Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early October

The girls are asleep, the laundry is going, the dishes are in the dishwasher and the kitchen table is back to normal, so I have time to sit and blog.

Let's start back on October 9. The girls and I headed back up north to be with my dad for the year anniversary of Mom's going home. It was important to me to be there and I am so glad we were. We spent the 9th celebrating a belated birthday for Gigi. His sisters and some friends came over for the evening. We had pizza and Texas Sheet cake. It was a fun evening!
Happy Birthday
When I asked Peanut what we should get Gigi for her birthday she said, "A party hat!" So we got him a party hat that he sported right away! ;)
Happy Birthday

On the 10th we picked out flowers to make a new arrangement for Mimi's headstone and then headed to the cemetery. I am happy with how the fall arrangement turned out. I think she would really like it. We spent time talking while Peanut ran all around giggling and singing. I know Mimi was smiling!
One Year

We headed home after that. On Sunday the 4 of us headed to an itty-bitty local town to eat at a unique little restaurant that one of Daddy's co-workers had told him about. It used to be a booming little town in the 1800's and early 1900's then the Depression hit, then it's main road was closed off when a man-made reservoir was put in. This literally shut down the town. Years ago the mercantile building was purchased by a family who changed into a very unique restaurant and inn. The food was really yummy and the atmosphere was just wonderful. We will certainly be going back when we can. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon with the trees quite a sight to behold!
Village Visit

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