Monday, May 11, 2009


Saturday, May 9 from her Mom

"She will be having a stomach peg put in this morning between 07:30 & 09:00. This will allow them to remove the feeding line from her nose and will make her much more comfortable. They can then feed her directly through her stomach. They are concerned that her swallowing ability at this point would not allow for enough food to keep her stong and healthy."
That procedure went really well!

Sunday, May 10 from her Mom
"Today has been a wonderful Mother's Day.

She continues to surprise us all with her responses and healing. The GI doctor and her family physician were both here today, and both are so pleased with how well she is doing. She makes my heart smile.

She will be moving in the next couple of days to an acute care facility here in town, as she is well enough to move on to the next phase of her recovery and restoration. She will be there for 2-6 weeks approximately while the doctors and therapists are determining the next plan of therapy for her. What a strong girl! What a determined girl!"

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