Saturday, December 12, 2009


I AM NOT KIDDING...Peanut had her first ever accident while "resting" yesterday afternoon! I couldn't believe it. Thankfully she was all wrapped up in a blanket on the floor so it was an easy clean-up too. Didn't I predict it? Bedtime went a bit better although there were different obstacles such as screaming and crying. I am ready for our easy bedtime routine to return.

If you could continue praying for the daughter of our friends who are missionaries in the Solomon Islands. I received an email from her father's mom last night. She wanted to let us know that the little girl was sick again and they weren't sure what was the matter. They had taken her to the hospital and then to a clinic. She is being treated as if she has Malaria for now. I'm sure they are pretty anxious to figure out what is going on. Thank you!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Learned my Lesson! OK? I Learned!!!!!

Never, ever, ever brag about your kids in your blog because as it goes, "Pride cometh before the fall." It is now 10:55 p.m. according to my computer clock. Hubby is at school again working on his paper. Tonight my movie of choice you ask...well it is Baby Einstein. What else???? Why am I watching Baby Einstein? Well, I'm not, silly! The baby is! Yes, at 10:55 p.m. I have nothing left, I am too tired. I put the white flag up and surrendered.

Today has been LONG! It did start at 6:00 a.m. and as any mom knows, it is just go, go, go all day long with little ones. I did get a chance to blog earlier during Peanut's rest time and Pumpkin's nap. And I told you all about last night's horrors and how they would never happen again because Peanut learns her lesson the first time. Well, about that...that is obviously FALSE because the BABY is WATCHING Baby Einstein at 10:55PM PEOPLE!!!!!

I put Peanut to bed starting at 8:30 p.m., which didn't go so smoothly. It might not have helped that I was drained and worn out by bed time but we got it done. Then the baby's turn. I gave her the bottle and she was out. I put her to bed, took Peanut potty one last time (she waits until I put Pumpkin to bed and always conveniently has to go potty). I sternly reminded her that we do not get out of bed and we most certainly do not "entertain" the baby if she wakes up.

I am NOT kidding within 10 minutes the party had started AGAIN!!!!! I went upstairs to find a lamp on, a giggling baby and a running girl! I was not happy...punishment was given and all candy/gum taken away the next day. I now had to start over with the baby who had a power nap and was ready to go again!!!!

I have been up two more times to find Peanut "washing" her hands and one to find her jumping on her bed. All cookies and sweets of any kind are now GONE for tomorrow. (She has a wicked sweet tooth.) We talked about her disobedience to Mommy, Daddy and Jesus also. She is BLATANTLY disobeying me PEOPLE!!!!

So now I am completely worn down and out of the baby...well she is watching Baby Einstein at 10:55 p.m., actually it is now 11:04 p.m. I am hoping with all hope that she is getting sleepy and will fall asleep soon after the movie, because as you know from the previous post she will be up BRIGHT AND EARLY to start our day for us. (Did I mention that Daddy is doing a HUGE project and preparing for two HUGE exams???? I can not wait for this semester to be done. I think his girls need Daddy time and Mommy needs some alone time, BIG TIME!)

So, the part that I blogged about earlier, where I said that Peanut is now fully potty trained....well I now expect to her to have accidents all day tomorrow, because like they say, "Pride cometh before the fall."


Late Night Slumber Party (?)

Last night Daddy had to go back to school to finish a paper with his group from a class. I decided I would enjoy a chick flick, Julia and Julie after the girls were tucked into bed. My plan was working really well until 11:15 p.m. At that time I started hearing things. What was that? Was that the neighbors? Wait! That sounds like it is coming from the baby monitor. I listened but still couldn't decide if it was in the girls' room or not. Then came the crying. Yes, it was unwelcome sounds from the baby. Now after this something happened that has NOT happened in all 8 months of Pumpkin's life, Peanut decided to take over. She must has woken up and "helped" Pumpkin. I heard her pitter patter to the crib and say, "You wanna play? It's ok." After this I heard all sorts of commotion. Pumpkin laughing. Peanut singing. Pumpking crying. Peanut saying, "It's alright. Don't cry, I'm just going potty. I'll be right back." Pumpkin laughing again. Peanut running.
Gum Drop Christmas Tree
Now I let this go on for a bit for two reasons. One - I wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation as nothing like this had happened before. Two - I was trying to gain my composure because I was sure I would start giggling when I walked in rather than being stern. So, I finally went in and found the lamp turned on, Pumpkin eating toilet paper which I'm sure Peanut gave her so she could wipe her runny nose. I also found Mr. Potato Head scattered all over Pumpkin's crib. Remember..."You wanna play? It's ok..," from above.
Gum Drop Christmas Tree
Peanut immediately said, "Mommy, I want to go downstairs." She was none too thrilled when I said, "NO! It is the middle of the night! Your daddy isn't even home yet from school!" I tucked her back into bed and took the baby downstairs to try to get her back to sleep. The girls were all snug in their beds AGAIN by 1 a.m. as was I, only to have my 6 a.m. wake-up call from Pumpkin who no longer goes back to bed, but is ready for her day! What is up with that?
Gum Drop Christmas Tree
I did get a kick out of this but I do hope it doesn't happen again. Peanut and I had a talk about it. I reminded her that sometimes Pumpkin will wake up and cry for a bit, but she needs to roll over and go back to sleep. It is not her job to get out of bed, Mommy will do that if need be. One thing about Peanut is that she usually learns her lesson after the first time, so I think we'll be ok.
Can I watch this one?
(Pumpkin currently loves to empty the dvd storage box!)

Needless to say it has been a very long day here. Pumpkin was a wreck for most of the morning and would not give into sleep. Daddy finally had the magic touch and she took a morning nap and is in her crib "trying" to go down for an afternoon nap. I'm telling you this kid is soooo unpredictable. I have a routine somewhat for her, but sometimes she throws it out the window. It can be interesting.

Peanut is "resting". Have I mentioned on here that she has given up afternoon naps? We were having a horrible time at bedtime with her and I started thinking that maybe she wasn't tired after having a long afternoon nap come bedtime. So we have cut them out. She has "rest" time in the living room and watches a movie. Somedays if she is playing well and we have had a good day, I will just let her do that. Sometimes she will fall asleep but usually stays awake. It is going well. At first I thought it was the end of the world. I wasn't ready for her to give up naps at all, but we're plugging away.

She is also completely potty trained. It was amazing. It happened just like everyone said it would, it just clicked! We've only had one accident in the past month and it was in the bathroom when she was trying to get on the potty but didn't make it in time. Easy clean-up for the most part! I am so proud of her!!!! I didn't think we would ever get here. Oh, can you go knock on wood for me just in case? :)

Yesterday Peanut headed down the stairs after waking up and all of a sudden screamed. She saw the snow out the front door window and was so excited! It wasn't much snow but to her it was amazing!
First Snow Excitement
There is construction going on behind us and as Peanut was watching the snow she saw them digging and yelled, "MOMMY! He is throwing the snow away!" Too funny!
Mommy, he is throwing all the snow away!"
Hope you enjoyed the other pics sprinkled intermittenly throughout this post.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

We Met Him!

Today on our Advent Calendar activity we were to go to the downtown mall and meet Santa! Peanut was very excited about this venture. What a great day it was! We made it to church, even Community Group. It seems as if we haven't been to church much lately due to illness. After church a sweet family invited us to go out to eat with them. We ate at the Indian restaurant...we love that! Peanut was so thrilled about this as the family has a little girl her age whom she has played with in Sunday School.

It was a refreshing time out with new friends, something Mommy and Daddy needed too. We also were invited to another family's home for supper this past week. They were super nice. They are very much into the Indie music scene, so Daddy had lots to talk to them about. It was so nice to be blessed by some new friendships! Looking forward to getting to know both families better and the other sweet people that we have gotten to know here in our new community.
Meeting Santa
Anyways...back to SANTA! After lunch, we debated on going home to take a nap or going to meet him. Heehee! We're so bad! Of course, Peanut desperately wanted to go see him and said, "Mom, you're just teasing!" Off we went and we were not let down. Peanut was filled with delight as we approached the jolly gentleman in the red suit. She went running into his arms and jumped into his lap. Bliss! She handed him the letter that she had written for him (Advent activity for Friday) and they read it together.
Santa's Letter
Then we handed Pumpkin off to him for pictures. Pumpkin just grinned at him and we both feared that she would test out that beard of his and pull it. She LOVES to pull hair, but pull she did not! Whew! Close Call! He did mention that Pumpkin looked like his elves at the north pole due to her little red cheeks. He also thought Pumpkin was Peanut's brother!!! Hmmm...well he is getting older, so we'll let that slide for now.
Meeting Santa
We took our pics and Peanut told him goodbye. On our way out we walked by a Christmas tree that started talking to Peanut...again...the wonder on her face was awesome!
The Talking Tree
Fun day = two worn out little girls! Great memories were made and for that we are so very thankful!
Meeting Santa
If you would like to see our Advent Calendar and our activities click HERE.



***Update - This little girl is on the mend and recovering! Thank You!!!

Yesterday we received an email saying that some dear friends of ours desperately are in need of prayer. They are missionaries in the Solomon Islands and have only been there just a couple of weeks. Their 1 year old daughter has an infection on her thigh that has gotten worse quickly. They took her to a local doctor who thought it might be strep. He would not lance it, and he gave her an antibiotic and told them to take her to the local hospital every 6 hours for a penicillin shot. They called to get another opinion from a doctor friend from our old church, and from what they described it sounds alot like MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) to him which can be pretty serious if not treated properly. The father is going to try to lance the sore himself at our friend's suggestion (pray for him to be able to do this on his own daughter.... one of the aspects of missionary work he probably did not anticipate this soon) and is going to try to find a sulfa drug for her to take. He said sometimes you can ask around and find this to buy over the counter. Pray for this little girl, for God to heal this wound so it does not spread throughout her body. Her mommy shared with me before they left that her biggest concern about going overseas was medical care for her children. Pray for our friends as they care for this little one, that God would give them peace.

Away They Go! Away They Go!
These are some pics from the last time we saw them this past summer before they headed overseas.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Getting in the Holiday Mood

Christmas Lights Christmas Lights
We have been borrowing Christmas movies, books and cds galore from the library. We currently have a GOB of Christmas books. I have been having more fun picking out the books than Peanut! Ha...that may be because she is seriously distracted by the germ infested toys at the library. (We were there yesterday and today she woke up with a cough. Argh!) She is in the Christmas spirit though. Our downtown is decorated beautifully and anytime we are down there, daytime or nighttime, she says, "Mom, look! It's Christmas!" Love it!
Christmas Lights Christmas Lights
The above pictures do no justice for how beautiful it is. They have strands upon strands of lights going from the courthouse all the way across the street to the buildings all around the court house. It is GORGEOUS and with all of the trees lit up! Beautiful!!!!!
Holiday Market
On Saturday we dropped Daddy off at work and headed out to do something, but weren't sure what we were going to do. Peanut announced she wanted to go to the Farmer's Market. Love that!
Holiday Market
I thought they had wrapped up for the season, but drove by just to see and discovered they were having the Holiday Market so we stopped and had a ball. The City Hall building was filled with beautiful handmade gifts to peruse. I let Peanut pick out some bottle cap magnets for our fridge. Have you seen these? They are adorable and quite the rage right now.
Holiday Market
After looking through all the goods, we headed outside to get Peanut her little bag of kettle corn. We also got to see some reindeer and she got to talk to Santa. He asked her to whisper in his ear what she wanted for Christmas. I asked her later what she told him and she said, "I told him that I love him." Ahhh!
Holiday Market
We also took a horse drawn wagon ride. What fun!
Holiday Market Holiday Market Holiday Market
Peanut asks everyday if this is the night that Santa comes. She told Daddy the other day that Santa was getting his clothes on and coming soon. :) We did not really intend to really jump into the Santa thing, but Cora has just loved him and made it magical even to us, so we are doing Santa. She will know that we get her presents for her but he will bring her one special one Christmas Eve! More importantly she is learning about the real meaning of Christmas and baby Jesus. We have been reading many wonderful books teaching her about him.

We are enjoying these days of preparation for Christmas. I made an advent calendar using paper cones and enjoying each activity for the day. I will do a post on this another time. We hope you all are enjoying these special days with your families and not getting caught up in the busyness that this season can bring. Just enjoy!
Christmas Pics