Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She is Here!

We have another beautiful daughter!  Amelia Faye came into the world at 6:24 pm.  She was 7 lb. 9 oz. and 19 in. long.  She is gorgeous.  Our doctor just dropped in to check on us all and said she is a prototype baby!  :)  Peanut got to visit her last night and was smitten with the baby.  She gave her sweet kisses and hugs.  She was quite interested in EVERYTHING, continually asking, "What's that?" Future medical professional?  Ha!

Little Millie had a wonderful first night.  She slept like a pro and has been nursing like one too.  She is truly amazing!  Her labor and delivery were 14 hours long...not too bad when you consider that Peanut was 36 hours long.  The actual delivery was very short again...maybe 15 minutes and like 4-5 good pushes.  I was able to have her completely natural as I did with Peanut.  I am feeling really good today....worn out as I only got a few hours of sleep Sunday night and then again last night.  It's worth it though.  

So now we have two incredible little girls.  It seems that many were convinced that she was going to be a boy...she's not.  Ha!  We have plenty of gorgeous things for this little one to wear.  

I will share our "story" more in detail later but wanted to get some info up here about our little bundle of joy.  We will be in the hospital until tomorrow morning and then off to home.

Monday, March 30, 2009

2 Min. Apart

There was talk of Pitocin about an hour ago, but now things are really coming along.  The contractions are at around 2 minutes or so and lasting almost a minute.  They are getting really strong.  Come baby come!  

Keep you posted.


Oh the love of technology!  I am currently sitting in my hospital bed updating my blog.  How fun!  The last time we did this with Peanut, we didn't have the internet.  It will be fun to keep you all posted via blog updates of what is going on.  We visited our doctor this morning at 8:15 a.m.  I was at 4 cm dilated when he checked me.  The check also brought on a big gush of my water, so he admitted me into the hospital.  My contractions still are not that strong or close together.  I am praying for a speedy delivery of this child.  When I say speedy, I am thinking something much faster than the 36 hour labor I had with Peanut.  My ultimate goal is do have this child as naturally as I can.  The blessing with Peanut's labor is that I was able to labor most of it at home.  But with my water breaking, this is no longer an option...now I am stuck in the hospital.  So if you could all pray that things will move along at a decent rate, that would be greatly appreciated.  

Peanut is with Gigi at our home right now.  Dobbie will be joining us later as she was a huge source of encouragement and help during Peanut's labor.  

This morning Gigi was telling Peanut that soon she was going to have a baby at home with her and she said, "I don't want a baby."  That is the first time EVER that she has expressed anything other than utter joy about having a baby at home.  I know she was just trying to process why everyone was all excited and why Mommy was telling her she had to go away for awhile and all. I do think she will be fine once the baby comes.  There is that little piece of sadness within me knowing that our just Mama and Peanut times will happen on a much more limited basis.  We had a Mama and Peanut outing on Saturday together.  I surprised her and took her to see The Tale of Despereaux which was showing for a $1.00 in our local theater.  We had alot of fun together.  I love her so much!  Things certainly are changing but that never will.  

Keep our family in your prayers.  We'll keep you posted as we can.

Things have started!!

Things have started!!!

6: 45am: Mindy woke up this morning at 4:15am and realized that her water is leaking. She woke me up 5am once she realized what was going on. We called the doctor 15 minutes later (we had our initial panic) and he said that contractions should start within 3 hours.

We rushed around to pack clothes, shower, make phone calls and panic. Mindy's dad is on his way to help watch Peanut. My mom is waiting for us the call her.

6:50am: Mindy had her first contraction after the water started leaking.

7:00am: Contractions are about 10 minutes apart, 15 seconds long.

7:05am: Mindy's dad arrived, excited about the morning surprise.

7:08am: Peanut came downstairs with her baby, wondering what was going on.

7:44am: On our way to see the doctor.

Friday, March 27, 2009

No News Yet!

No baby yet! Even so, you can keep reading! I do have cute Peanut things to show you. Our baby girl has now slept 6 nights in her big girl room, in her big girl bed. She also sleeps in it for nap times! So far she has only tried to get out of it twice..once the first night and once the first nap time, but nothing since. We make a big deal out of her when she wakes up in her own bed! :) She is soooo proud of her new room and we find her playing in it quite a bit. I am really happy with how it turned out. There are a few things I want to do to it yet, but they can wait for now. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.
Big Girl Room Big Girl Room

Big Girl Room Big Girl Room
Thank you to Daddy, Dobbie, Papa and Gigi for all of the help in getting her moved in. Here is a picture of my sweet little girl sleeping in her bed too...notice the nice big sweat spot? She must get that from her dad!
Big Girl!
Last night Daddy took us all on a walk. He was REALLY hoping to get things rolling in the labor department but it didn't. Sorry honey! I don't have much control over that. We did have fun at the park with Peanut though.
Park! Park!

Park! Park!
Did I mention how much I LOVE having a new camera? No more white haze around everyone's heads!

Yesterday I stole away to get my hair cut while Peanut and Daddy napped. (Daddy got sick on Wednesday and still felt yucky most of the day yesterday.) It felt so good to be pampered a bit. I even got an intensive conditioning treatment that was on sale. It felt really good, that's all I have to say about that. I got my hair chopped....it is stacked in the back, which is what I usually get done. I just haven't found another look that I really like and with this it looks a little different each time. The stylist even styled it for me in a straight style. It turned out cute. I am anxious to try it curly too. Here is a pic of it, but it's not that great. Sorry.
New Do
A couple of weeks ago, I was surfing Etsy and found this gorgeous necklace. I may or may not have dropped a couple of hints to Daddy, but a few days later the necklace was in our mailbox. Thank you Daddy! I love my new necklace. If you have never been to Etsy, you need to visit....gorgeous handmade items! My necklace was from MD Sparks.
Mama's Gift
I also purchased a baby sling off of Etsy a few weeks ago. I'm very anxious to try that out. I ordered it from Snuggle Bug Slings. She was awesome to work with and very, very speedy at getting my order to me! My sling is chocolate brown and lime green....super cute!

Here are just some cute pics of Peanut from the past week....
Grrrr... Grrrr...
Hugging On Gigi Surprise
Peanut had a surprise waiting for her at Gigi's this week. He had found an AWESOME deal on a Peanut sized trampoline. She loves it! For now it is in the front room, but once it really warms up it will go outside for her to enjoy.

And to close a video of Peanut singing her favorite songs! 


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please Continue!

Prayers for Stellan

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Singsong

Whenever we light a candle, Cora begins singing Happy Birthday. And if the candle is within her reach, Cora ends the song by blowing the candle out.

The other day she began singing Happy Birthday and sang it to everyone in the room, including herself.... and we caught it on video camera for your enjoyment! - daddy

Monday, March 23, 2009


If you do not know who MckMama is or do not know about her blog, I ask you to take a moment and read her story.  Please be in prayer for this family as they are in the midst of a heartbreaking situation. She knows where her faith is even in the midst of this.  I urge all of us to get on our knees for baby Stellan.  Click on the picture below to find their blog.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


We are almost there. We worked all week and finally have Peanut's new room pretty much put together. The baby's room is rearranged and cleaned. The bathroom has been scrubbed from top to bottom. Ahhh! Now if we can just keep it clean. Ha! There are odds and ends that need to be finished up but if Baby decides to come, I won't feel so overwhelmed.
High Tech Kiddo
(Ummm...the above picture depicts only slightly the child genius that we have who can completely operate her Daddy's I-Pod touch all by herself. She knows how to pull up Caillou and Elmo videos on it!)
Playing the Piano Playing the Piano
Peanut and I are going to head out later so she can pick out some new sheets for her big girl bed and pick out a special gift from her to the baby. I also need to get a rail for the side of her bed. I think we will be all set and she can sleep in it tonight. Oh, how nervous I am about that. How do you train a 2 1/2 year old to stay in bed and not get out when she feels like it? Pray for us, if you think about it. :)

After I finish up some little organization things, I will put some pics up of her new room for you. I am really happy with how it turned out. She has lots of room to play in it. There are still some things I want to make for it, but that can wait for now.

I had a nice surprise this weekend. Daddy whisked me away for an overnight get away to a local bed and breakfast. I made him promise that it would not be too far from home in case we needed to get back quickly. It was so nice. It was right on a beautiful lake in a gorgeous home. The couple who owned it were very nice. We ate out at a yummy restaurant and had blackened salmon fillet with melted blue cheese on top. Oh MY WORD...YUMMO! I need to figure this recipe out and make it here at home. We also hit Penny's to find some really cute little sleepers to take with us to the hospital for Baby Flick. We found some keepers! Back at the B&B, we caught up on this week's episode of LOST and watched a really good movie called Snow Cake. It was nice to just relax and enjoy some time away. On Saturday we were treated to an amazing breakfast by our hosts of Eggs Benedict and fresh fruit. Sadly the only picture we have from our get away is of their really cool dog, Sophia. She was an Afghan Hound...very hairy....very loveable.

We spent some time at a local coffee shop sipping on coffee and reading before heading home. I have to admit that I missed little Peanut quite a bit. This was my first time away from her at night. She had a ball with Dobbie though. She got to watch moozeys (movies) and eat lots of snacks and cuddle all night long with Dobbie in her water bed. She was well taken care of!
(Thank you Daddy! It was really nice to get away and not worry about cleaning/organizing for a while! I needed a break!)

And to close here are some pics from some fun times we've had with family and friends the past week. Last weekend we headed with Dobbie to Daddy's sister's house for a couple of days. Peanut had a ball with her cousins as you can see from the next pics.
Cousins Cousins
Cousins Cousins
This past week we spent the evening with friends. We had not been together, all of us, in a very long time, so it was alot of fun. Peanut got to go to her first movie. We watched Bolt at the movie theatre. Peanut really liked the popcorn! After the movie we headed back to our friends' house for the evening and a super yummy meal made by Mrs. Friend. :)
Friends Friends
And lastly here are some super sweet pics of Peanut doing Butterfly kisses and Eskimo kisses with her Papa before he headed out to work last night.
Butterfly Kisses Eskimo Kisses
And I just have to share this because it was a great blessing to me this week. We have been in need of a new digital camera. Our Fuji is over 3 years old and showing it's age. Pictures were starting to have this white cloud in them and the batteries had a hard time of staying in. I was really wanting to get a new camera before the baby gets here, so we just happened to run into h.h. gregg before taking Peanut to the movie the other night and wouldn't you know it, they just happened to have a special March Madness sale that was running only that afternoon and evening. We ended up finding an excellent deal on a Sony Cybershot, saving almost half and spending alot less than we thought we would have to. I was so thankful for this!

That is all for now. We will certainly keep you all updated on Baby news. Nothing new yet on that front. Now we just wait and see! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coming to the End

I can not believe that the end of this pregnancy is so close at hand.  It has gone so incredibly fast and has been filled with some huge life events and small dramas.  It sure has been a roller coaster 9 months for me.  We had our first weekly doctor appointment on Monday morning.  Our doctor moved our due date up to April 6 and said he would not let me go past that date BUT he doesn't think I will make it that far, so we shall see!  

This week has been full, very full, of moving things around and getting things ready.  Our poor basement had become a place where we just put things that we didn't know what to do with, so Daddy and my VERY gracious and wonderful Dobbie cleaned it up for me and got things organized.  We also had to get Peanut's "big girl" room ready.  This room was previously our guest room/storage room for all things baby related.  It was FULL of stuff.  Dobbie and Papa helped Daddy rearrange bedroom furniture the other night.  Today Gigi came over and helped Daddy move ALL of the bins full of beautiful little girl clothes that we have to the basement.  He also helped fix some odds and ends around the house.  I am SO grateful for all of the help we have had this week.  I was feeling panicky about getting things done.  There is still much to do, but it doesn't seem as overwhelming now.  

Peanut's room is almost ready to go.  I am pretty sad/anxious about moving her into a big girl bed.  Will she stay in it?  Will she be scared?  Will she love it?  She is very excited about her new room and is getting "tired" of sleeping in the baby's crib!  Heehee!  We are still having trouble with her at night, so I am not sure how this is all going to go.  (Due to all of this, we have backed off potty training.  She did ok with it, but just wasn't quite there yet.  The plan is to try again after the baby comes and we are a bit settled with that transition.  Between now and then, we'll keep talking about it and letting her try when she wants to.  Am I setting her up for failure?  I hope not!)  

I am feeling well still.  Anytime I do alot of work or am on my feet alot, I start having pretty strong Braxton Hicks contractions.  This makes it hard to get all that I want to get done, done.  I just try to do what I can, then rest.  I don't want to be far from home at this point!  I did do quite a bit today, so...maybe....soon?  :)  We'll keep you all posted.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Catching Up

We are still here. Things are still crazy. I told a friend recently that all of this "drama" that has been going on in our lives during this pregnancy, makes me really nervous about the actual delivery of this child. I sure hope that is the one thing that goes easily!

A few weeks ago during the night our house started smelling like chlorine. It became so strong that we decided to stay with Dobbie and Papa until it cleared out. It was giving me a headache and making Daddy lightheaded, so we did not want Peanut or Baby in it. We had various people come and help us figure out this bizarre mystery but no one has any idea what happened or where the odor came from. We were out of our house for 5 days!!!! The only cohesive theory that we heard was that possibly someone near our home has a meth lab and was dumping their chemicals down the drain. Great and very comforting! I had another friend tell me that she overheard a conversation at our library about the possibility of a lab very near us. So, I really do not know what happened, nor does anyone else. We are home and so far haven't had the smell back. I am still paranoid when I walk in the door and take in a deep breath to make sure it isn't back.

Then while we were staying with Dobbie and Papa, Peanut's acid reflux issue returned. She had been put on medicine in October and it really helped. A little over a month ago our doctor advised that we take her off to see if she had outgrown the issue. I was really thinking she had, but nope. So she is back on the medicine and I was sure to ask that she could stay on it at least until May....new baby, cleaning up vomit weekly in the early morning hours...not a good combo for me.

Peanut also was sick for 2 days this past week. The only symptom of her being sick was a high fever. She was with Dobbie, when they discovered how high it was...102.8 under her arm (so you add a degree, right? EEEEKSS!) If you remember she had a fever induced seizure this past summer, so when she runs a temperature I get a little worried. I didn't let her out of my sight much. I had her sleep with me at night and even took naps with her. I don't ever want to experience that again, so we just pumped her with Tylenol and gave lots of lukewarm baths. We made it through safely and she seems to be over it, although she is pretty worn out still.

Peanut has a sweet little friend who is just a few months older than her. We have had the opportunity to have more play dates in the past couple of weeks with her. It has been so fun to watch them play together. I love listening to their conversations. It just makes me smile! Here are some fun pics of their times together.
Hanging Out Hanging Out

Hanging Out
On Friday we went to Chick Filet so the kiddos could eat and play in the fun play place. Afterwards we did some quick shopping. Needless to say the girls were worn out! Can you tell?
Worn Out
This morning Peanut woke up at 8 a.m. I had all sorts of plans for our day....so much to accomplish and do. Well....those things were put on the back burner when Peanut had a melt-down because I was going to take a shower and not hold her. So we climbed into Mommy's bed to snuggle for a bit. Within minutes she was out and ended up sleeping until 11 a.m. I think she was still worn out. As we were laying there my mind raced with all I had to get done, then the words of a song that I heard last night started playing in my head. (Honey, please don't shoot me for putting up the lyrics to a country song. I'm sorry. Heehee!) The song is by Darius Rucker and is called "It Won't Last for Long." I heard it last night on someone else's blog entry about her newborn baby. Yes, I cried and cried while I listened to the lyrics. So this morning I just laid there and held my daughter thinking, "Someday she will not want Mommy to hold her and cuddle her all of the time, so I will just take this in."

I also started thinking that there are only a few more Saturday mornings left for just the two of us. In a few weeks there will be another little one taking up alot of Mommy's time and we probably won't be able to cuddle and have a lazy morning together like this for awhile, so I just laid there and took it all in. I love that little girl so very much!