Saturday, April 04, 2009


It has been a bit of an adjustment since Little Miss was born. Peanut absolutely adores her, and showers her with kisses and hugs. This morning I looked over and saw Peanut pulling Little Miss out of her Moses basket! Peanut and I had a quick talk about only holding Little Miss if she's sitting with Mommy or Daddy.

Peanut has been showing a bit of jealousy over the attention Little Miss has received these past few days. We've had a lot of visitors (thank you!) and we've seen Peanut glaring at our friends while they hold Little Miss. We can't say we didn't expect this issue. Peanut has been a bit mopey around the house, not saying much at times. 

On Friday I took Peanut out to eat. She picked "Donalds!", so we had a cheeseburger together. I have been having conversations with her about our love for her and how it hasn't changed since Little Miss is part of our family. (Actually, we had been reassuring her for weeks prior to the birth.)

Today (Saturday) I promised to take Peanut to the park. I needed to run to the post office as well. Since it was a beautiful day (though a bit on the chilly side if you were in the wind) I decided to walk, pushing Peanut in a stroller.

I noticed that she had her hat pulled down over her eyes. She wasn't responding much when I would make comments or ask her questions.

We were walking over a bridge for pedestrians and I thought it would be a neat place to talk to her about being sad. I reassured her that it was ok to feel sad, that we loved her and Little Miss, and that we didn't love her any less. She brightened up a bit and made some comment about a barking dog in the background.

Later in the walk we stopped at a downtown deli and had lunch. She wanted to sit on my lap and share my soup. She still seemed a little blue. A friend of ours spotted us having lunch and came over. While we were talking she talked about how beautiful and intelligent Peanut is. She asked Peanut about Little Miss and her eyes lit up.

After this we walked home, stopping by the park to swing and slide. By this point she was brightening up a bit.

Tonight we had friends over who have a little boy about the same age as Peanut. Peanut had been looking forward to seeing her friend. They played and laughed all evening. After they left, Peanut came over to me and said, "I not feel sad anymore."

Later tonight Peanut helped me plant seeds in an indoor seed bed. I had purchased five packets of organic vegetable seeds the night before, thinking that Peanut would enjoy watching them grow. She really enjoyed poking her fingers in the dirt. Hopefully in a few months we will enjoy carrots, tomatoes, cantaloupe and broccoli together! But the most important thing is that it helps Peanut understand that she's special to us.

- daddy

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michelle said...

a year later (Caleb is 13 months now) we are STILL dealing with some issues. Milla will revert to baby talk (mind you, this girl talks better than some high school kids! lol) and that's when I know she needs attention. Or she'll ask me "Shall I be a baby like Caleb?" and then proceed to do whatever he is doing. But they LOVE each other. Caleb is always following her around. He has learned to rub her head and saw "AWWWWW" and then he kisses her and then you can see her eyes light up with love. Being an only child myself, I so LOVE to watch the two of them together, even when they are fighting...