Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Information

Got a couple of reports yesterday.  These are the things that I know from the updates.

Looks like the staph infection was a false positive but they are still treating her for it.

No plans to take her off of the breathing tube or out of sedation today.  This probably won't happen for a few days at least.  It sounded like she is battling a bit of a cold and they want that to be cleared up before they do these things.  According to one friend, her hubby said that the stars need to align before they move ahead with this.

Her medical diagnosis is pospartum vasculitis/non-inflammatory vascullitis.  This is what caused the stroke.

Her last 2 cat scans have not shown any change.  This is good as their is no active bleeding but bad because the swelling has not gone down.  (She does have 2 blood clots in her brain.)

Thank you everyone who continues to keep her in your prayers.  I know it is much appreciated! 

I hope to update a bit later about our own little family.  We have been battling sickness.  Amelia seems to have started having a very fussy time in the evenings so we have been dealing with this also.  There just hasn't been much time to write a new post and get pics up.  I will try my best.

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