Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blessed Addition

Sweetly Sleeping
Our little Pumpkin is growing, growing, growing. We are amazed at how fast she is filling out...so much faster than Peanut did. She has been flashing her priceless smile at us which we love alot, of course. Peanut continues to do so well with her. She is all over adjusting to the change of being a sister. She loves her baby sister so much and is so gentle with her. She loves to rub her cheek across Pumpkin's soft little head. She also loves to give her kisses. Unfortunately we have had to limit those kisses to the only the top of Pumpkin's head. Peanut has been battling something for a few days now. We thought she was over it but it has come back. She has a horrible stuffy nose, cough and a fever by evening.
We can't believe that Pumpkin will be a month old in just 2 days. This month has been a blur between Daddy's work and school, adjusting to having to kids, Peanut being sick, and life in general. Pumpkin seems to have developed a bit of colic in the evenings. Colic...so mysterious, so I'm not too completely sure this is what it is. She has a few hours each night in which she is very hard to console and she just is not happy. She also is not as content as Peanut was to lay on her play mat or swing in her swing. She would much rather be held. I do enjoy holding my precious little one but I don't seem to get much done these days. Staying on top the normal things like dishes and laundry is hard enough. We've been working on this the past few days, hoping she will be more content when Mommy or Daddy are doing something.
We were so blessed by friends and had meals brought to us every other day this past month. This ended on Saturday, so we shall see how well I add meal making to laundry and dishes. Ha! I hear ramen noodles are pretty easy to make. (I'm only joking Honey! I think.) The above picture is of a friend with her children. She brought us a super yummy meal of beef and noodles and chocolate chip pie. We visited our local park so our kids could play and she got to hold Pumpkin.

We did get to visit with some friends this past Monday morning. We had tried to schedule some play dates over the past few weeks, but someone always ended up sick so we had to cancel. Oh, how I hope we didn't get them sick since Peanut ended up not feeling too well later in the day. Peanut and their little girl always have so much fun together.
(Her shirt says, "Big sisters rock!)

We have finally had some spring like weather here. The girls and I took advantage of the nice weather and walked to our park for a picnic and some playing. One of them played and one slept. Can you guess who did what?
Trip to the Park Trip to  the Park

We also went to a local outlet mall with Dobbie for a serious deal finding mission! Deals we did find. I was able to get some things for Peanut in her next size. Pumpkin on the other hand, well she only got a couple of things because she has a ton of stuff from her big sister! She will never know, don't tell her.
Shopping Day Shopping Day

As you can see and tell, we are enjoying our newest little bundle. She is a blessed addition to our family.

Getting Big Grumpy?

Sisters Sisters

More Information

Got a couple of reports yesterday.  These are the things that I know from the updates.

Looks like the staph infection was a false positive but they are still treating her for it.

No plans to take her off of the breathing tube or out of sedation today.  This probably won't happen for a few days at least.  It sounded like she is battling a bit of a cold and they want that to be cleared up before they do these things.  According to one friend, her hubby said that the stars need to align before they move ahead with this.

Her medical diagnosis is pospartum vasculitis/non-inflammatory vascullitis.  This is what caused the stroke.

Her last 2 cat scans have not shown any change.  This is good as their is no active bleeding but bad because the swelling has not gone down.  (She does have 2 blood clots in her brain.)

Thank you everyone who continues to keep her in your prayers.  I know it is much appreciated! 

I hope to update a bit later about our own little family.  We have been battling sickness.  Amelia seems to have started having a very fussy time in the evenings so we have been dealing with this also.  There just hasn't been much time to write a new post and get pics up.  I will try my best.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I just got word that my friend has developed a staff infection now.  Not sure if they will take her off sedation today now or not.  Please continue to pray.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


"UPDATE - here's the latest info:  She is still on the respirator, still under sedation and there were no negative changes in the cat scan that was done yesterday. There was a time when she was breathing ahead of the respirator, but she is still on it. Keep praying!!!"

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keep Praying

Got another update.  Keep praying!

"I just spoke with her sister. She has been making some voluntary movements. She turned her head from side to side and moved her arm across her body. These are very good signs! 

Her sister expressed the family's gratitude for the multitude of prayers being lifted for her and her family. Keep praying. Monday will be an important day as they begin to bring her out of the sedation. 

The Dr's have said to keep the faith and pray for the best. But that they also need to be preparing themselves for the worst."

Friday, April 24, 2009


Just got this update from friend...

"Good news tonight, her husband told me that she is trying to "breathe over" her respirator. Her brain is trying to do it on her own. She is a strong one and our God is never failing...keep praying!"

Please keep on praying for this family!


Got a call earlier regarding my friend.  She had no change in her condition....which on one hand is good as she didn't decline anymore.  They thought the doctors might try to remove the breathing tube to see if she could breathe on her own.  Will keep you all posted.  Please keep praying for her and her family.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Please be in prayer for a friend of mine from high school and one of my college room-mates.  She had her 3rd baby this past Saturday and since had been complaining of a headache.  This morning her husband tried to wake her to nurse the baby but couldn't wake her.  She was taken to the hospital and admitted into ICU.  The doctors think she had a stroke or an aneurysm.  They can do nothing for her right now...no surgery or medicine for the swelling and bleeding in her brain.  They said it is up to her body now.  If she makes it through the weekend, the prognosis may be better.  She is sedated and has a breathing tube.  Please pray for her family and for her.  

Thank you!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Pictures Than Words

I have lots of pictures to share with you. I will post many for you but you can go to our flickr account to see more. (Just click on the words flickr account and it should take you to our flickr page.)

I took Pumpkin on Friday to have her weighed again at our Breastfeeding Center. She is up to 8 lb. 12 oz. already! She has gained almost a pound in one week! She is certainly not going to be a tiny peanut like Peanut was. We can tell such a difference in her just in the past week...she is filled out more and feeling more solid. It is just amazing how fast they grow and change. She is still such a good baby. She does love to be held! :)

Here are some cute sister pictures.

We had Peanut pick out a few things to give to the baby after it was born and the baby picked some things out for Peanut to give her too. (Ok, so Mommy did that, but we told her they were from Pumpkin.) One of the things Peanut got was a new little tea set. The day that we brought Pumpkin home from the hospital, Peanut made her new little sister some tea and helped her drink it. :)
Welcome Home Baby

Want Some Tea, Baby?

Peanut likes to read to Pumpkin.
Reading to the Baby

Mommy and Daddy love their girls alot!
Daddy's Girls Mommy's Girls

Sweet Baby Mama's Peanut

So do Dobbie and Papa...
Dobbie's Girls Papa's Sweetie

And Gigi...
Sleepy Baby

Daddy's Girls are probably going to love technology a bit...
High Tech Daddy High Tech Girl

Homework with Daddy

We have had lots of visits from special people....
Friends Friend

We have given lots of baths. Here was our first bath at home.
First Bath at Home First Bath at Home
First Bath at Home First Bath at Home
Peanut had alot of fun helping...
First Bath at Home

We also had our first trip to the doctor...
First Doctor Visit First Doctor Visit

Look at this precious little baby...oh, how we love that tiny little person!
Sleepy Cutie Patootey

Thumb Sucker So Pretty
We certainly are blessed by these 2 precious little ones. We just adore them. We have been blessed also by friends who have been providing meals for us every other day. It has been such a HUGE blessing to me to not have to worry about getting groceries all the time and making meals for us. That time is coming soon enough! Peanut has gotten used to hearing me say, "So and so is bringing supper for us tonight." It has become part of our routine. One evening a friend stopped by to visit with us...not to bring a meal...just visit. After she got here Peanut looked at her and said, "Where's supper?" Heehee! Maybe she's gotten a little too used to people bringing food. :) She is a hoot sometimes!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Her Birth Part 1

Here She Is

I have been wanting to get this post up for some time, but there just hasn't been time and when there is...well my brain feels like mush. So I am going to write it over the next few days and try to remember everything that I can.

Let me just preface this by saying that I LOVE EVERYTHING about being pregnant and having a baby. It is just the most incredible experience in the world to me. I cherish my memories from Peanut and Pumpkin's pregnancies. Pumpkin's pregnancy was much harder on me emotionally due to the loss of our 2nd child at 20 weeks and the death of my mom this past October. I did not take each day for granted with this baby but I also had a hard time getting truly excited and was even concerned up until I held her in my arms and saw that she was healthy and we were truly blessed. If it weren't for needles, blood, and some other yucky things, I think being an OB nurse would be amazing. But I do have a few hang-ups that are pretty big issues for nurses. Ha!
Our Doctor and Nurse
Pumpkin's pregnancy was very easy but different in some ways from Peanut's. I had no migraines at all with her which I had with the past two. I did get to a point near the end where I was getting pretty uncomfortable. I didn't have that at all with Peanut. I was much more worn out but that is probable due to Peanut and trying to keep up with her. I had ALOT more heartburn with Pumpkin. It was pretty much a given every night. I feel so blessed to have had such an easy times with pregnancy.

Our original due date was April 10. Our first ultrasound which we had last November showed the due date as April 1st. Our second ultrasound which we had in February showed the due date as March 30. At our doctor appointment on March 23, our doctor said he would not let me go past April 6 but was pretty sure I wouldn't make it that far. We didn't care as long as it wasn't April 1. No offense to you April Fool's babies at all...we just were hoping that our baby would not be an April Fool's baby.
Here She Is

On Sunday, March 29th we went to bed kind of late and I had a really hard time of sleeping as had become pretty usual at this point. I woke up around 4:45 am and realized that I was leaking. I was pretty startled by this and thought it was my bladder. I headed to the bathroom to realize that I really was leaking....still thought it was my bladder and I was horrified by this. After a few trips back to the bathroom, it hit me...."Oh! Maybe this is my water leaking!!!!" I did a quick internet search and found that yes, it was probably my water. So a little after 5:00 am I woke Daddy up and told him...he of course, FREAKED out. I couldn't go far from the toilet as I was really leaking. This was by far the most uncomfortable thing!

I called Dobbie to let her know and made sure that I could take a shower! Ha! That was all I was worried about! I am not stupid...when a baby comes, there are cameras people, so I was going to do my best to not look horrific for those cameras. Ha! Next we called our doctor who told us that we should come to the office at 8:15 am to see him as long as contractions did not start coming quickly. They had not started at this point...just leaky! Next we called Gigi and asked him to come to the house to watch Peanut for us. He didn't need to be there until 7:45 am but he showed up around 7:00 am. :) He was a little excited.

Daddy and I finished packing our hospital bag and I got a bag ready for Peanut. I also typed out my birth plan which I had forgotten to do. Oops! Then we headed to the doctor's office. He saw us right away. His nurse was giddy about the upcoming events of the day! :) The doctor checked to make sure it was amniotic fluid and it was. He also checked to see how far dilated I was...I waited for him to say at least 8 cm but I was only 3-4 cm. After a yucky gush, he said, "You're going to the hospital!" He prayed with us then one of the nurses wheeled me over to Labor and Delivery at the hospital in a wheelchair.

We were admitted and I got all settled in. We met our amazing, incredible, perfect Labor and Delivery nurse. She got to be with us the whole time for which I am incredibly thankful. She was EXACTLY what I needed. Dobbie, Papa, and Gigi all ended up coming to cheer me on. They were all there by 10:30 am. A wonderful friend of mine took Peanut to her house so Gigi could be at the hospital. (Thank you Friend!) Nothing much happened all morning. I had a few contractions but they weren't very strong and were not coming in a regular pattern. The nurse even asked if I was feeling them! Ha!

Let me say that when I realized my water was leaking, I was VERY disappointed. I had very much wanted to do most of my laboring at home, but that just is not an option when your water breaks. I was so worried about how long the labor would take as Peanut's was 36 hours! I did not want to be in the hospital that long in labor.
In Labor and Surfing the Web
Around 1:00 pm our doctor came to check in on us. I was still only at 4 cm! Argh! That's enough to make a woman cry! Then he mentioned the "P" word...pitocin. That made me very concerned. I desperately wanted a natural birth and I knew that Pitocin kicks contractions into high gear and I was worried it would be too much and I would be begging for an epidural. So our doctor said he would give me one hour to see if anything started happening. Daddy and I started making laps in the OB. Round and round we went and to my dismay...those contractions started coming and coming pretty close together. The OB dept. at our hospital is very small and I was getting 2 contractions on each lap. It was pretty funny because they would hit at almost the same spots in each lap. By 2:00 pm they were getting pretty strong. I got back in bed so that the nurse could check the contractions and she agreed that something was certainly happening and called the doctor. This was certainly an answer to prayer for me.
In Labor
From that point on the contractions got really strong, really fast. I planted myself in the hospital bed and did not move or speak hardly at all for the next 4 1/2 hours. I had to stay completely focused on what was happening inside. The thought of getting up and moving around was not an option! I could not move. At times my audience thought maybe I was sleeping...sleeping, I was not. Ha! It was hard to stay focused during some of those contractions....really hard, but by the grace of God I was able to. I got checked a couple more times and had moved up to 7 cm for which I was thankful at first, but then the 2nd time disgusted as I thought I was ready. It didn't take long to go from 7 to 10 though.

I will post the rest soon......I'll keep you in suspense for now. :)

A Chocoholic in the Making?

I stole these pictures from Dobbie.  They were taken with her camera phone and are so precious.  As you can tell Peanut loves little Pumpkin alot.  I just had to throw in the one of Pumpkin in that adorable little hat too.  

I am worn out from a long day of talking about the importance of obeying Mommy and nursing a growing baby more often than usual.  But I will share one quick story...this morning Peanut asked for "tandy" first thing.  I told her she could have a little bit after we had breakfast since she had Easter candy on the brain.  (This is not a usual habit for us.)  I gave her a few M&M's in a little bowl.  Just then a friend called and I chatted for a few minutes then headed in to the living room.  I found Peanut beside the Moses basket with her M&M's telling me that the baby had one.  Ummmmm.....I kind of, may have, might have FREAKED OUT.  I poked my finger in poor Pumpkin's mouth and discovered a little tiny remnant of M&M candy shell!!!!!  Needless to say, Peanut got a LONG, LONG talking to about not putting anything in the baby's mouth and that she does not get any kind of food right now other than what Mommy gives her.  This topic was addressed many times throughout the day.  I must admit that Pumpkin did have a cute little smile on her face after the episode!   Thank You Lord for watching over us!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Few New Pictures

Mama and her Girls
So it seems that blogging will not be happening as often as it did before. Ha! Having two children certainly has changed things. Right now both girls are napping. I am so tired and really need a nap, but getting new pics up for you won out. :) I need a blogging fix. I don't have alot of new pictures to share with you because:
1.) My dear friend visited the other night and we happen to have the exact same camera...guess what happened! Yep, she has mine and I have hers now. Ha!
2.) All of the pictures that we did download are on Daddy's computer and he is at work with his laptop.
BUTTTT...I do have some pics that I took with Friend's camera and Dobbie let me download her pics from her camera. So no worries, there are some new pictures.
The Fairy
We are doing really well. Daddy had his first week back to school and first weekend back to work. Things went pretty smooth. His professors have all been so gracious and are helping him get all caught up. Some friends of ours lost their 19 year old son this past weekend. Daddy helped another friend put together a video of pictures and music. He pulled some very late nights working on this..it was certainly worth it though. The video was wonderful and such a great tribute to this young man.
Bath Baby Bath Baby
Peanut ended up getting sick this week too. We seem to be coming down the other side of it but she still has a runny, yucky nose. So far Mommy and Pumpkin haven't gotten it...unfortunately Daddy did.
Thumb Suckers
Pumpkin is doing wonderful. She was 7 lb. 9 oz. at birth and 7 lb. 2 oz. when we left the hospital. The past Monday she was back up to 7 lb. 8 oz.! On Friday we visited the hospital's Breastfeeding Center so they could check on us and make sure things are going well. They obviously are because our little pumpkin was up to 7 lb. 15 oz.! The nurse that I made with was such a great encouragement and had only positive things to tell us about Pumpkin's growth. We go again next Friday and she was certain we would have at least an 8 1/2 lb. baby! Pumpkin has caught on much quicker and easier to the whole nursing thing this time around. Alot of that has to do with a more relaxed Mommy who has already done this before.

We are also doing much better at night. She has been having a 4-6 hour stretch of sleep each night which is really nice. We also see her being much more alert and awake for longer periods of time each day. And...she is really holding her head up well for only 2 weeks old.

Peanut is handling the transition well. We always make a point of reassuring her and letting her shine a bit. :) I have taken the girls out on my own twice now. Last Wednesday morning we hit Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription for Peanut. It went really well. Today I took the girls to church for Easter Sunday. It was a bit chaotic trying to get us all ready this morning, but we did it and made it to church on time. After church we headed out to see Daddy for a special Easter surprise while he was at work. He was thrilled to see all of his girls even if just for a bit. Afterwards just us girls ate lunch at Wendy's before heading home for naptime. Things went amazingly well. I know with each time out, my confidence will build and we'll get the hang of it all. Dobbie also took us shopping yesterday, which was great fun. We were all thrilled about getting out of the house! We got to spend the whole day with her, which is something we love alot.
Happy Easter! Happy Easter!
I have so many things that I want to write about, but I just need to find the time. I will...it will come! Just be patient and keep checking in on us...if nothing else, we'll try to put new pics up throughout the week.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and encouragement.

Now for some more pictures....
We Did It!


Meet Your Granddaughter

3 Generations 3 Generations

Meet Your Sister Hospital Visit

Welcome Home

Dobbie came over and took care of Peanut while we went to the funeral for our friend's son this week. Thank you SO much Dobbie. She helped Peanut make Glittery Easter Eggs!
Easter Egg Making Easter Egg Making

My very dear friend came over to spend the evening with us one night this past week. We had so much fun together. It's amazing how many days and weeks pass in between our visits, so the times we do have together mean so much to both of us!
Friends Mama and her Girls

Happy Easter! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!!!
Family of Four

And to close....we can't get over how much our girls look alike. Daddy did a comparison photo to show the resemblance. Each picture was taken of the girls when they were both around 6 days old. Can you tell who is who? :)