Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Honey Farm

Honey Farm
This morning the girls and I headed to a local honey farm with the Meet-Up group that I joined after we first moved. This was actually my first outing with the group. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the other mommies and children. The kids learned how bees make honey. They got to see and touch some really neat things. Peanut had a great time especially making some new friends.
Honey Farm

Honey Farm Honey Farm
She was really excited about bottling her own bottle of honey to bring home for Daddy. He must be part bear because he LOVES honey.
Honey Farm Honey Farm
We ended our trip with a picnic lunch outside. It was a beautiful fall day to do so, a bit windy, but beautiful.
Honey Farm Honey Farm
I realized something today, I miss the rural roads of home. Wow..the ones down here are twisty, curvy, and hilly. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful, but boy does all that twisting and turning play with my typically directional accuracy. I was so afraid I would end up incredibly lost out there in the sticks, but we made it!

I wanted to share some stories with you about the girls before I close. A few weeks ago I was busy cleaning bathrooms and left Peanut in her room with Pumpkin for just a minute. When I came back, Pumpkin was gone! It freaked me out because she was nowhere to be seen. After Mommy settled down, Peanut said, "She's under her bed." There was my ornery little one, grinning at me ear to ear, under her crib, hiding from Mommy! I took some pics of the girls playing under the crib. It is their secret hide-out.
Hiding Under the Crib! Hiding Under the Crib!
Now this next story is not for the faint of stomach. Skip ahead is bathroom talk or blood makes you squeamish. After we got home from the Honey Farm I put Peanut to bed and put Pumpkin in her exersaucer for a bit as she had napped in the car. She started to get fussy so I picked her up only to discover a sensation on my hand. Let me fill you in on another tidbit, Pumpkin has been shall we say, a bit stopped up since starting baby food, so I have been giving her baby food prunes for supper for about a week. I was worried because it just didn't seem to be helping her. No need for concern, the prunes worked! As I peaked around her backside, I saw it all up and down her and all over my hand! GROSS! So, I run to the kitchen and grab the paper towels under my arm and some wet wipes. I use my knee and non-pooped on hand to get a bed of towels for her to lay on while trying to balance her with the pooped on hand. Then I lay her down, only to notice something in her ear. I flick that out with the clean hand and start to work on the mess. Then I look up at her and see blood gushing out of her ear all over our RENTED carpet. I guess that little something was a scab. WHOOPS! So I clean that up and try to get the bleeding to stop while holding her cute little hiney up in the air. Oh, it was quite a sight and there was blood and poop everywhere! But we made it and she is clean! Parenthood, isn't it a lovely thing!
Watching Watching
Bubble Girl Watching
We love you all and hope you're having a great fall!


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Marc and Allison said...

We miss you guys, Mindy. But we're glad to hear that you're adjusting well to your new home.