Monday, October 05, 2009

Music and Life

Music Festival Music Festival
Last weekend our community held a World Music Festival. The weather was a bit dreary and chilly but after having a very long Friday at home with a cranky baby, I decided that the girls and I needed a day out while Daddy was at work on Saturday. We headed to the park where the festival was being held and had a ball together. I packed the girls in the double stroller and blazed a path. (If you have never pushed a double stroller, well, imagine pushing a freight train through a crowd of people. Fun!)
Music Festival Music Festival
The festival was in a park so Peanut spent some time playing on the playground, but wasn't too thrilled as it was covered with children...many of whom were running around like bandits and not paying attention to the cautious little girl who didn't want to be plowed over. That was fine with Mommy since we could go listen to more music. :) We heard Mongoliand and Chinese traditional music, American old-time, Ugandan, and Middle Eastern and North African music. My favorite was the American old-time which was done by a group called The Stairwell Sisters. I enjoyed it so much that I splurged and bought their cd. One of the girls in the group is a clogger. That was so much fun to watch. Peanut likes listening to the cd and refers to this band as "the one we heard in the park and she was dancing."
Music Festival Music Festival
There were tents set up all over the park where children could make crafts. Peanut chose to make a hoop. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture as I was "helping" her make her craft. She chose to wrap her hoop in green crepe paper and then chose pretty red ribbons to tie all around the edge. She did a great job with some help from Mama. :)

Here are the girls watching the Ugandan music. (Look at that little baby profile! So sweet!) The man sitting beside Peanut was kind enough to let her join in the music and pound away on his hand drum. She thought this was totally wonderful!
Music Festival
Our favorite part of the day was watching the Dragon Knights. They were stilt walkers dressed as a gryphon and a dragonfly. We followed them all over the park. Peaut was mesmerized by them as was I. She was sure the dragonfly was a butterfly though. I took a bunch of pictures of them.
Music Festival Music Festival

Music Festival Music Festival

Music Festival Music Festival

Another highlight was seeing our friend who was down a few weeks ago again! We met up at the end of our afternoon to chat for a bit. What a sweetie!
On Sunday after church she, her hubby, and daughter met up with us and took us out for lunch. Last time we ate Indian with them. This time they took us to a yummy Turkish restaurant. It was so good. We even got to sit on the floor around the table. Peanut thought this was wonderful! Pumpkin slept through our lunch date, so that is why you don't see her in the pic.
Turkish Outing
She did wake up at the end though and Peanut insisted on holding her sister. In the first you can see that Pumpkin is enjoying the attention, but in the second...well just look at Pumpkin's face. It makes me laugh!
Sisters Sisters
Pumpkin is a professional crawler now. I need to get the baby gates up so that I can corral her. She loves shoes and will crawl as fast as she can to the nearest pair so she can suck and chew on them! YUCK! She also has an eye for cords!!!! I have to keep a close watch on her or put her in her exersaucer. She is busy!
Crawler! Daddy and His Girls
Now that she can crawl fine, she has moved on to pulling herself up. She crawls to something to hold onto and then pulls herself up to her knees. She has even started pulling herself up to her feet! Wowzers!
Pulling Up

Here is Daddy with his sweet little girls!
Daddy and His Girls

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Joy ☺ said...

Wow! You knew the crawling was coming! She's getting so big! For the record, Dawson STILL likes to suck on shoes. haha. j/k.
I wish I could have gone to a fall festival this year. Boo. Actually, why don't you come HERE and find one with me? :) :)