Friday, May 15, 2009

Picture Heavy

We had a very busy week this past week. Peanut is completely worn out from a lack of napping and late nights. Tomorrow is REST day. I have some super cute pics to share with you, so let's get started...
A friend of mine and I took the girls to a beautiful garden to take some pictures of them together this week. Most of the pictures are of Peanut with her arm wrapped around Pumpkin's neck, smothering her with kisses. :) They did super well and we did get some cute ones.
Picture Day Picture Day

Picture Day Picture Day
There are a few more on our flickr page.

We also helped Gigi plant his garden. Peanut got to help and was loving the dirt! She helped plant some of the starts that she and Daddy planted as seeds together a few weeks ago. We will plant the rest of her starts in Dobbie and Papa's greenhouse soon. On her gardening day she found many worms and had alot fun of playing with them.
Garden Planting Garden Planting
Garden Planting Garden Planting

Here is Peanut talking about her worms...

After gardening we had a hot dog and marshmallow roast. Peanut really enjoyed the fruits of this labor.
Hot Dog Roast Hot Dog Roast
Pumpkin on the other hand spent the time resting.

The girls got to enjoy the last days of preschool with me. We took in picnics with the classes and some fun playtime at the park. Peanut also got to go on her first pony ride. One of our preschool teachers had her hubby come and bring their pony. The kids had a ball with this as did Peanut! She did so well. She wasn't scared a bit!
Pony Ride

And here are pictures of sweet Pumpkin smiling. Oh how it makes my heart smile to see that little face just light up in a smile. Someone told me that she has merry eyes...I would have to agree. Her little eyes go into these adorable crescent moon shapes when that smile appears. Soooo sweet!
Smile Smile

And a quick funny Peanut story...
When we went to the cemetary with Gigi last Sunday, he was getting Peanut out of the van and called her Pumpkin. She quickly corrected him and said, "I'm Peanut, she's Pumpkin," pointing to her baby sister! She keeps us all straight on things. :)

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