Saturday, December 12, 2009


I AM NOT KIDDING...Peanut had her first ever accident while "resting" yesterday afternoon! I couldn't believe it. Thankfully she was all wrapped up in a blanket on the floor so it was an easy clean-up too. Didn't I predict it? Bedtime went a bit better although there were different obstacles such as screaming and crying. I am ready for our easy bedtime routine to return.

If you could continue praying for the daughter of our friends who are missionaries in the Solomon Islands. I received an email from her father's mom last night. She wanted to let us know that the little girl was sick again and they weren't sure what was the matter. They had taken her to the hospital and then to a clinic. She is being treated as if she has Malaria for now. I'm sure they are pretty anxious to figure out what is going on. Thank you!


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Joy ☺ said...

Oh my word! I just got caught up on all your blogs!! I laughed UNTIL I CRIED reading the blog about Peanut going into Pumpkins room and asking her if she wants to play and telling her it's okay. I have been seriously considering it would be best for me not to have a baby #2 now! ha! I"m so proud of Peanut, she's such a big girl now! Potty trained and taking care of her baby sis. And I just want to say what an awesome mommy you are Mindy. You keep those girls busy! Do you feel like you have so much more stuff to do now that you are moved? Cuz your blog is packed full of activities! I think I have to move to Los Angeles or something to catch up with you! ha. :)
Oh before I go, I need your email address again. Do you check your email anymore?? If you don't, I won't worry about it. Lotsa love! Miss you,