Saturday, March 07, 2009

Catching Up

We are still here. Things are still crazy. I told a friend recently that all of this "drama" that has been going on in our lives during this pregnancy, makes me really nervous about the actual delivery of this child. I sure hope that is the one thing that goes easily!

A few weeks ago during the night our house started smelling like chlorine. It became so strong that we decided to stay with Dobbie and Papa until it cleared out. It was giving me a headache and making Daddy lightheaded, so we did not want Peanut or Baby in it. We had various people come and help us figure out this bizarre mystery but no one has any idea what happened or where the odor came from. We were out of our house for 5 days!!!! The only cohesive theory that we heard was that possibly someone near our home has a meth lab and was dumping their chemicals down the drain. Great and very comforting! I had another friend tell me that she overheard a conversation at our library about the possibility of a lab very near us. So, I really do not know what happened, nor does anyone else. We are home and so far haven't had the smell back. I am still paranoid when I walk in the door and take in a deep breath to make sure it isn't back.

Then while we were staying with Dobbie and Papa, Peanut's acid reflux issue returned. She had been put on medicine in October and it really helped. A little over a month ago our doctor advised that we take her off to see if she had outgrown the issue. I was really thinking she had, but nope. So she is back on the medicine and I was sure to ask that she could stay on it at least until baby, cleaning up vomit weekly in the early morning hours...not a good combo for me.

Peanut also was sick for 2 days this past week. The only symptom of her being sick was a high fever. She was with Dobbie, when they discovered how high it was...102.8 under her arm (so you add a degree, right? EEEEKSS!) If you remember she had a fever induced seizure this past summer, so when she runs a temperature I get a little worried. I didn't let her out of my sight much. I had her sleep with me at night and even took naps with her. I don't ever want to experience that again, so we just pumped her with Tylenol and gave lots of lukewarm baths. We made it through safely and she seems to be over it, although she is pretty worn out still.

Peanut has a sweet little friend who is just a few months older than her. We have had the opportunity to have more play dates in the past couple of weeks with her. It has been so fun to watch them play together. I love listening to their conversations. It just makes me smile! Here are some fun pics of their times together.
Hanging Out Hanging Out

Hanging Out
On Friday we went to Chick Filet so the kiddos could eat and play in the fun play place. Afterwards we did some quick shopping. Needless to say the girls were worn out! Can you tell?
Worn Out
This morning Peanut woke up at 8 a.m. I had all sorts of plans for our much to accomplish and do. Well....those things were put on the back burner when Peanut had a melt-down because I was going to take a shower and not hold her. So we climbed into Mommy's bed to snuggle for a bit. Within minutes she was out and ended up sleeping until 11 a.m. I think she was still worn out. As we were laying there my mind raced with all I had to get done, then the words of a song that I heard last night started playing in my head. (Honey, please don't shoot me for putting up the lyrics to a country song. I'm sorry. Heehee!) The song is by Darius Rucker and is called "It Won't Last for Long." I heard it last night on someone else's blog entry about her newborn baby. Yes, I cried and cried while I listened to the lyrics. So this morning I just laid there and held my daughter thinking, "Someday she will not want Mommy to hold her and cuddle her all of the time, so I will just take this in."

I also started thinking that there are only a few more Saturday mornings left for just the two of us. In a few weeks there will be another little one taking up alot of Mommy's time and we probably won't be able to cuddle and have a lazy morning together like this for awhile, so I just laid there and took it all in. I love that little girl so very much!


shannonfay said...

Super sweet. I love your little peanut too! The girls look so very happy to be together...too cute to see their smiles =)

p.s. I promise that some day I'll blog again...maybe over spring break???

Dani said...

Hi Mindy!
Thanks for the comment. It was sooo good to hear from you. I have such a hard time keeping up on everyone else's blogs. It takes me forever to put up a blog post without having the internet at home. I have been checking in on you though. I am glad to hear that your pregnancy seems to be going well. I am excited to see the new little one. And oh my!! Cora is getting sooo very big! She looks like a young lady now. I hope we get to meet up again soon. For now, I will be checking in on you all. Happy Spring!

Joy ☺ said...

I know I'm a horrible friend! I owe you 1,928.2 emails. do you forgive me?
Jason and I just put our house up for sale and we thought if we mentioned we could throw in a mobile meth lab we may get a few more takers on our house. We're so lucky to live in this are of the world where those abound.
I sure do miss you and Cora. I'll get an email to you soon. promise.

Julie said...

I can't believe you're getting so close to Delivery Day :) I hope all goes well (and quick!)