Monday, January 11, 2010

Southward Bound

We headed down to see Daddy's parents and his brother's family after Christmas. It should take 12 hours according to Google Maps, but I don't think they factored in holiday traffic, a major highway being closed due to a rock slide, a semi accident and KIDS. We left our place around 9 a.m. and it was well after 1:00 a.m. when we pulled into Daddy's brother's home. We got stuck in some very heavy traffic around Nashville. (Most of you know that I am a FAITHFUL Bring the Rain follower. Angie, the writer of this blog lives in Nashville along with Jessica of Mommy Creative. I told Daddy that I just felt like I needed to stop and say hi to them. Isn't it crazy how a blog can make you feel like you really know someone? It was a strange feeling since I don't really know them. Ha!) Anyways...on to Chattanooga...oh Chattanooga, how you almost brought on panic attacks to every member of my family. We got stuck in the worst traffic jam. THE WORST!!!! It was so bad. We were in the mountains so it was like getting in those roller coaster lines at the amusement park. You have no idea how long the line really is because of all the twist and turns. We moved 5 miles in 2 1/2 hours...I. AM. NOT. KIDDING! Daddy almost lost his mind until I started reading a Bob Dylan book to him. Pumpkin did in fact lose her mind. Ha!

The mess was caused by a semi accident. We aren't sure what happened but the back set of wheels on the trailer, axles and ALL were GONE. It was just laying flat on the ground. They were reloading whatever was in the trailer in another trailer and holding up some very impatient holiday travelers. After we got out of it we decided to stop and eat because our nerves were a bit messed up. Daddy and I were imagining a nice warm meal in a casual sit down restaurant but as we pulled off the exit a certain little girl screamed in sheer delight, "Daddy! It's McDonalds. Is that where you are taking me to eat? Thank you Daddy!" So it was another value meal. Yum. Thanks Honey!
Trip South Trip South

We had a great time with the southern part of our family. We really missed not having Daddy's sister and her beautiful girls with us. They were battling illness and just didn't feel they could make the trip. It was not the same without them but we sure did enjoy seeing Dobbie and Papa and Daddy's brother's family.
Trip South Trip South

The girls got to open more presents from Dobbie and Papa and LOVED being with their cousins. LOVED. IT. They adore all of their cousins. I do have to say that the cousins in Daddy's family have a very special bond. It has been really neat to watch over the years and especially now that we have our own two little girls to add to the group.
Trip South Trip South Trip South
Pumpkin as you might know by know is notorious for her moods to put it lightly. The first morning she woke up very early and was very ticked off. I even resorted to an early morning bath and I was EXHAUSTED. It was fine until I took her out and she started screaming again. Our one and only nephew was sleeping on the floor in his oldest sister's room and she said to him, "And THAT is why I am not having kids!" Our 11 year old niece said, "She is an endless fountain of tears." Later she told Dobbie, "When I grow up, if I get a yappy puppy, I'm going to name it after her." Needless to say, Pumpkin left her mark on all, but she spoiled them with her endless giggles and smiles too.
Trip South Trip South
Peanut got to ride a horse with one of the nieces who has become quite the horse expert and lover. She has two of her own horses on Dobbie and Papa's new property and she was so excited to have Peanut ride with her. Peanut was excited right up until we put her on the horse but then she got nervous. We encouraged her and finally said, "Daddy and Mommy will walk right beside you and hold onto your legs." That did it and she was on and before long didn't care that we let go. She kept saying, "I going to go far away. I'll be back." She had a ball riding!
Trip South Trip South
Trip South

Dobbie and Papa have a gorgeous piece of property. They have spent COUNTLESS hours remodeling the little block house that is on it to live in while they build a new cabin at the back of the property near a wooded pond. They have a large part fenced in to house the two horses that our niece owns. They hope to build a stable and be able to board some horses. We sure do miss them though. The drive to see them made me really realize just how far away they are.
So Big!
We had a really wonderful surprise though. Dobbie decided to head back with us and spend some extra time. She was going to go see Daddy's sister and her girls too BUT they all ended up with the flu the night before Dobbie was to go see them. Again we felt so bad. They have been battling all sorts of illness and junk. We hope they are all over it and headed for a season of good health!
Happy Birthday Dobbie! Happy Birthday Dobbie!
Again our trip home took extra long because of KIDS! Any time we stopped to use the potty it turned into a 30 minute stop, it seemed. Ugh! We got through Nashville in some really yucky weather and decided it would be safer to just stop and spend the night. Peanut and Pumpkin were thrilled to be out of the car. We got the girls into their jammies and Peanut used the potty. Within SECONDS Pumpkin had scurried to the bathroom. SHE NO LONGER CRAWLS! SHE SCURRIES!!!! Then we heard Peanut scream, "Mommy, she's in the potty!" So I ran and my worst fear was come true. Peanut had left a prize in the potty and Pumpkin was fishing it out laughing with delight. I was not laughing. IT. WAS. DISGUSTING! We survived, though.
Happy Birthday Dobbie! Caught!
We got to have Dobbie for 5 days. It was certainly not enough time but it was wonderful...wonderful...wonderful! We celebrated her birthday which was December 27 (that was also her wedding anniversary). We went shopping. We watched Julie and Julia. We crafted...she sewed and I started working on a banner for the girls' room. We cooked. We lazed around in our jammies in the morning. We drank lots of coffee. It was bliss...pure bliss. We love you, Dobbie! I am super, super, super blessed to have an amazing mother-in-law.

Happy Birthday Dobbie!


shannon fay said...

I especially love the last picture of Dobbie with your girlies...sweet sweet sweet! So happy you guys got to have that time with her. Love you so much...thanks for being better about blogging then me ;)

Colleen said...

Google should add the option of calculating travel time with kids to their maps! :)