Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Change of Plans

Last Friday afternoon I was ready to take on my to-do list and accomplish a million things before our visit from Dobbie and Papa. All that went out the window when Pumpkin woke up from her nap screaming and throwing up. I spent the next 4 hours holding her and watching helplessly as she continued to vomit every 10-15 minutes. After she had stopped we headed to pick Daddy up from work and I sent him in to the grocery to get some things and noticed that my stomach was uneasy. That uneasiness quickly got worse and turned into the flu like Pumpkin.

Saturday Dobbie, Papa, and one of our nieces were on there way to see us, knowing we were sick and to come at their own risk. I was feeling so out of it that when they arrived I was laying on the couch in my pajamas, not showered and I didn't care one bit.
On Sunday after a flurry of packing and getting meals stocked up for Hubby, we headed with Dobbie and Papa up north to their cabin. They had some things they were wanting to do on it and asked the girls and I to come too. After arriving Dobbie and I headed to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. Half-way through getting our groceries, I found Dobbie leaning on her cart saying, "I don't feel good."
We quickly headed back to find that my niece was sick also. The girls and I quarantined ourselves in a bedroom under the request of Papa who said, "Do not leave this room!" I listened to the sound of sickness most of the night while Papa cared for his two patients. The next morning we decided I should take the girls to Gigi's house until they were feeling better as Peanut still had not gotten sick and we didn't want Pumpkin to get it again.
So instead of spending 3-4 days together we really only got to spend 1 day with them because of THE FLU. YUCK! Hubby even got it and was on his own as we were up north. It was nasty stuff.
We were disappointed that most of us were sick and run down and that we didn't get to spend much time with each other. It was still so good to see them. We miss them so much.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sisters Having Fun

They just love each other. They love being together. They loving playing. They love giggling. And they obviously love riding in the Jeep together. They were probably heading to Children's Place for the clearance racks.

Barbie Jeep

The big one always watching out for the little one (notice the arm).

Barbie jeep, sistersJeep

And the little one doesn't care much for the grass...


Thursday, April 22, 2010


I surprised Peanut today and we made Silly Spaghetti Dogs for her lunch. She thought it was so fun to poke hot dog pieces with uncooked spaghetti. She had even more fun eating them.

Silly Spaghetti Dogs

Silly Spaghetti Dogs

And in other silly news...Pumpkin sported her first "fountain" pony tail today. It was sheer trauma getting it in her hair this morning. Peanut tried to console her and make her smile, but it DIDN'T WORK! Later I asked Hubby if he heard her screaming and he said, "I did but it just is like the background music that I hear every morning." And that in a nutshell is life with Pumpkin!

First Pony Tail

First Pony Tail

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Pond

We have a pond just down the road from us. The girls love to walk down and watch the geese. Pumpkin giggles and points at them while babbling away. Peanut checks out the geese droppings and asks a million questions about them.

Do you notice Peanut's pants? Do you see those little ties bouncing on the wrong side of her body? She never puts her pants on after going potty and didn't want to put them on to go on our walk! She finally did and they were on backwards. The pants always get put on backwards.
And here she is on her bike....her little toddler bike.
Gigi got a freebie bike for us that is bigger! We are excited about that. She looks pretty cute on that little tiny bike, though. (Just so you know...I ended up carrying the bike, pushing the stroller, and holding Peanut's hand on the way home. Go Mama, Go!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

She's Not Picky

Pumpkin certainly enjoys her food. She is not a picky eater at all although sometimes she does pick out certain things and drop them on the floor. This doesn't happen very often though.

She really likes the Chocolate Chip Cookies that Peanut and I made the other day...
Cookie Monster

BUT she also likes dirt!
Playing in the Dirt
Not picky, I tell ya!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

To Market, To Market

Last fall I took you on a little visual trip of our community. I thought I would share with you the girls and I's favorite place here. It is our community's Farmer's Market which has just re-opened for the season. When I announced to Peanut yesterday that we were headed there she was delighted. We began teaching Pumpkin the joys of our trips to the market. We spent a couple of hours just roaming the booths, tasting some yummy treats and listening to music. We even ran into people we know which means we are getting to know enough people that we bump into each other when we are out and about.

So without further adieu, come to the market with us...

The market was bursting with flowers and color.
Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market
Peanut spotted this yummy strawberry cupcake and had to have it. Not really sure what that face is all about. Perhaps she was a little impatient with her mother who had to get a picture for the blog???
Farmer's Market
The market is in a beautiful setting downtown. It is used as a parking lot for City Hall during the week. There are awnings built right on the lot for the vendors to set up under.

Farmer's Market
It is landscaped beautifully with a really cool statue where we typically have our treats and I drink a really good cup of coffee from a hometown roaster.
Farmer's Market
Here is a tower that is attached to a building that used to be a creamery. Last fall Peanut was very curious about the tower and what it was. So I being the creative Mommy that I am told her the story of a beautiful Princess who lives in that tower and can not get out. She was very intrigued by this "factual" tale needless to say.
Farmer's Market
We also really enjoy listening to the various musical talent that presents itself each week. There are typically many things going on all over the market. Singing...violin playing...bagpipes...drumming....a little bit of everything. Peanut especially liked these 3 guys that we had heard last fall too. She was perfectly content plunked down in front of them eating her popcorn and listening.
Farmer's Market
Pumpkin enjoyed our day too. She took it all in and was quite content being taught about Market Day and our Saturday morning tradition.
Farmer's Market
We left with home grown sweet potatoes and a little basil plant in hand to enjoy at home.

So if you're ever in town on Saturday morning, be sure I will take you to market. We won't find a fat pig doing a jiggety-jig, but we will have fun!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swim Season Has Begun

Swimming Sisters
It was 83 degrees here today so we dug out the pool and let the swimming season kick-off. We celebrated with purchasing matching swimsuits from our favorite place...Target. Life is good when you can pull off polka dots and have a pool outside your back door. (Pretend you don't see the construction site behind our apartment. Pretend instead that you see palm trees or the like.)
Swimming Sisters Swimming Sisters
For the record, Peanut was out in the pool most of the afternoon and again after supper. A few of our Little People were sighted in the pool area also with her. Pumpkin....well she put up with the pool for a few minutes but then thought trying to stick her head through the balcony rails and giving her mommy heart failure was great fun. She was banned to the house.
Swimming Sisters
Now look you see the spot on that cute, chubby leg that I squeeze and tickle whenever I can?
Swimming Sisters

Thursday, April 08, 2010

What She's Doing

I know I am over a week late on this but that's the way it is. I wanted to do a post on what our little Pumpkin is doing at 12 months old.

She says Mama, Dada, Na-Na (for night-night) and Da (for that while pointing to what she wants).
She jabbers all of the time.
We foresee a chatterbox on our hands.
First contact
She has been walking now for about 2 months and gets around very easily.
She loves to put things over her head and around her neck.
She can typically be found sporting a pair of child headphones, an apron or things she has pulled out of the laundry.
It is her favorite past-time.
She loves to clap her hands to music or when someone says, "Yeah!"
She loves to play Peek-a-Boo.
She has a smile that brightens the dreariest of days and warms every heart that it greets.
Her eyes form perfect little crescent moons when she grins.
She has a giggle that comes from the depths of her heart and makes us laugh out loud when we hear it. (Peanut is the one who can get her giggling the most.)
Oh Dear!
She LOVES baby dolls.
She goes to bed with her baby and loves to carry them around the house.
She hugs them and gives them the yummiest kisses.
She loves her ball popper toy and makes sure the balls get put back in it.
She loves to pull on my lip, ear, and hair when nursing or taking a bottle.
She even does some dental work by poking and prodding all around inside of my mouth.
She really likes to pull everyone's hair and has been doing this since she was tiny and could grasp things.
Happy Girl
She adores her big sister!
Her favorite part of the day is when Peanut comes down the stairs in the morning to greet us.
She LOVES playing with Peanut too and they play so well together.
Garden Quilt Tour
She has loved every piece of food that has been set in front of her so far. (I think that goes back to being fed an M&M in her first week of life by her big sis. Maybe that is why she adores Peanut?)
She loves to drink water out of her sippy cup and getting used to milk.
She snuggles her head on our shoulders when she is waking up or just being held. (One of my favorite things!)
Play Date
She has ESP for knowing when a baby gate has been taken down or a bathroom door is open. She scurries to get into things or play in the potty immediately!

The house has to be secured every morning against her plots of destruction...chair in front of kitchen cabinet, exersaucer in front of tv, trash can put up or hidden and so on.
I dare you to smile!
The ladies in our church's nursery adore her and always comment on what a personality she has.
She LOVES to make people laugh!
I Could Eat Her Up!
She is a restless sleeper (when compared to her big sis who is a master sleeper).
She only takes an 1 1/2 hour nap in the afternoon. (She dropped her morning nap very soon after we moved.)
She goes to bed at 8:00 p.m. and is up between 6-6:30 a.m. with frequent awake times throughout the night most nights.
Thankfully she does go back to sleep on her own in the night.
She typically wakes up screaming and crying so we know she is ready to be out of the crib.
Just like Daddy
She LOVES bath time and prefers to stand during her bath.
She loves to trigger the shower on when Mommy is filling the bath tub while she and big sis are in the bath tub.
She will not let me cover her eyes to rinse her hair so she typically gets water all down her face and doesn't mind.
Christmas Lights
She currently has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 3 1/2 on the bottom. (That 1/2 tooth just started poking through right before her birthday.)
She currently weighs 23 pounds having started out in life at 7 pounds 9 ounces.
Snow Storm
She is extremely ticklish on her ribs, thighs and feet.
She has the best, lovable, squeezable, sweet rolls on her thighs which make them even more fun to tickle.
She loves to swing.
Happy Valentine's Day!
She is a BEAR to change.
She hates, hates, hates getting dressed.
She usually ends half flipped over while I am changing her diaper and holding her ankles.
First Trip to the Park this Year
She is extreme in her moods.
She is either very happy or very ticked off!
Typically she is happy, thank goodness.
Her ticked off mood can be a bit tricky to navigate for her exasperated Mama and Daddy.
Her hair is growing and getting very curly in the back!
Easter 2010
Happy First Year, Pumpkin!