Monday, July 27, 2009

3 Years Old

Dear Peanut,
2 days old
I am writing this in the wee hours of the morning on your birthday. In just 3 1/2 hours (4:45 a.m.) you will officially turn 3 years old. You have been filled with excitement and anticipation for your birthday this year. It has been so fun to talk to you about your big day and see those wheels turning in your head. We have been able to "tease" you a bit about your birthday and have fun with it. We asked you all day today whose birthday was coming up...was it MeowMeow's, was it Daddy's and so on. You just grinned really big and kept saying, "No, it's Cora's birthday!"
Bundle of Joy
How can it be 3 years already? I remember so vividly the moment I realized it was time for your birth. How filled with joy I was to finally meet this precious little life that I had been so blessed to carry within me for 9 months. Everything went so wonderfully and so perfectly. I look back and feel so blessed to be able to not just say that but mean it. Your birth was amazing and finally there you were...precious little you. How our hearts soared when we saw you and held you. You amazed us so much.
B-day Party
Three years later and our hearts still are soaring with love for you and you continue to amaze us. You are such a smart little girl. You have a very sensitive heart. You are filled with so much joy and kindness it could make my heart burst. We are so very proud of you for just being you. What a precious gift we have been entrusted with from the Lord. You are a perfect part of our little family.
Happy 2nd Birthday!
And how could I not mention what an incredible big sister you are to Pumpkin. The love that you display to her on a daily basis is incredible. You always have a watchful eye on her and wonder where she is when she isn't around. You fill her face with kisses and her neck with hugs. She is so blessed to have you as her big sister.
Sweetheart are loved beyond measure by your Mama and Daddy but more importantly by Jesus. You are His princess and beloved one. It is our greatest hope and desire that you can wrap your heart around that and truly know how special, wonderful and amazing He created you to be. We love you so very much!
Play Date
Love Always,
Mama and Daddy

In the Midst of Chaos

Well, I am here. Most of you know the big changes that are coming to my family but I don't feel like writing about it on here I will share pictures with you. I have so many to share so I will just start slowly...just enough to wet your appetite. Ha. Really that is because my camera died when I was uploading pictures so I only got like a quarter of them on the computer.

Peanut is all about best friends lately. A few weeks ago Gigi, Peanut and I met up with a very sweet and funny friend (funny as in humorous not funny as in strange) and her family. Funny friend as I shall affectionately call her loves my Daddy-o. She was a room-mate of mine while in college and she got to know Dad and was missing we set up a time for all of us to meet and have dinner. All that being said, it was the first time I had ever heard Peanut announce that she had a best friend. On the way to the restaurant she announced, "______ is my best friend." (Child's identity withheld for security...heehee.) Since that time she has announced that Gigi's really good friend is her best friend and the other night on the way home from Dobbie and Papa's she said, "Papa is my very best friend."

Here are some pictures from our time with Funny Friend and her family. (I like that title, don't you, Funny Friend?)
Play Date Play Date

Play Date Play Date
Play Date
Here is Funny Friend getting her Pumpkin squeeze in.
Play Date
I sure am blessed by this girl. She has been so constant in my life and a part of a strong network of friends that the Lord has blessed me with. We saw each other through quite a bit in our college days and have kept in touch over the years since. Love You, Funny Friend. Oh, if you ever run into her you definitely have to ask to see her personally choreographed version of the 1996 hit Christian song "Stand." You haven't lived until you've seen it!

Can I just add something? I have been working on getting Pumpkin to fall asleep by herself without being rocked especially for nap times and she is doing really well. Three times now she has only cried for up to 15 minutes and then falls asleep. I hope it continues like this.

Speaking of Pumpkin check out these cute pictures of her. I know you just want to crawl into the screen and squeeze her. It can't be helped. She is just that cute!
Cupcake? Cupcake?
I'm thinking Cupcake would have been a cute nickname too. :)

We took in the local county fair with Gigi. We had a grand is a small, old time fair. We watched the grand opening, went to a gospel sing, checked out the animals and rode on a ride which cost $6.00 for both Peanut and I. Can you believe that? Geesh..highway robbery! Peanut got to go back the next night with a very special friend of mine from church...she titled herself Peanut's Fairy Godmother after she was born. She took Peanut on the Merry-go-Round.
County Fair

Last weekend we went to Ohio for Daddy's family reunion. We had alot of fun catching up with his many cousins, aunts, and uncles. It turned out to be a rather chilly day but a cute little Peanut begged her Daddy to take her swimming and he withstood the cool temps to swim with her. What a good Daddy! And we got to see Daddy's sister and her girls...always a hit with Peanut!
Family Reunion Family Reunion
Pumpkin got alot of squeezes and love too.
Family Reunion Family Reunion Family Reunion
Family Reunion Family Reunion
Family Reunion
So, that should quench your thirst for this fabulous blog. I do have more pics and news to share, so I will be back....but tomorrow is a sweet Peanut's birthday, so I will be busy taking care of birthday business. She is having a lion birthday in honor of her imaginary lion friend! Fun!\
Worn Out! Worn Out

Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Cousins

We have had so many fun things going on and you know what that means...PICTURES to share with you. I am almost caught up.
The Cousins are Here
Last week Daddy's sister and her girls came for a few days. We had a ball with them amidst the busy things that seemed to be going on that week also. We are so glad we got to spend some time with them. Peanut absolutely adores all of her cousins. She had a blast! There was lots of smiling, laughing, giggling, crying (hey...they're all girls!), chatting, and being silly! They all had fun meeting Pumpkin for the first time too.
The Cousins are Here The Cousins are Here
The following picture totally cracks me up of our youngest niece. She is a hoot...check out that tongue! I guess Pumpkin was a bit heavier than she thought she would be. Ha!
The Cousins are Here
Peanut loves her youngest cousin so much! They were wrestling and hugging by the end of their time together.
The Cousins are Here The Cousins are Here
The Cousins are Here

They spent some time swimming at our community pool and had a great time. Daddy chaperoned this one so I could stay home with Pumpkin and the furnace guy. Heehee! The furnace guy was installing our new furnace so someone had to be home.

The Cousins are Here The Cousins are Here

All of the cousins helped Papa wash the dogs! They were VERY stinky!
The Cousins are Here The Cousins are Here
We love our family so much!
The Cousins are Here The Cousins are Here

The Cousins are Here The Cousins are Here The Cousins are Here

Everyone was a bit tuckered out by the end of the visit. We always stay up late visiting and catching up.
The Cousins are Here The Cousins are Here
Peanut had her first corn on the cob while they were here and now LOVES it!
Corn on the Cob
She is also doing very well with potty training. Here she is showing off her success chart and her reward for getting 3 stickers...a piece of "tandy"!
And Pumpkin keeps working on finding her thumb. She has found it a few times. We'll see...
Thumb Sucker???
Two quick funny Peanut stories...
Last night we were in the car driving and Pumpkin was having a melt-down. She was crying uncontrollably. Peanut kept saying, "Shhhh," to Pumpkin. Finally Peanut said, "Mom, she's not obeying!" Ha!

And today after her nap, I put her right on the potty with no training seat cover. She was holding on but almost fell in the potty. She looked at me and said, "You flush me down?" Then I was telling Gigi who invited us to go with him to a local county fair and Peanut who was of course listening to me talk about her said, "Then I go in the pipes!" She cracks me up!

Here is a cute video of the little girls playing together!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 4th

If I didn't include a blurb about what we did on July 4th, I would be a bad wife. Daddy got tickets to a concert that was held nearby. He had planned on taking a friend, but the friend fell through so I got to tag along. It was my first long amount of time away from Pumpkin. Dobbie watched the girls so they were well taken care of and well spoiled! :)

Off we went to see John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. It was a rather rainy evening, but don't worry, we had umbrellas with us. That was until after standing in the very long line waiting to get into and being told that our umbrellas could be used as weapons and would block views, we had to either take them back to the car or throw them away. Let's just say, we no longer own an umbrella...BUT we do own some nifty royal blue Bob Dylan ponchos! Ha!
4th of July Concert
(John Mellencamp)

It was a fun evening. Daddy was delirious with excitement to see Bob Dylan in concert. He has been quoted as saying, "Bob Dylan is my hero!" :) He screamed like a little boy on Christmas morning when Mr. Dylan took the stage...I was in awe of how old he looked and how much he resembles Cate Blanchett. (If you do not get that...Cate Blanchett portrayed Dylan in the movie I'm Not There.)
4th of July Concert 4th of July Concert
4th of July Concert

I was surprised by how many Willie Nelson songs I knew. That would be thanks to Mimi who was a country music fan. Daddy told me that he is still playing his original guitar! It even has a hole in it.
4th of July Concert

The evening ended with a fireworks show.
4th of July Concert 4th of July Concert

It was a nice evening and I did enjoy the music. Daddy was enthralled by the music...especially Dylan! :)