Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She Knows Jim!

I have to share this quick funny story from tonight.  I took Peanut to Wal-Mart to pick up some much needed items for the preschool.  We headed back to the camera/television section so I could get film for our very much out-dated work camera.  There was a wall of televisions nearby and Peanut said, "Mom, look!  It's the Office!"  And there on the screen was Jim Halpert from Mommy and Daddy's favorite show, The Office.  Ummm....maybe there has been too much Office viewing in our home if our 2 year old knows the show by it's characters!  Ha!

Oh, and no more luck with the potty!  :(

Monday, February 16, 2009

One Small Step!!!

Well our weekend boot camp ended positively.  After washing more pairs of training pants and plastic pants than I can count, she did it!  She sat on the potty and after a bit, she went!  She got a yummy chocolate heart for her success.  And then today, I had to take her to the preschool so I could do some quick things.  She said, "I gotta go potty."  I checked and she was still dry, so we RAN to the bathroom.  I plopped her on the big potty and she went!!!!!  I was ecstatic.  I am so, so, so proud of her.  It really made me feel like all the whole weekend was not done in vain!  I was ready to buy more diapers....maybe not now.  I know there is still alot of work ahead, but there is also progress.

I had another doctor's appointment this morning.  I asked the doctor what the due date according to our latest ultrasound was...March 30th!!!!!  I went into shock.  The last ultrasound showed April 1st.  He is still going by our original date of April 10th.  So now we have a 12 day window of possibility!  The doctor talked quite a bit about the possibility of March 30th, so I don't know what to think.  

Our preschool is having a HUGE fundraiser on April 4th and I am pretty much in charge, so I really need to get my ducks into perfectly straight rows very soon, just in case.  

I'm in shock.  Did I mention that?

Friday, February 13, 2009

A New Venture

Today we started Potty Training Boot Camp! Ha! I was inspired by a good friend who has been diligently working with her son on this very issue. If you have been reading our blog for awhile, you know that this is something that I have NOT been excited about doing. I'm still not excited about it, but we had a weekend without a THING going on. That never happens anymore, so I figured we better make the most of it, stay home, and WORK!

Last night, Peanut and I headed to Wal-Mart. We stocked up on food for the weekend, lots of juice to fill that precious little bladder, M&M potty treats (which was inspired by this dear friend when she trained her daughter. We used to sneak the potty treats when we visited. Ha!), new underwear so we would have a generous supply to get through the day, Pull-Ups to wear during naptime and night time, and a $4.00 movie for Mommy to watch and relax with after all our long tedious work! This was all done so that we would not have to leave the house at all for awhile.

Peanut was very excited about this new venture...so excited that she had to wear a pair of her new underwear to bed over her Pull-Up to bed last night. This morning we started first thing. The timer was set every 15 minutes to try to use the potty. Peanut did this all day without any complaint! We were so proud of her. It was alot of hardwork all day. Mommy remained consistently patient with the process too. We had one success all day. She even told us on her own, without the timer, that she needed to go! We were SOOOO proud of her. She was pretty proud of herself too. She got a very special Valentine treat that one of my friends dropped off in the morning. She devoured it with GREAT pride. She also picked the "deen" (green) M&M's for potty treats all day. She got those for just trying to go potty.

I think we may have had 2 more successes, but one was Mommy's fault and one was Daddy's fault. We didn't hurry fast enough for her. We'll get it! And if it isn't right now, it will happen. I sure hope I can keep up this positive attitude. Ha! We would really like to have her trained by the time the baby comes. I know, I know...there is a huge chance she could revert back. But we can try, and we can see what happens.

These pictures depict a bit of our day....

Here she is on her little throne summoning success with her "come on poopoo, peepee" face. Too funny! She makes that face when we ask her to try to go.
Potty Training!
She is her very proud of herself, reading her book while waiting patiently for some results.
Potty Training!
The next picture shows her with that yummy special potty treat that she got after having success and filling the potty!
Potty Training!
The picture below is just a funny one from the other day....before heading up to bed one night, she decided to put on some winter gear and trek around the house. She continually cracks us up!
Winter Gear

We have been keeping busy with lots of other things too. Daddy is super busy with work and school. Peanut seems to be adjusting to this new schedule. She had about a week of not going to bed without screaming and crying, but I hope we are coming to an end of that. I need to find some wood to knock on right now! Daddy is doing super with school. We are so proud of him. He is always studying and trying to stay ahead. And he keeps on persevering with his long weekends at work.
This all means so much to us! We love you, Daddy!
I have been busier with preschool work. We had a sudden staffing change. Thankfully everything went smoothly and things have transitioned well. I was a worried wreck about this but the Lord saw us through it. I am also trying to prepare for my maternity leave which will be here before we know it!
Marble fun!
Gigi has been having some health problems since New Year's. I have been busy going to doctors' appointments with him and helping out as I can. Thankfully we found out some very good news this week. Gigi had a biopsy last week for possible prostate cancer. We found out on Wednesday that he does not have cancer. What a huge relief. He does have a very enlarged prostate which the doctor is trying to shrink with medicine. If this does not work, then he will have to have surgery. That is a much better option to us than having to deal with cancer. So now we wait two weeks to see if the medicine works. Please keep him in your prayers, if you think of it.
Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Valentine's Day!
We had a second ultrasound a week ago. We had a long discussion about finding out what the baby is. We agreed to wait and be surprised! It is just so exciting to find out in that moment! The pregnancy continues to go well. This little one sure can kick. There have been several kicks that take my breath away! We do know the baby has hair as the ultrasound tech showed us! That would explain the heartburn that I have been experiencing almost EVERY night. I still enjoy carrying this child. I love feeling the kicks and movements. I felt it's hiccups for first time the other night! Yesterday I started having Braxton Hicks contractions too. Things are going quickly!

Peanut is grasping it a bit. She has prayed for the baby a couple of times during our bedtime prayers which was so precious to me! She won't truly grasp it until the little bundle comes home with us, I'm sure. I think she will be in Heaven to have a real baby in the house. She adores babies.
That's what we've been up to....

Here is a cute thing to share before I sign off...Peanut was looking through a book about Border Collies that she picked out from the library. We were looking at a picture of the Mommy dog with her puppies. Peanut was concerned that the Daddy doggy was not in the picture. She looked at me and said, "Puppy Daddy at tool?" Translation: Is the puppies' daddy at school? She figured he was since her daddy is at school alot now. I thought that was pretty cute!