Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here are some random things from our past few weeks. We had some dear friends stay with us for a weekend about a month ago. This was the last chance that we will have to see them for at least 2 years and maybe even 4. They left two weekends ago to head overseas to serve as missionaries. We sure will miss them and their sweet babies. You can tell from the picture below how sad Peanut was about this....or wait...she was mad because she didn't want her picture taken.
Away They Go!

Away They Go!
I got to spend some time with these two precious gals. They were in our youth group when Daddy was a youth pastor. Now they are all grown up and such sweet girls.
I was part of a Thursday night craft group that meant once a month. The group is made up of some sweet, sweet women whom I hold close to my heart. They went and threw me a surprise goodbye party. I thought I was going out for coffee with this clever and crafty friend below...
Good-Bye Party
BUT...when we got to Starbucks, there they all were and with a yummy decadent chocolate dessert and wonderful gifts.
Good-Bye Party Good-Bye Party
Good-Bye Party Good-Bye Party
I sure am going to miss Thursday night craft time...they did promise to make a trip down south to see me though. I am going to hold them to that!
Good-Bye Party
We spent some time in our new community a few weeks ago, looking for a new place to call home. Peanut and Pumpkin were amazing. They loved staying in a hotel and checking out new places.
On the Hunt On the Hunt
On the Hunt On the Hunt
Dobbie and Papa had a hot dog roast on our last Friday together. They invited my BFF and her family to come over to. It was a fun evening together of fellowship and catching up.
Hot Dog Roast Hot Dog Roast
Hot Dog Roast Hot Dog Roast
Hot Dog Roast Hot Dog Roast
Hot Dog Roast
Just for amusement here are some pics of Pumpkin in her exersaucer. She loves that thing so much!
Oh Pumpkin! Oh Pumpkin!
She is quite an expert roller too. She rolls over in her carseat if she isn't strapped in!
Rolling Over
Daddy taught her about bubbles. She wasn't quite sure what to think of them!
Bubbles Bubbles
We spent some time with Peanut's buddy at the park before our move. They are in the midst of their own move, so it was a good time to be together.
Play Date Play Date
Play Date
Gigi might have let Pumpkin try some ice cream. She thought it was pretty awesome!
Ice Cream Ice Cream
We got to spend some time with BFF and her kiddos at the park before we left also. We're hoping that now that we live farther apart, we will see each other more! She just started her second year of medical school and will be quite busy, so now we'll have to plan our meetings! Ha!
Park Date Park Date
(BFF, I know I said this was only for us but I love this picture and I just love you, so I have to post it!)

Napping Buddies Papa and Peanut

Friends Friends
Friends DSCN2849

DSCN2846 DSCN2673

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