LeapFrog Text and Learn to help her learn her ABC's. She loved it and spent the whole evening playing with it. We also got her a new Bible story book called The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name. I had heard some great things about this Children's Bible and was very excited to get it for her.
4 Years Old
We also got her a Seeds of Family Worship cd. This is a great company that I had discovered from another friend's blog. If you are not familiar with them, you should check it out especially if you have children. They make children's worship songs from Bible verses with each cd focusing on one theme. We chose the Courage cd since that is an area that we are really working on with Peanut since the accident. I am hoping that she will hear the message of the cd and believe that she can be full of courage because of who Jesus is to her. The really cool thing about the cd is that you are sent two cds. You can tear off part of the package with the second cd in it and pass it on to someone else.

I had fun actually sewing and crafting again for her birthday. I appliqued a number 4 for her on a white t-shirt and added some rick rack trim to the collar for her to wear.
4 Years Old
I also made her a sweet headband with Scrap Flowers to match her t-shirt. The hug that I got for these two simple things was thanks enough! Such a sweet little girl!
4 Years Old
And since she chose a Potato Head cake, I made her a felt Potato Head to play with and a drawstring bag to keep it in.
4 Years Old
So our little 4 year old is all tucked away in her bed. Oh, how we love her. It is amazing how much she has changed us in 4 years. I can't even think nor do I want to think of what life was like before her.

We love her to the moon and back.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Girl Time

This past week we had a SPECIAL treat. A very sweet friend from my church youth group days came to visit. I love this special gal. We super close buddies during our teenage years, then we went our separate ways but we have always kept up our friendship. It seems so easy and natural to pick up where we left off in a past visit. She is a loyal friend that I count as a true blessing to me. I am SO grateful that she came to see us. I anticipated her visit from the moment I found out she was coming.

The girls adored her. She totally loved on them too.
I also got to see my BFF this past Friday too. She was in a nearby city and we met for lunch. It was a great blessing to steal away some moments with her. She has just finished her surgery rotation in medical school. She is an amazing woman. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. After she headed home, the girls and I headed out to do some shopping. Our first stop was Trader Joe's. I have been hearing all about this awesome grocery store but hadn't been able to get to one until Friday! I am in love. I will definitely be swinging by anytime I am near one. I super impressed with the prices and the quality of ingredients in most of the foods that I looked at. I didn't see any high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils on any ingredient lists. Impressive!

I also took the girls to toy Heaven...Toys 'R Us. Peanut had a ball telling me what she wanted and did very well when I reminded her we were not there to buy just to look. I was able to sneak a couple of things in the cart for her birthday. We also visited a mall and had fun window shopping before heading home. It was a fun day with my girls. I love spending time with them like that.

Now...are you having a bad day? Do you need to smile or maybe even chuckle? Well I have a picture that may help. To see it in real life brings a giggle out of me every time she does it. Hope it brightens your day.
Ready for a Swim?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We're going undercover for a bit.

Watch out spy comes Agent Peanut,
Agent Mama,
Agent Daddy,
and of course, Agent Pumpkin!
We're off to break codes and solve mysteries!

Monday, July 19, 2010


We have been busy, busy seeing friends and family lately. Last week we had two sweet friends from Russia here. Mr. Russia is actually a college friend of ours who has been in Russia as a missionary for about 6 years. A few years back he met a sweet girl, fell in love and married her one year ago this past April. Due to the slight distance between our families we had not gotten to meet this sweet girl until their visit last week, although we are most certainly Facebook Buddies.

It was a delightful time of catching up with and getting to know each other. The girls simply adored having friends over who actually spent the night! (That meant Mommy and Daddy slept in their room too!)
Over the weekend we headed to Daddy's family reunion. It was exceedingly hot so the kids really enjoyed swimming. Peanut is a fish, I tell you! She would have spent the entire time in the water instead of just 90% of the time. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of our day because I may have forgotten my camera battery at home! Oops! (As a Mommy blogger I was devastated!) It was a 4 hour ride home and for 70% of the trip we heard in a sad little voice, "But I just wanted to stay and spend the night," from Peanut! Then a crazy lightening storm filled the sky and she buried her face in her pillow and fell asleep.
Farm Visit
On Sunday we got to see our friends who are missionaries in the Solomon Islands. They just returned to the states this past week and are here for a few months. The Hubby's parents live very near to where we are now so we met up with them for the afternoon and evening. Our kids had a ball playing together on the farm that he grew up on. They climbed in and out of tractors, rode toy tractors, took Gator rides, and ate a superb supper....and to top it all off, sweet fellowship and catching up after a year apart!
Farm Visit
Pumpkin now has Hand, Foot, Mouth again. Ugh! She has it worse than this past spring. So far Peanut doesn't have it so we are hoping she will skate through.

We have another good friend from California coming to see us for a couple days this week. We are also preparing for Peanut's 4th birthday which is just over a week away! I can not believe it. She is extremely excited. It has been so fun to see the excitement building in her and to know that she really gets that her birthday is coming.

Pumpkin is keeping us on our toes. This is what I found the other day upon walking into the kitchen.
She had climbed up on the chair, found the Cheerio box, opened it, decided to have a snack and dumped the entire contents (it was only half full) out on the table, floor and chair.

She has now figured out that if she gets her sister's stool she can get into more things. She goes to find the stool, carries it to the spot she wants, climbs it and "Waa-Laa" she can get into things she isn't supposed to get into! Smartie pants!!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

We sold our house. We are no longer home owners. We no longer have to pay a house payment and a rent payment. It took less than a year for the house to sell. We made it! Praise the Lord!

It is only by His grace that we made it. He taught me so much through this past year. He taught me about letting go when I would rather have such a strong grip and not let go. He taught me about getting out of that boat and walking on the water while keeping my eyes on Him.
I would love to tell you...LESSONS LEARNED. They have been learned but they still need tweaked every now and then when my fingers start to grasp tightly onto something. It is a struggle and always will be, I fear. Change is not something that I look forward to or welcome with excitement. I do not like change. I like things to remain as is. But I do know that God isn't about things staying the same forever and ever. He is about stretching us and teaching us and that He has done for me.
Kitchen Sink Bath
On the day of our closing we worked so hard to finish moving "stuff" out of the house. We had a shed full of outdoor/yard equipment, junk in our garage and miscellaneous things still in the house. As I made that one last walk through the upstairs, I walked into Peanut's old bedroom and felt the sadness of letting go of this home hit me.
Big Girl Room

Big Girl Room
As I walked into Pumpkin's room, I was flooded with memories of my sweet little girls as tiny babies in that room. I remembered walking into that room for the very first time and knowing this was the house that would be ours and this was the room that would someday be a nursery where precious babies would rest their sweet heads.
Nursery Room Chair
I remembered stripping layers of wallpaper off the walls with Dobbie and watching it transform into a baby's room as it was painted. I remembered the first time my tiny Peanut slept in her room during a morning nap. First nap in her crib
I remembered holding her and singing her bedtime songs every night in the wicker chair in the corner of the room as she nursed. I remembered preparing it once again for another sweet baby after Peanut had moved into her big girl room.
Nursery Room Crib
With the memories came the tears and the realization that this is no longer our home. A new family would move in and it would become their home. It is our greatest hope that their time there is filled with happiness and that wonderful memories are made. This home, the first home that we bought will always have a special place in our hearts.
Welcome Home

Mama's New Mixer

Her Roses

Swim Day

Do You See What I See?

Porch Picnic

Christmas 2008
We loved that home and loved making it ours. It was a perfect fit for us then but now it is time to let go. Now it is SOLD!
Now we are making new memories in a new place and you know what? God didn't stay in that home up north, He came with us. He walked alongside us and brought us to where we are today. His promise is that He will stay right here and never leave. For that I am so thankful and grateful. Home is where the heart is and my heart is wherever Daddy, Peanut, Pumpkin and I are.