Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Information

"She remained stable through the night and they were able to totally stop the sedative. Praise God for this step forward.

They will continue to monitor her over the next couple of days and prepare to remove the breathing tube. When the pulmonologist removes the breathing tube, they will at that time determine if she will need breathing assistance from a trachea tube. The CT scan yesterday did show a trace amount of reduction in the pressure in the brain, and they will probably wait until Thursday to do another scan.

She will have to continue to put up the "good fight", but we are encouraged with every passing day."

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Sue said...

Glad I was able to finally catch on your family blog again. First, congratulations on the birth of your second daughter. Both little girls are absolutely beautiful and wish your family all the best.

I'm sure some of your readers have read/heard of this amazing little boy "Owen" in Arizona who will be going to Stanford next week to have his little heart checked... yes he will be needing a new heart. Their website is http://simmonsfamilyupdate.blogspot.com/. Please include them in your prayers.