Monday, August 31, 2009

Should be Doing Something Else but.... bff wants me to blog, so I must oblige her. ;)
And now I am back. Seriously as I typed that line above this afternoon, I heard two sweet little girls "chatting" after waking up from the shortest naps in recorded history! Argh! I guess I wasn't supposed to enjoy a nice quiet afternoon. Ha!

We continue to do very well. I was actually back up north for a week last week. I had a garage sale at our old place and then spent a few days cleaning the house. I had three sweet friends come and help me out with the sale. One of the three you can find blogging here. She is such a blessing to me! Another friend helped me set up for the sale, helped all day for two days with the sale, and then helped me all day for 3 days clean the house! She totally rocked my little world. Oh and she was my biggest buyer for the sale. Hope her hubby enjoyed all those fun things coming home to him. Ha!! Here she is working on the desk that she got from us. It had sat out in the rain and the top totally disintegrated. She saw that glass half full and started stripping it! Ha!
Garage Sale
While we were up north we got to go to a going away party for a sweet family that we knew from church. They also just moved but much farther south than we did. We sure will miss our playdates with them.
Saying Good-bye Saying Good-bye
We also visited with family quite a bit which was so nice. I think I will see my family more often now that I am not as close. Isn't it crazy how that works? We went to my cousin's house one evening so Peanut could see all of her animals. She had a ball petting the animals, jumping on her trampoline and being TOTALLY silly with cousin's hubby. They were a riot! :)
Farm Visit Farm Visit
We partook in the bountiful harvest of sweetcorn from one of Gigi's friends and did some freezer corn. Peanut had fun shucking the corn.
Husking Corn
Pumpkin is ready to roll!!! Not roll literally...she's been doing that for weeks and weeks now. She can get up on all fours and rock herself back and forth like nobody's business now. She started really going at it just before we left to head back up north. She is a hoot because she gets herself up and either gets totally frustrated and cries or face plants into the floor when she tries to move forward. It will be any day and that little 5 month old (as of Sunday) will be crawling all over the place. She has determination that scares this Mama just a bit. We started giving her rice cereal as she just seemed hungry. She chowed it down!
First Food First Food
We have really been enjoying our local parks this week. Our new community has a ton of great parks to take in. The only unfortunate thing is pictured below....
Yes...I know that is Peanut. She threw the worst fits this past weekend, both times when leaving the park we were at. They were AWFUL!!!!! She did one with me and one with Daddy. So today we did not get to go to a park....that was her punishment (and mine) for throwing the last fit. She asked all day if we could go to the park and I had to remind her that we could not because of her behavior yesterday. We will try again tomorrow. PRAY FOR US! I know all of you who know her are thinking, "Yeah right...Peanut...a fit? I'm sure it was nothing." It was NOT nothing. We were both so shocked by it. Wow!!! I have heard several people say that it's not the terrible two's anymore but the terrible three's. I think they are right on the money. Ha! Oh but I love that little girl so much! :)

Here are some cute pics of the girls from the park pre-fit!
Smiles! Kisses

One quick story...I will title it the JOY (sarcasm intended there) of apartment living. The day that Papa and Daddy moved us in to our townhouse, they parked the 26 ft. truck out back to unload as much as they could in our garage. A bit later our landlord stopped by and regretfully told Daddy that the neighbor next door had complained that the truck was blocking her garage. He felt really bad to have to say anything as he knew that we WERE MOVING IN!!!!! You have to park the truck somewhere, don't you? He did tell Daddy that she was actually moving out in a week. Whew!

So the week goes by and we don't see her much. I will have to say that she always was parked in front of her townhouse, not ever in her garage that was blocked for a couple of hours one Monday. Anyways....we had a good first week but I knew Daddy was going a bit crazy being without the internet and all, so after his first day of work I told him he could go somewhere with WiFi after the girls were in bed. He was pretty excited about this! This was on a Saturday, the same Saturday that said neighbor begins moving out of her apartment. So around 8 p.m. that evening her moving truck comes back to our parking lot and really does block us in. We have no way of getting out at all. Poor Daddy peered out the window all night to see if they had moved it at all. Said neighbor and her help were amazingly loud also as they moved things out in the dark, waking Pumpkin up twice from sleep! I was just about ready to go out and give them a piece of my mind. (It does say in the move-in info packet that you must do your moving between the hours of 9 a.m - 6 p.m. Mon.-Fri. It was Saturday people and it was after 8 p.m.!) Daddy gave up at midnight although this was the same time we thought they had left with the truck...BUT....ALAS...NOOOOOO....they moved the truck down to the back to empty her garage!!!! Daddy said they weren't done until 1:30 a.m. and they were LOUD! We were pretty ticked off with all of this, but she is gone...

So...that leads to this request...if you think about it, could you pray that we get some sweet neighbors next door. A family with young children and sweet parents would be awesome but just someone nice and congenial. Pretty much everyone else here in our little area just keeps to themselves which is totally fine but it sure would be nice to have one neighbor that we could get to know a bit.

That is my story. I am now very tired as I am blogging (for you BFF) at a much later hour.
Love you all!

P.S. We think we found a church! We visited it on Sunday and really liked it alot. We're going to try it out again and see if it is the right one!

Here is the beautiful sky from our patio last night. It was gorgeous!


keepin' it real..... said...

I am so excited with the ways that the Lord is helping you to make Bloomington home.

but, please don't let Pumpkin crawl... :(

shannon fay said...

Thank you! I love you all! Also, I will try not to lose my mind between now and next time I see you. =)

Marc and Allison said...

We miss you guys, but we're so glad to hear that you're doing well. Next time we make a trip south, we'll be sure to stop in and say hi!

Colleen said...

That is so true about 3! At least it was for us. But even now I can have a hard time extracting David from the park if he's having a lot of fun. Glad you're settling in well, and that your difficult neighbor moved.