Sunday, May 03, 2009

Her Birth Part 2

(Sorry for the delay in getting Part 2 to you....I have had it typed but just kept forgetting.  I know you were all on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what happened.  Haha!  Remember this is more for me than for anyone else.)

The last time I left with you Pumpkin's birth story, I was at 7cm dilated and very uncomfortable. I do have to admit that her labor was much more intense than Peanut's. Peanut's was LONG (36 hours) but I had a chance to work myself into each phase and focus. With Pumpkin's it really only was 4 hours of contractions and they started strong and kind of took my breath away. But I was determined to have her natural if possible so I just kept focused.

At about 5:30 p.m. Dobbie and Daddy decided to get something to eat quick as they were sure the baby was coming soon. In my mind I got panicky that they were both leaving me but I had to remain so focused on my contractions that speaking was impossible. Gigi and Papa stayed with me. Daddy returned quickly with food for Gigi...can I just say that the smell of food is GROSS when you are that far along in labor. Yuck! A little before 6 p.m. I knew it was time and things were ready to happen. I looked at Daddy and forcefully whispered, "Get the nurse now!" He asked Gigi to run find Dobbie and he ran to find the nurse. She came in and checked and agreed that it was time. At this point I was feeling that urge to push pretty strongly. Before I knew it our doctor was there (his office is connected to the hospital).

That urge to push is amazing. It just comes over you like nothing else in the world. The whole process is incredible. Totally incredibly! Things were put in place and I was told to push. I was a bit worried because this time around no one instructed me on how to push or count. (Have one baby and they think you're a pro! Ha!) Daddy made mention of this and our doctor said, "We haven't done a thing up to this point. I think she can handle this." I certainly didn't feel like I could but I did. Within 15 minutes and maybe 5 pushes, out came Pumpkin at 6:24 p.m. She, like Peanut, had the cord around her neck, but our doctor was able to keep it from harming her. He did tell me at one point to wait while he manipulated the cord and I said, " I CAN"T!" So he worked QUICKLY and I pushed. Soon he announced to us, "It's another girl!" and she was handed right to her Mommy.

Pumpkin's delivery was more intense than Peanut's. Maybe that's because you just don't remember after some time passes. Or maybe it is because she was almost one pound bigger. I don't know, but I do know that it did take me a few days more to even think about wanting to do that again. I do know that I was kind of loud during her delivery, something I do not remember from Peanut's birth. It just helps to scream a bit when you are in pain. :) The grandpas who were in the hall, commented on this too.

It's amazing how the love just sweeps over you when you see that tiny little person who was residing inside of you for so long. I didn't care that she was a bit messy. I just wanted to hold her and kiss her.

They let us love on her and hold her for sometime before the rest of the process had to take place for which I am thankful. The doctor let me pass on getting the Pitocin shot to help shrink my uterus as I had decided to do with Peanut too. We again let nature do it's thing and it did.

She was gorgeous and alert right away. She also took to nursing immediately. She knew right what to do and has done it since. I was up within a couple of hours taking a shower. I would have been sooner but I didn't want to let her out of my sight for a bit. Our friend brought Peanut to the hospital around 8 p.m. so we could introduce her to her new sister. She was smitten right away and wanted to kiss her and hug her. She was also very curious about everything in the room and what the nurses were doing to her baby. She brought Mommy a beautiful bouquet of flowers too.

Peanut left with Dobbie and Papa to spend the night at their house. After my wonderful shower, we got to move to a regular post-partum room, which was really tiny, but who cares! We had wonderful nurses the whole time we were in the hospital. Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Our doctor visited us the next morning and announced that we had a prototype baby! Well we certainly think so! The second day Peanut got to be with us in our room and enjoy her new sister. We had wonderful visits from friends and family. That night she stayed with Gigi. On Wednesday morning we started the discharge process and didn't actually get released until close to noon. Dobbie, Papa, Gigi and Peanut all came over after we got home to have lunch and welcome Pumpkin home.

I have to admit that there is a part to the whole pregnancy process that I do not like at's what happens afterwards...the hormones that wreck havoc on my emotions. I don't think I've cried so much as I have after both girls were born nor have I felt so overwhelmed. It certainly lasted alot longer with Peanut than it did this time with Pumpkin, but it's NOT fun. It seems so unfair and almost cruel that you have this amazing, healthy, wonderful baby and all you can do is cry. I know not every woman is hit with this. Be so thankful if you are not! I know some women are hit with it even more. I do feel blessed that I only deal with tears. I have a supportive hubby who hugs me and tells me what a wonderful job I am doing and that it will pass soon. Oh how I hate being in the midst of that. It's enough to make me question having a baby again...well when I'm feeling like that. I am past it now and so thankful. There are still moments when the tears come but the normal tears from exhaustion or long days. I do feel blessed that honestly that is the only part of the whole thing that I don't enjoy.

I don't know if we are done or not, but I do know that when I think about not ever being pregnant again or not having a baby again, I feel very sad. We'll see. I don't know what the Lord has planned for us. I do know that I am blessed with two amazing, healthy daughters so if this is it, then so be it. If it's not...well then YEAH! :) I also know that I'm entering the mid-30's so if we do this again, it will have to be sooner than later. If we do this again...well honey, we're going to need a mini-van! :)

This is our story in a nutshell. I did this more for me than for you. I cherish my memories from both girl's birth and want to have it recorded so I don't forget.  

***I'm adding this now...a good friend of mine told me about the Ricki Lake Documentary "The Business of Being Born" a few weeks ago and I have been dying to watch it.  I had heard about it before but not being a Ricki Lake fan, I hadn't paid much attention to it.  Oh my word!  It was awesome and made me feel so good about our choices for Peanut and Pumpkin's births.  I did go to the hospital, but I was totally allowed to have a natural birth.  After watching the movie, I wanted to run hug my doctor and nurse.  They were so supportive and for that I am truly grateful.  Again, this was our decision.  Every woman has to make that decision for herself.  It is certainly a personal choice and no one should look down on you for what you decide!  I feel very strongly about that. And I know that things do not go as we plan them to at times and changes have to be made quickly for the health of baby and mommy.  This movie says it all.  If you have ever thought about natural birth at all...I think you should watch it.  I am really fired up about it right now.  

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