Thursday, November 20, 2008

What We've Been Up To

I think we are finally all healthy. Daddy ended up getting sick last Friday and Saturday too. He thought he had skated through it, but had not. He was able to go to work on Sunday. Peanut and I spent the evening with Dobbie and Papa and celebrated Papa's birthday with him.
Happy Birthday Papa Happy Birthday Papa
Peanut is going through a new movie phase. She has a new favorite movie that she asks to watch about as much as Elmo. It is Audrey Hepburn's musical Funny Face with Fred Astaire. It cracks us up that she loves it so much. It is fine with Mommy because I love Audrey! Peanut likes to dance and sing along with the cast too.
Funny Face
We have been working with Peanut on her colors. Right now I think her favorite color is green or as she says, "deen" because she calls everything green! The other night we spent some time working on color recognition with some of her Halloween treats. We opened a pack of snack sized M&M's and went over the colors. We matched each M&M to a matching color circle on a paper. She had alot of fun with this activity. Her favorite part was eating each M&M after saying it's name and matching it. She did really well with the matching part. We were very proud of her.
Colors Colors Colors
And in honor of Thanksgiving, we made a turkey. I traced Peanut's hands and we glued the cut out hands for the turkey's feathers. She glued on the eyes, nose, and wattle. She also quickly learned what a turkey says, "daba, daba," for gobble, gobble.
Handprint Turkey
We've been having fun!


shannonfay said...

She is so cute with that little turkey! Could she be any prouder? I love your little peanut....thanks for sharing what you've been up is always great to see your pictures =)

the back door said...

you are such a preschool teacher!!! i love it:)

liberty fun pass said...

Peanut is so cute. Looking at her in the series of pictures, I can't help but smile for you guys. You have been really blessed with a wonderful child and a happy family as well =)

Joy ☺ said...

So I tried the Peanut M&M color thing with Dawson once a while ago. He called ever color green. I'm guessing he's color blind.