Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun Filled Fall Weekend

The bathroom is cleaned, the kitchen mopped, the dishes done, the main floor dusted, the floor swept and of course the kiddo here I am again! I have some great pics from a fun weekend. I'm glad I have them because this morning was AWFUL! I was not feeling very well and was a bit down and Peanut must have picked up on that right away because she was a WRECK. I know those of you who know her do not believe me, but it was bad! It was so bad that I made Daddy deal with her for an hour so I could crawl back into bed and hide. She was literally crying every 10 minutes, throwing herself on the floor, blatantly disobeying, or screaming. It was bad. THEN Daddy got called into work and I thought I would go hide. BUT a peace came over our house, we ate lunch and she was FINE. She crawled up on the couch and started looking at her books like she was the most angelic child ever. Wow! I think the hormones were in full swing today.

Anyways...she and I had a really fun weekend together. On Saturday I decided we needed to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful fall day. We went out to lunch at one of Mama's favorite places, then hit Mama's favorite store...Target. I love that store. I can window shop in there for hours and they have that great dollar rack when you walk in. Peanut got a wooden train (which she loves right now! We have a train one block behind us and she always wants to look out the window to see it when it goes by). Here are her and Daddy watching the train go by.
Want See Train!
We also had a nice surprise and saw some friends that we hadn't seen for a long time. Peanut had a hey day with their kiddos who love playing with her. They played dress-up and jumped on their trampoline. We weren't there for long but it was so good to see them again. My buddy had a special care package that she wanted to give me. It had yummy teas, cute mug, gorgeous journal, Willow Tree Angel, Dove chocolates, and a fall candle in it. The best part was the very meaningful card. Thank you, friend. It made me feel so loved.
Mama and Peanut Day Mama and Peanut Day
After we left their home, we headed to a local pumpkin patch. Upon arrival I realized that this was not just an ordinary pumpkin patch, there was a TON of stuff going on and so much to do, so we called Gigi to see if he wanted to come join us and he did! This was the first time that we have ever been able to do anything like this. Before he was tied up or I was staying with Mimi so he could do something.
Mama and Peanut Day Mama and Peanut Day
We had kettle corn, listened to a bluegrass band (which Gigi liked so much that he bought their cd), took a hayride, saw farm animals, picked out a pumpkin and much more. It was a fun time together. Peanut thought it was pretty fun to see Gigi show up to be with us.
Mama and Peanut Day Mama and Peanut Day
This goat tried to eat the flower on that cute little hat that my California buddy made for Peanut!
Mama and Peanut Day
She was so worn out that she passed out on the way back to Gigi's house where we ate supper. She even stayed asleep when we got there. I had to wake her up since it was too late for a long nap and that was not a good idea. She was a mess after that so we headed home to go to bed. (This is the pumpkin that she picked out herself! She had to hold it the whole way to Gigi's.)
Mama and Peanut Day
Sunday was also a gorgeous day. Peanut and I went to church together. She had fun with new friends in the nursery while I enjoyed seeing so many loved ones and friends. Later in the day I took her to our park to take some pictures of her with the fall trees. I used my fancy pancy camera that Dobbie and Daddy got me a long time ago. That means not many pics to share yet since it is a 35mm film camera. I did take a couple digital just so I could show you. Taking pictures of a 2 year old is HARD WORK. I was a bit stressed by the end of the roll, so we de-stressed at the park. She had so much fun playing, but then a bunch of BIG kids came and took over. They made me nervous as they paid little attention to my baby girl who was on the same equipment they were running and climbing. So we left.
Fall Pictures Fall Pictures

Fall Pictures Fall Pictures
And here is one more picture that is geared especially for Dobbie, Papa, and Gigi (heehee). It is titled, "Please Papa! Please Dobbie! Please Gigi!"
(If you can't tell...those are Mickey Mouse ears on her head. HA!)


shannonfay said...

how did that little girl get to be so beautiful? oh, wait, that's right....YOU are her mama! It was good to see you even if it was brief....sorry I had to cancel =(

love you!

p.s. 130 is an awesome number, oh shoot...anywhere in that region is fine with me

Joy ☺ said...

Fun in FALL! I love that Gigi got to come see you while you traipsed around pondering the demise of pumpkins. I made that last pat up about traipsing but didn't it sound good?
I wish we had leaves so that Dawson could look cute sitting there.
And speaking of hormones, I think Dawson has them. We had a humdinger of day like you had. humdinger. I like that word.
And I say BOO to big bigs! What kind of parent lets big kids trample all over ours? We were there first! Nah!

Colleen said...

David loves trains too. There's a place in LaPorte my mom and dad took him to when he stayed with them for a weekend. It's train museum, and has three different trains you can ride on. I think it was pretty inexpensive. David loved it. Have you heard of it? I'll have to find out the name from my mom.