Saturday, February 06, 2010

February Fun

I have a minute to post some pictures of the girls. Pumpkin just woke up from her nap and Peanut ran up to "play" with her. Play means running around the room singing and acting crazy while Pumpkin sits in her crib and giggles hysterically at her sister's antics. Peanut hates it if I go up and get Pumpkin without letting her have this time to entertain her. So, why not? Pumpkin is safe in her crib, the monitor is on so I can hear them. It's a win, win!

I don't have many stories from the week. WE.HAVE.GONE.NOWHERE! I am NOT kidding in the least. Gigi and Marilyn were here on Monday and since then the girls and I have just stayed home. There are good things about this and very, very, very bad Mommy might go crazy, but hey that was already happening.

I do have a question for all of you devoted blog fans. I'm pretty sure I know the answer and it is that there is no answer but I thought I would throw it out there. Is there any way, any way at all to change a child's, shall we say, B.M. time? If you don't know what B.M. stands for, google it. I'm sure that'll be a fun experience for you. Anyways, I'm going NUTS with Pumpkin. Her "special" time is during her afternoon nap...HER.ONLY.NAP.PEOPLE! And it wakes her up and she cries. I get that, I would too but come on! Enough already. I can wait to lay her down, I can put her down doesn't matter. She will go during her nap and only like 30 minutes into her nap. Sometimes she will go back to sleep and I will feel guilty the rest of the time she is asleep because I know she has a dirty diaper...and well frankly, that's just gross but it is naptime and that equates Mommy's special quiet time. So if you have ANY advice, it would be greatly appreciated. I know I have a doctor in training reading this and a doctor's wife. Surely one of you can help me, right? (LOVE YOU BUNCHES!) And Funny Friend (yes, you know who you are) no funny stuff! At least I have not posted pictures of said B.M. like some people do. GROSS!!!!! that I have that out, airing in the breeze, shall we say...ON TO PICTURES.

We went bowling with our Community Group from church last Saturday. It was Peanut's first time bowling and she really enjoyed it. Daddy and I sacrificed our scores and let her "help" us. Definitely worth it!
Bowling Bowling

Like I said Gigi and Special Friend came to visit us on Monday and it was a welcome, welcome sight to see them pulling in. Oh, how I miss family. We had a ball. They played and played with the girls and then took us all out to Red Lobster for Daddy's birthday which was on January 26.
Celebrating Daddy Celebrating Daddy
Celebrating Daddy
Love this orney little girl, yes I do!
Celebrating Daddy
The girls were pretty tired the next day which was totally fine because, hey, we had nowhere to go. So tired in fact that Pumpkin fell asleep in her high chair during lunch.
Something similar happened a few years ago in that same high chair.
(May 10, 2008)

We were under a big winter storm watch all day yesterday which did not amount to a whole lot in my opinion. I think that north of us got the biggest hit. I was kind of bummed about that. If it's going to be cold and it is winter...there needs to be snow and it is only February. But it is white outside now instead of brown. The girls had fun watching out our patio door at the enormous flakes falling out of the sky.
Snow Storm Snow Storm

Snow Storm Snow Storm

Peanut and I have been making Valentine crafts. You can check those out on my crafty blog. (If you click on the brown words, it will take you there.)

This week Peanut was dressed up in a white tutu which she had wrapped up over her shoulders. She announced she was getting married and I asked to whom. She said, "To Jesus. He's nice." Love her! Can't believe how fast she is growing up but thankful to see such a little girl yet. If you're a Mom, you understand!

(I'm hoping that by asking for advice, maybe, just maybe some comments will be left. Comments make a blogger feel needed, wanted or so I've heard. :)


Colleen said...

I'm leaving a comment to make you happy, but no BM advice. I love that Peanut likes to entertain Pumpkin like that after nap time. David does that once in a while, but I think I need to train him to do that every day.

Dani said...

this might sound horrible... but when i was trying to house train our beagle i read a book that said i should feed him, water him, wait a certain amount of minutes (i can't remember the exact number -- 20?) and then take him outside to do his "B.M." it was supposed to train him that food in would trigger food (or water) out. however, our beagle is so ornery and stubborn that this never worked, but we tried it. i don't know pumpkin's schedule... maybe it could be that she eats and then relaxes, which in turn triggers food out. i probably have no idea what i am talking about. puppy "business" just popped in my head when you asked... plus i too love getting comments! :) best wishes

shannon fay said...

I have no know my little corker always waited until we went to the "liberry!" I do have a comment though....I need to love on those girls and have some time with their come see me real soon! =)

Joy ☺ said...

First of all, if you ask for poop advice and then assume I wont' leave a comment that is slightly off kilter, then really you are not deserving of my sage advice! kidding. My advice is to give her a suppository before you lay her down. See?