Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fun Pre-Christmas Pics

Dress Up
I have to go back to catch up on blogging. My dad and his special friend came down to see us for a day before Christmas. We had a great time with them and were treated to a yummy restaurant in a local small town.
Visit Visit

Visit Visit
Pumpkin is growing, growing, growing. She is still something...something...something!
Silly Girl!
Peanut had a ball making a special gift for Gigi, Dobbie and Papa. Daddy recorded her singing her favorite songs for them. She thought it was pretty neat making a CD with Daddy.
Recording Recording
She also had a great time dreaming of what might be waiting for her under the Christmas tree too.
The weekend before Christmas we headed north to see Gigi in his first EVER choir performance. His special friend was in the cantata also. MY DAD JOINED THE CHOIR!!!!! I still can't believe it. They did a great job. We were so proud of him!
Gigi's First Ever Choir Performance
I got to spend a few days at my dad's before Christmas and had a great time catching up with some AWESOME friends from my old church. Oh, how I miss them. We met at Starbucks and enjoyed our time together. It was wonderful!!!!
Starbucks and Friends Starbucks and Friends
Love you girls!

Gigi watched the girls for me and this is what I came back to his house to.
Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's
Pumpkin had just finished having a snit fit and Peanut had just gotten over being told No to by Gigi. I think he looks a little worse for the wear. I was so grateful to him though for letting me get out for a bit to be with friends and not have to worry about the girls. Thank you Gigi!!!!

Two funny Peanut stories...
The other day Peanut was deep in thought and we asked, "What are you thinking about?" She immediately responded, "CHOCOLATE!" :)

This morning she and Pumpkin were laying in bed with me. She had her head on Pumpkin and said, "Mom! I hear Jesus!" I asked where He was and she said, "In her tummy!"


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Colleen said...

Aw, that photo of the girls with your Dad is priceless!