Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Monday night we spent the evening with Dobbie and Papa to watch the Fiesta Bowl. They are huge OSU fans as is Daddy so they were very excited about the game. I'll just leave it at that and not mention how the game ended....sorry OSU fans! But I have to share pics with you of the most beautiful OSU cheerleader! Due to our trip to see Daddy's sister, we came home with lots of new clothes for Peanut (hand me downs from her older cousins) and in the treasures was the cutest little OSU cheerleader outfit! Thank you so much sister-in-law! It was perfect timing for her to wear Monday night. I think she was absolutely adorable.

Ok, I just have to metion you see those noodles drying on a rack behind my daughter? Dobbie was going to make chicken and noodles and realized she didn't have any noodles, sooooo she made her own! I was so impressed and boy were they sooooo yummy!

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Anonymous said...

What a cutie patootie! Adorable!

shannonfay said...

Happy birthday! I hope you had a good day today, and I especially hope that I get to see you some day soon.
Peanut is a perfect little cheerleader, how cute! Thanks for posting do better than some of us =P