Thursday, January 28, 2010


Finally the sun came out for a bit over the past couple of days! It was a welcome sight. We get some great rays through our patio doors, so I caught some fun pics of the girls with natural light in our kitchen. I love natural light!!!! It makes me feel like a professional. Ha!

Funny Face Hi!
Sisterly Get Away Cutie Pie
LOOOOVE these girls. Love them. You can just see their personalities here! They sure keep me on my toes, especially that little one. Speaking of toes, check these little babies out, baby toes tickling Mama's leg at lunch time. Love it!
Baby Toes
Peanut and I had quite a playdough production going today. Food Network watch comes our very own Playdough Yummo Food show. We were cranking out the cookies, bread, and waffles this afternoon for Peanut's baby dolls.

Here is Peanut's favorite thing to do in our kitchen.
Kitchen Rider
Dobbie bought this little bike for her when she was probably 1 1/2. She still loves it. We have had to threaten putting it in the basement because she gets caught up riding and not paying attention to where Pumpkin's little fingers are. OUCH! She is doing well with that now. (BTW, I do put pants on this kid but they rarely get put back on after she goes potty! Oh well!)

Pumpkin has a new favorite kitchen activity too.
The Bowl Thief
The Bowl Thief
The Bowl Thief
I think her new nickname shall be "Little Bowl Thief."

Can I just say here that I remember buying those little piggie PJs for Peanut. I was SO excited to have her wear them. It seems like just yesterday she was wearing them....
Tent Dwelling
(February 11, 2008)

And now Pumpkin is in them, much sooner than Peanut was. Time just keeps marching on.
Piggie PJs
(January 24, 2010)

Things are rolling along pretty smoothly these days. Daddy's schedule is pretty insane. He is gone from 8:45 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (or thereabouts) for 4 out of 5 weekdays. Really his only time home is on Saturday evenings, Sundays, and Monday evenings. He is doing super in his classes and enjoys them quite a bit. We really miss him when he is gone and it can be quite a long haul for those days that he is gone all day long. The girls and I are keeping busy with two Mommy groups and library activities. We are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the re-opening of the Children's Department next week. They have been closed except for a very small area since November. They were replacing carpet and updating. We have seen the change and are so excited for it to open.

Hope you are all doing well.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Mommy!
We celebrated my birthday on January 8. It was a sweet day with my family. Daddy made me a yummy breakfast before he had to go to work. Peanut and I made cookies and played in the snow during Pumpkin's nap. After the girls were all tucked into bed, Daddy and I had our favorite pizza and watched The Office on our new LCD TV. Thank you, Honey. I was not expecting that.
Happy Birthday Mommy!
Over the weekend we headed up north to spend some time with Gigi and his special friend. (Gigi has the internet now. We helped him set up an email account and helped him learn his way around.) We went to church with them and they took us out for lunch to celebrate my birthday. We spent the afternoon playing Dominoes. It was so much fun. We all were a bit competitive and just had a ball learning a new version of the game. There was a yummy cake and some very sweet gifts. Gigi's special friend gave me a beautiful gold necklace and earring set and an Amaryllis bulb to grow here at home.
Happy Birthday Mommy! Happy Birthday Mommy!
Dobbie and Papa started me with a new set of skillets, enamel bowls, and Dutch Oven for Christmas. My set grew for my birthday with a roasting pan and a very large lidded skillet. How did they know? My skillets were in horrible shape and I felt bad even cooking in them. I love opening my cabinets and seeing my brand new orange skillets and cookware! They are from the Paula Deen collection and in orange. They are beautiful. (The link will show you the color that I have but those are not the exact pans.)
Happy Birthday Mommy!
It was a good birthday. It was fun to see Peanut so excited about my birthday this year. Birthdays really excite her! She loves to celebrate! So does Pumpkin....
Tutu Girl

Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Girls

Pumpkin has some new things to show off to our blog fans.

She LOVES solid foods now and rarely has baby food anymore. She does NOT have a shut off gauge though...the girl loves her food, a bit too much. We're "helping" her figure out when enough is enough.
Solid Food Eater

She has finally figured out the stairs. She is stinking fast!!!! Have I mentioned on here that she no longer crawls...she SCRURRIES while giggling! She can be halfway up in seconds. She had one tumble down a few steps just once. The baby gate has become a consistent part of our daily life now.
Stair Climber
The other day at bedtime I was on my own with the girls and had to get Pumpkin's bottle ready but the girls were in their room playing. So I told Peanut I was running down to the kitchen for just a minute and would be right back and to NOT open the bedroom door at all. As I was on my way back up the stairs I found Peanut pulling Pumpkin back into their bedroom. Needless to say, Peanut and I had a LONG talk about why it is important to not let Pumpkin near the top of the went something like this, "It would be very dangerous because she doesn't know how to go down the stairs. She would have a really bad fall." So my always thinking daughter who really, really does love her baby sister says, "Then we can get a new baby." Oh. My. Word! I promise, she loves her baby sister. I promise!

Another new Pumpkin thing is displayed in the following picture. Can you guess what it is?
Tutu Girl
It's her tongue. It is ALWAYS sticking out. It attracts quite an admiring audience when we are out and about!

Have we mentioned how ornery she is? In the following pictures you see that "I'm up to something" look in her eyes! In the first one she is also "snorting" at us. She continually does this...more like heavy breathing through her nose.
Ornery! Ornery!

Peanut is full of new things too. She has become so independent and such a little girl. She is fully potty trained. We've only had a couple of accidents so far. (I should know to expect one now if I am on here bragging about her, right?) She is always thinking and saying things that just blow us away. Her memory is amazing. She can go someplace new once or meet someone new and then days or weeks (even months) later remember specific details about the place or person. She loves to do craft time at the table. She is mastering the art of scissors these days.
Crafty Girl
She was ecstatic about our recent snow fall and had fun playing in front of our apartment during Pumpkin's nap time. We tried to make a snowman but the snow would not pack so she settled for making snow angels and throwing snow at Mommy.
Snow Play
She also LOVES to help in the kitchen. She can pass an hour "washing dishes" if we let her. (We do not let her run the water that long in case you mortified by that.) She loves to help me bake yummy things too. Of course her favorite thing is to lick the beater when our mixture is created.
Making Cookies
She is quite musical too. Most of her day is spent in sing song. She sings about what she is doing whatever it may be. Some of her songs cause Mommy and Daddy to turn away to hide giggles. She loves to sing and just loves music in general. I have NO idea where she may have gotten this trait from. HA! ;)
Listening to Tunes
She has really started praying and says the sweetest prayers. Her most typical one right now is, "Dear Jesus, I love my baby sister. Amen." She also will include Mommy and Daddy in that too. Twice now in the past week we have had two different friends who were having a rough time and she wanted to pray for them. This gives me more joy than anything!

Two funny Peanut stories to end with.

Daddy and I really like antiques. We are so blessed to have many family heirlooms from Daddy's side in our home and things that we have found over the years. The other day Daddy walked into our bedroom to find Peanut holding on to this antique jug. She said, "Daddy, is this junk?" He replied, "No Peanut, it is not junk, it is something old called an antique." Heehee!

Last night I turned from washing dishes to find her standing on the bar on her toddler bike that the seat is attached to. She was hanging on to the freezer door and counter. I quickly told her to get down and not to do that again because she could fall and seriously hurt her head. She replied, "Then I wouldn't have a head, Mom?" To which I replied, "Yes, Cora, you would be a headless child."

We are so blessed by these little girls. Just today at Wal-Mart an older woman stopped to admire both of them and said, "They are beautiful. That is your most priceless treasure." So true!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Southward Bound

We headed down to see Daddy's parents and his brother's family after Christmas. It should take 12 hours according to Google Maps, but I don't think they factored in holiday traffic, a major highway being closed due to a rock slide, a semi accident and KIDS. We left our place around 9 a.m. and it was well after 1:00 a.m. when we pulled into Daddy's brother's home. We got stuck in some very heavy traffic around Nashville. (Most of you know that I am a FAITHFUL Bring the Rain follower. Angie, the writer of this blog lives in Nashville along with Jessica of Mommy Creative. I told Daddy that I just felt like I needed to stop and say hi to them. Isn't it crazy how a blog can make you feel like you really know someone? It was a strange feeling since I don't really know them. Ha!) Anyways...on to Chattanooga...oh Chattanooga, how you almost brought on panic attacks to every member of my family. We got stuck in the worst traffic jam. THE WORST!!!! It was so bad. We were in the mountains so it was like getting in those roller coaster lines at the amusement park. You have no idea how long the line really is because of all the twist and turns. We moved 5 miles in 2 1/2 hours...I. AM. NOT. KIDDING! Daddy almost lost his mind until I started reading a Bob Dylan book to him. Pumpkin did in fact lose her mind. Ha!

The mess was caused by a semi accident. We aren't sure what happened but the back set of wheels on the trailer, axles and ALL were GONE. It was just laying flat on the ground. They were reloading whatever was in the trailer in another trailer and holding up some very impatient holiday travelers. After we got out of it we decided to stop and eat because our nerves were a bit messed up. Daddy and I were imagining a nice warm meal in a casual sit down restaurant but as we pulled off the exit a certain little girl screamed in sheer delight, "Daddy! It's McDonalds. Is that where you are taking me to eat? Thank you Daddy!" So it was another value meal. Yum. Thanks Honey!
Trip South Trip South

We had a great time with the southern part of our family. We really missed not having Daddy's sister and her beautiful girls with us. They were battling illness and just didn't feel they could make the trip. It was not the same without them but we sure did enjoy seeing Dobbie and Papa and Daddy's brother's family.
Trip South Trip South

The girls got to open more presents from Dobbie and Papa and LOVED being with their cousins. LOVED. IT. They adore all of their cousins. I do have to say that the cousins in Daddy's family have a very special bond. It has been really neat to watch over the years and especially now that we have our own two little girls to add to the group.
Trip South Trip South Trip South
Pumpkin as you might know by know is notorious for her moods to put it lightly. The first morning she woke up very early and was very ticked off. I even resorted to an early morning bath and I was EXHAUSTED. It was fine until I took her out and she started screaming again. Our one and only nephew was sleeping on the floor in his oldest sister's room and she said to him, "And THAT is why I am not having kids!" Our 11 year old niece said, "She is an endless fountain of tears." Later she told Dobbie, "When I grow up, if I get a yappy puppy, I'm going to name it after her." Needless to say, Pumpkin left her mark on all, but she spoiled them with her endless giggles and smiles too.
Trip South Trip South
Peanut got to ride a horse with one of the nieces who has become quite the horse expert and lover. She has two of her own horses on Dobbie and Papa's new property and she was so excited to have Peanut ride with her. Peanut was excited right up until we put her on the horse but then she got nervous. We encouraged her and finally said, "Daddy and Mommy will walk right beside you and hold onto your legs." That did it and she was on and before long didn't care that we let go. She kept saying, "I going to go far away. I'll be back." She had a ball riding!
Trip South Trip South
Trip South

Dobbie and Papa have a gorgeous piece of property. They have spent COUNTLESS hours remodeling the little block house that is on it to live in while they build a new cabin at the back of the property near a wooded pond. They have a large part fenced in to house the two horses that our niece owns. They hope to build a stable and be able to board some horses. We sure do miss them though. The drive to see them made me really realize just how far away they are.
So Big!
We had a really wonderful surprise though. Dobbie decided to head back with us and spend some extra time. She was going to go see Daddy's sister and her girls too BUT they all ended up with the flu the night before Dobbie was to go see them. Again we felt so bad. They have been battling all sorts of illness and junk. We hope they are all over it and headed for a season of good health!
Happy Birthday Dobbie! Happy Birthday Dobbie!
Again our trip home took extra long because of KIDS! Any time we stopped to use the potty it turned into a 30 minute stop, it seemed. Ugh! We got through Nashville in some really yucky weather and decided it would be safer to just stop and spend the night. Peanut and Pumpkin were thrilled to be out of the car. We got the girls into their jammies and Peanut used the potty. Within SECONDS Pumpkin had scurried to the bathroom. SHE NO LONGER CRAWLS! SHE SCURRIES!!!! Then we heard Peanut scream, "Mommy, she's in the potty!" So I ran and my worst fear was come true. Peanut had left a prize in the potty and Pumpkin was fishing it out laughing with delight. I was not laughing. IT. WAS. DISGUSTING! We survived, though.
Happy Birthday Dobbie! Caught!
We got to have Dobbie for 5 days. It was certainly not enough time but it was wonderful...wonderful...wonderful! We celebrated her birthday which was December 27 (that was also her wedding anniversary). We went shopping. We watched Julie and Julia. We crafted...she sewed and I started working on a banner for the girls' room. We cooked. We lazed around in our jammies in the morning. We drank lots of coffee. It was bliss...pure bliss. We love you, Dobbie! I am super, super, super blessed to have an amazing mother-in-law.

Happy Birthday Dobbie!

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Due to our busy schedule and now being away from family, we did alot of traveling for Christmas. Daddy took the girls and I up north to Gigi's a few days before Christmas so I could spend some extra time with him and see some friends. I am so thankful. It would have been so rushed to wait. Daddy joined us on Christmas Eve after work. The girls got to open a present before bed which was, of course new jammies! I searched high and low for a set of somewhat matching and Carter's came through. I LOVE Carter's. They each got brown with pastel colored jammies. Peanut's says "Big Sis" on the shirt. Perfect! They were thrilled...well not pumpkin who HATES to have her clothes changed. She was content playing with them just not getting them on her little body. (Which is a TERRIBLY cute little body!!!!!)
Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's
Peanut and I made cookies for her to leave for Santa Claus. She loved being the official sprinkler and taste tester.
Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's

Christmas at Gigi's
Pumpkin on the other hand was the official "getting into everything and keeping the adults on their toes child". The big escapade that she got herself into was finding a pretty, shiny red ball ornament and take a chomp out of it. Yes, she bit the ornament and broke off the tip. The result was a bleeding, cut mouth and a panicking mom as I had no idea where the part that she had bit off was. Praise the Lord, we found it hiding inside the ornament. I was a wreck just imagining that little sharp piece could have done had she attempted to swallow it. She keeps her guardian angel on her toes!!!! It still makes me a wreck to think about! (Below is a pic of how Gigi's Christmas tree looked anytime Pumpkin was around and the reason why I did not put up a big tree this year.)
Christmas at Gigi's
So...the girls were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. I was not wearing a kerchief and Daddy was not wearing his cap and just how do sugar plums dance? But the jolly old elf still came and found our sweet little ones even though they were not at home. He left both girls a special gift. Pumpkin got a really cool ball popper that even I enjoy playing with. Peanut got a set of twin baby dolls with a bath set.
Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's
Santa's cookies and water (Peanut wanted to leave him water instead of milk) were gone and he had left the girls a note which I did keep but failed to take a picture of.)
Christmas at Gigi's
Peanut had a ball opening presents. Pumpkin on the other hand liked eating the paper and bows.
Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's

Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's
Christmas at Gigi's
Gigi got himself a new computer while we were up visiting so Daddy spent time giving him some computer lessons. They had fun working on that project. We are actually heading up this afternoon to help him get the internet all hooked up. He will be able to visit the blog finally and email back and forth. We are excited about that!
Christmas at Gigi's
Later on Christmas Day we headed down the road to my aunt's home for Christmas dinner and a fun time with family. It is always a great time full of laughs! We even got in a game of Dirty Bingo. Daddy scored a flashlight and I scored carmel corn.
Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's

Christmas at Gigi's
Afterwards we headed back to Gigi's to open up the presents from him and his special friend. The girls got so many nice things as did Daddy and I. We are blessed.
Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's Christmas at Gigi's
It was a fun day full of love and family. What more can you ask for? We spent the next day resting and recuperating before heading back to our home for a brief stay before our next journey. Southward bound coming soon!!!!