Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treating

We just finished our trick or treating adventures for the year. Peanut had so much fun that she sang a song about it while we were watching the other trick or treaters finish up. It had things like tahk oh tweet (trick or treat), wan more tandy (want more candy), outsie (outside), tids (kids), in it and it went on and on. She has become very sing songy lately. Last night when we had her in the car she sang about going to Toe's house.
Papa and Lambykins
Dobbie and Lambykins
We took her to see family last night for trick or treating since Daddy had to work tonight. We visited Dobbie and Papa's, two aunts, a cousin, and Gigi's house. She did so well riding in the car in her costume. She was the cutest lamb around! She even has the cutest "Baaa!" She was a little more excited about seeing Meow Meows last night than getting candy. She loves cats!

Here Daddy is whispering a secret to little Lambykins in her sweet little lamb ear.
Gigi and Lambykins

Gigi and Lambykins
I couldn't resist taking her out this evening also. Our neighborhood is packed with trick or treaters so we had fun walking up and down our street. Peanut was very polite and told everyone "Tank You," for her candy. She also spotted every baby on the block! Her favorite costume was a girl that had a clear bag wrapped around her filled with balloons. Not quite sure what she was supposed to be but she was cute and Peanut loved the balloons. She was on the receiving ends of many "Awwwwws!" :)
Afterwards she wanted to watch the kids outside so we pushed a chair up to the window and she watched. (Basically, I was too cheap to get candy to give out. Ooops! So we had to sit in our dark living room and watch after we were finished. Ha!)
The one BIG problem with trick or treating is that my kid who knew very little about candy now wants it all the time!!!! She wanted it first thing this morning before breakfast. Oh well, now we can teach her the importance of limits. :)
Mama and Lambykins
The best part of walk hand in hand with my little girl down the street. I love that little hand. I hope it doesn't let go for a long time!

By the way...Baby is doing well. It "swims" around quite a bit. I feel it so often now. It is the strangest yet best feeling! We are just over 18 weeks now according to our ultrasound.


I have only read a few posts on this blog My Charming Kids and I am addicted. I found her through a friend and Bring the Rain. God is good and He does give and take away. Here is a story of how He has given greatly.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Winter is in the Air

First off...Dobbie and Papa are home! Welcome back, we missed you so much!!!!!

Today is the first day that I feel winter coming. The wind is blowing hard. The sky is that gray color before a winter storm. The leaves are coming down, although there are still quite a few that haven't changed yet.

We had another busy weekend. On Saturday I took Peanut trick or treating in our little downtown. She was so excited to get her costume on. Dobbie made it for us and it turned out so cute. Peanut practiced her "Baaaa," all week!
Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!
Trick or Treat! Trick or Treat!
After we were done trick or treating, we headed to Gigi's. We went with Gigi and my two aunts, Gigi's sisters for a drive. They took me all over to show me the different homesteads from their past. I got to see where my family settled after they came over from Germany and where my dad was born.
I also got to see the home that my Great Grandfather and Grandmother owned until the Depression hit and the home was taken away from them. My aunts said it was heartbreaking for my Great Grandmother as it was her favorite home. It had a wrap-around porch and and was perfect. It is still standing, but just barely.
This is how Peanut spent most of our drive.
Here are some pics from "Toe's" house the other night. See previous post if you don't know who Toe is. :)
DSCF8358 Family Dinner

Family Dinner
We were there until like 11:30pm. She had so much fun with attention from cousins, an aunt, an uncle and Gigi! Thanks Cousin for the yummy, yummy was like celebrating Thanksgiving early.

And now for today...we had our ultrasound. I hadn't been feeling very good since Mom's funeral, so Daddy made me go in and see the doctor just to make sure everything was ok. It was! I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and it was 130. He wanted to schedule our ultrasound a little earlier to check on things and things looked great. There were some things that we couldn't see well only because Baby is still very small. We didn't find out the sex, because baby is so small but that was fine with me. I'm not sure I want to know. It was so fun not knowing with Peanut. BUT we did find out that I am farther along than I thought. The baby is measuring at 17 weeks and 5 days, not 15 weeks! So now we are looking at a due date of April 1, 2009 (and YESSSS, I know this is April Fool's Day. I just asked Daddy if we can just say April 2, so that I don't have to hear people say, "Oh! April Fool's! Ha!).
Newest Family Member Newest Family Member
I have a cute little 2 year old begging me to build her a tower so I better go.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Making Things

Peanut and Daddy surprised me with homemade chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday when I got home from work. Peanut obviously had lots of fun as you can tell from the following pictures.
Making Cookies With Daddy Making Cookies With Daddy Making Cookies With Daddy

This morning Peanut and I made a pumpkin craft together. We tore up orange paper and glued it to a white pumpkin. I traced her foot on brown paper for the stem and her hand on green for the leaf. She was pretty excited about making it!
Craft Time Craft Time Craft Time
Tonight we are headed to my cousins house with Gigi for supper. She has a little boy who is around 8 years old. Peanut adores him! She calls him Toe (but I will not reveal his real identity for safety. :) So this morning I told her that we were going to his house for supper and would see his kitty and dog. She was super excited so I explained that we had to wait until after her nap, then it would be almost time for us to leave. After our morning ritual of watching Elmo, she looked at me and said, "I go nite nite." She wanted to take her nap so she could get to Toe's house sooner! :)

Peanut has started talking up a storm. It is so fun to be able to carry on a conversation (at a 2 year old level) with her. Some fun things that she says are:
"Foof me." - Excuse me.
"Torry." - Sorry
"Boo Bye." - Bye bye
"I want fishins." - I want raisins.
"Tora." - Cora
"I want Tookie." - I want Cookie.

She is obsessed with getting her nose wiped right now too. She got a bit of a cold and now any time her nose even feels like it is running, she needs it wiped. "Mama, wipe nose peas."

She answers her toy cell phone just like mom and dad. "Hewo! Oh Yeah! Boo Bye!"

This is just a sampling of her new vocabulary and things that we find too cute. There is alot more too.

One last funny story that I have forgotten to share for quite some time. Daddy was chatting with a friend last winter about Peanut. He was going on and on about her, and kept referring to her as Peanut. He finally said, "That is a very interesting name that you chose for your daughter." He thought we really had named her Peanut! Ha! Thankfully we are a bit more creative than that.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun Filled Fall Weekend

The bathroom is cleaned, the kitchen mopped, the dishes done, the main floor dusted, the floor swept and of course the kiddo here I am again! I have some great pics from a fun weekend. I'm glad I have them because this morning was AWFUL! I was not feeling very well and was a bit down and Peanut must have picked up on that right away because she was a WRECK. I know those of you who know her do not believe me, but it was bad! It was so bad that I made Daddy deal with her for an hour so I could crawl back into bed and hide. She was literally crying every 10 minutes, throwing herself on the floor, blatantly disobeying, or screaming. It was bad. THEN Daddy got called into work and I thought I would go hide. BUT a peace came over our house, we ate lunch and she was FINE. She crawled up on the couch and started looking at her books like she was the most angelic child ever. Wow! I think the hormones were in full swing today.

Anyways...she and I had a really fun weekend together. On Saturday I decided we needed to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful fall day. We went out to lunch at one of Mama's favorite places, then hit Mama's favorite store...Target. I love that store. I can window shop in there for hours and they have that great dollar rack when you walk in. Peanut got a wooden train (which she loves right now! We have a train one block behind us and she always wants to look out the window to see it when it goes by). Here are her and Daddy watching the train go by.
Want See Train!
We also had a nice surprise and saw some friends that we hadn't seen for a long time. Peanut had a hey day with their kiddos who love playing with her. They played dress-up and jumped on their trampoline. We weren't there for long but it was so good to see them again. My buddy had a special care package that she wanted to give me. It had yummy teas, cute mug, gorgeous journal, Willow Tree Angel, Dove chocolates, and a fall candle in it. The best part was the very meaningful card. Thank you, friend. It made me feel so loved.
Mama and Peanut Day Mama and Peanut Day
After we left their home, we headed to a local pumpkin patch. Upon arrival I realized that this was not just an ordinary pumpkin patch, there was a TON of stuff going on and so much to do, so we called Gigi to see if he wanted to come join us and he did! This was the first time that we have ever been able to do anything like this. Before he was tied up or I was staying with Mimi so he could do something.
Mama and Peanut Day Mama and Peanut Day
We had kettle corn, listened to a bluegrass band (which Gigi liked so much that he bought their cd), took a hayride, saw farm animals, picked out a pumpkin and much more. It was a fun time together. Peanut thought it was pretty fun to see Gigi show up to be with us.
Mama and Peanut Day Mama and Peanut Day
This goat tried to eat the flower on that cute little hat that my California buddy made for Peanut!
Mama and Peanut Day
She was so worn out that she passed out on the way back to Gigi's house where we ate supper. She even stayed asleep when we got there. I had to wake her up since it was too late for a long nap and that was not a good idea. She was a mess after that so we headed home to go to bed. (This is the pumpkin that she picked out herself! She had to hold it the whole way to Gigi's.)
Mama and Peanut Day
Sunday was also a gorgeous day. Peanut and I went to church together. She had fun with new friends in the nursery while I enjoyed seeing so many loved ones and friends. Later in the day I took her to our park to take some pictures of her with the fall trees. I used my fancy pancy camera that Dobbie and Daddy got me a long time ago. That means not many pics to share yet since it is a 35mm film camera. I did take a couple digital just so I could show you. Taking pictures of a 2 year old is HARD WORK. I was a bit stressed by the end of the roll, so we de-stressed at the park. She had so much fun playing, but then a bunch of BIG kids came and took over. They made me nervous as they paid little attention to my baby girl who was on the same equipment they were running and climbing. So we left.
Fall Pictures Fall Pictures

Fall Pictures Fall Pictures
And here is one more picture that is geared especially for Dobbie, Papa, and Gigi (heehee). It is titled, "Please Papa! Please Dobbie! Please Gigi!"
(If you can't tell...those are Mickey Mouse ears on her head. HA!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer

At Mom's viewing there were many dear friends who came to show their support. Two in particular had just returned from a Women's conference and had the opportunity to hear Keith and Kristyn Getty whom I was not familiar with. One friend brought the cd she had just purchased with a note on the top. It said, "Song #3 - 'Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer - is for your mom, and also for you and your dad. Love and Blessings." I had forgotten about the cd with all that was going on. I just put it in the computer to listen to and am overwhelmed by the beauty of the words and how precisely they express what Mom went through. Here are the lyrics...with my own words below.

Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer

Jesus, Draw me ever nearer
As I labor through this storm;
You have called me through this passage,
And I'll follow, though I'm worn.
(Mom labored for so long in the storm of illness and her body was so worn out. We don't know why she was called to follow this road, but she was and I know that His understanding is far greater than mine.)

May this journey bring a blessing,
May I rise on wings of faith;
And at the end of my heart's testing,
With Your likeness let me wake.
(I believe she rose on wings at 4:04 am on October 10 and that was the end of her testing. She awoke in perfection before her Jesus.)

Jesus, guide me through this tempest
Keep my spirit staid and sure;
When the midnight meets the morning.
Let me love You even more.
(She now knows, she understands why she faced this tempest and she loved Him even more as the midnight met the morning at 4:04 am.)

Let the treasures of the trial
Form within me as I go-
And at the end of this long passage,
Let me leave them at Your throne.
(She has left her treasures at His feet after her long, long battle.)

Thank you Lynn for sharing this with me. It is perfect. I hope it gives hope to those of you who read the words.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mimi's Mums

Peanut and I spent the day with Gigi today. It was hard to say the least as this was the first time I had been back since the funeral. There was a void there that I had not yet felt before. Peanut found one of Mimi's cups right away and wanted to take her some "appu juice". She stood outside Mimi's door until I took her. She had that look on her face again of dismay. Mimi's room was empty, so we once again talked about Mimi being in Heaven with Jesus.

Later we stopped by the church where the funeral was held to drop some things off. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, Peanut started saying over and over again, "Mimi singing." She knew this was the place where something special had happened regarding Mimi. I was amazed by her little memory.

We then headed to the cemetary to Mimi's grave. I wanted to get some of the flowers from the floral bouquets so I can dry some and press others. The flowers we received in her honor were beautiful.
Mimi's Flowers

Upon arriving at Gigi's I noticed that all of Mimi's pink mums were in full bloom. They are so pretty and such perfect timing for them to bloom this year. I had to take some pictures of Peanut with Mimi's flowers that she had spent time tending to so many years ago.
Mimi's Mums Mimi's Mums Mimi's Mums
We invited my aunt and uncle down for supper to help eat some of the food that has been dropped off by so many friends and family. As a special treat, we made homemade ice cream in Gigi's new ice cream maker that he got for his birthday. It was YUMMY! Peanut shared two bowl-fulls with Gigi.
Homemade Ice Cream
Today was difficult. It was hard to be in the house without Mimi there. It was hard to know how things will fit together with her gone. It was hard to run errands with Gigi. (We never did this before, because I always stayed with Mimi while he ran.) It was hard to walk by that closed bedroom door, knowing she was no longer there. It was hard.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Will Be Long

Where do I even begin? (This will be a long post.) First thank you all who have shown your support. I was so blessed to see so many familiar faces at Mimi's viewing and funeral. You have no idea what it meant to my family and to me. Thank you!

We are now back home after almost 3 weeks of staying with Gigi and Mimi. We came home late Monday night after things had settled down for Gigi. We will be heading back over tomorrow to help him with some things that need to be taken care of.
Yesterday I just kind of collapsed in a pile. I didn't realize how worn out I was from everything. I still feel worn out today but much better than before. The emotions come in waves. It is still hard to wrap my head around...that she is gone.
I am so very grateful that we were able to be there with Gigi and Mimi. I have many special memories from that time. It was so relaxing to be in the country air again. I didn't realize how much I miss that. It was so special to have family around too. Peanut has been around her aunts and uncle several times but not like the past few weeks. She knows them by name now. She even knows Gigi's friends who stopped by frequently. I am thankful for the times she had with them all. She also had special times with Mimi. She helped the nurses check Mimi's "heart beep" as she called it. She laid beside Mimi in her bed, gave her lots of kisses and hugs, she sang to Mimi....there were many opportunities for her to love on Mimi.
Checking On Mimi
We also had a small birthday party for Gigi on October 5th. It was refreshing to have family around and helped lift Gigi's spirits.
Gigi's Birthday Gigi's Birthday
Mimi passed away on Friday morning at 4:04 am. The night before one of my aunts had stopped by to see her. We realized that her oxygen had slipped off her nose for just a bit. Just that short time without the oxygen, caused her great distress. From that point on her breathing was very labored. That night I sat in the rocking chair in her room and decided to just sit there all night so Daddy slept with Peanut. Gigi pulled a chair up to Mimi's bedroom door and slept there. We were awake most of the night checking on her. Gigi came in around 3:45 am to swab her mouth with some water then fell back to sleep in his chair. I jerked awake just before 4:00 am and noticed that her breathing had slowed incredibly. I woke Gigi up and we were able to be with her when she passed. She took her final breath at 4:04 am. I woke Daddy up after she had passed. It was peaceful and there seemed to be no pain. She just stopped breathing. That is exactly how we were hoping it to be.
Heart "Beep"
Gigi called Hospice and wouldn't you know? God had that perfectly planned. The on call nurse "just happened" to be Mimi's own hospice nurse for the past 3 1/2 years! We were so thankful that she was able to be with us during this time. I made some phone calls to let very close friends and family know that she was free now...she had been called home to more Alzheimer's! After her body had been taken by the funeral home, I couldn't bear to look in her bedroom at that empty bed, so I asked Daddy to close it. It was too hard to see. Some of Gigi's friends stopped by that morning to be with him which was very special. It really helped to sit around the table with coffee and cookies and memories.
Mimi and Mama
The hardest part of the day for me was when the man came to get the oxygen tank and Peanut followed him into the empty bedroom. She had a look of dismay on her face. Keep in mind in her short little life, she has only seen Mimi in a recliner or in her bed. It was more than this Mommy could take. I couldn't think of anything to say in my emotion so just said, "Mimi went bye-bye." This I will regret because the next morning when she got up and Gigi had gone bye-bye she got panicky. We explained that Mimi was in Heaven with Jesus and Gigi was at the store and would be home soon. I think it is ok now but we are careful what we say. Dobbie and Papa left yesterday to go on vacation for 2 weeks. Instead of saying they went bye-bye, we say that they went on a trip and will be back. I have no idea what her little mind is computing.
Mimi and Gigi
On Saturday Dobbie came to take me to look for clothes for the funeral for all of us. When she got there, Peanut took her hand and led her to Mimi's bedroom door. Dobbie and Daddy took her in. This time the bed was gone. Peanut walked in and said, "Oh no!" Then she got a pillow and laid down on the floor like she had been doing with Mimi. On Sunday I took her to Dobbie and Papa's to stay with them during the visitation. On the way she asked about Mimi and I told her that Mimi was in Heaven with Jesus and that we would miss her very much. She stretched her arms out and said, "I want hug Mimi." Then she started babbling about Elmo but I was left with tears and a heart broken for her.
Mimi's Funeral
Some interesting things happened last week with Gigi's dog. He was a wreck all week. We really think he sensed something that we did not. On Monday we found him curled up under Mimi's bed something he NEVER had done before. He also was very mopey and wouldn't go outside much. On Thursday he acted nervous and we would find him shaking. Also the night before Mimi passed, Gigi went into her room in the middle of the night. He said there was a bird right outside her window singing very loudly, something he had never heard before at that time of day.
Mimi's Funeral
The visitation was a bittersweet time. We were given time to see Mimi beforehand. That was so hard to see. I didn't know how to prepare myself for it. I was so thankful to see how they had honored her. She looked so nice. Take into consideration that she had not eaten for 1 1/2 weeks. Her hair was beautiful. The outfit was perfect. We put a picture of her with Peanut inside the coffin. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring from friends, family and the community. The visitation was from 3-6pm. The line started at 3pm and did not end until after 6pm. We didn't know what to expect.
Mimi's Funeral
Afterwards one of my aunts had family members over to her home for a meal. It was great to relax with everyone and catch up. My mom's sister and 4 of her girls drove from Nebraska and Kansas to be here at her other daughter's home for the visitation and funeral. It was so good to see them all. I know it would have meant a GREAT deal to Mimi for them to come. She had wonderful times with them.
Mimi's Funeral
The funeral was on Monday morning at the church that we had attended as a family all throughout my growing up years. We again were surrounded by friends and family for this very personal time. The Hospice chaplain who had been with my family for 3 1/2 years did the service. It was perfect! A dear friend sang "It is Well with my Soul" and Daddy sang "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" (Peanut was in the service with Dobbie and Papa. After Daddy finished, she yelled out, "Hi Dad!" It was perfect!). A very dear friend of Gigi's shared a personal testimony about our family. We shared a dvd that Daddy had made from pictures of Mimi's life. He used the songs "Love me Tender" by Elvis, "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers, "Don't Cry for Me" by Patsy Cline, and "In the Garden" by Johnny Cash. These were some of Mimi's favorite artists. The Hospice chaplain shared from his heart and ended with a word picture of Mimi. He asked us to say out loud one word that reminded us of Mimi. We heard words like kind, compassionate, funny, sincere, humble, love, sister, longsuffering.

After the graveside service, we shared a wonderful meal with family and friends. It was a great time of fellowship for all of us. The following is a picture of Peanut, Gigi, and I with Mimi's sister and her girls. They will be greatly missed as all but 1 one of them return west.
Mimi's Funeral
That is all for now. My brain is worn out from all of this writing. I just needed to get it down before I forgot it all. I'm sure there will be more to say later. I'm still working through all of this. Keep Gigi especially in your prayers. His life has revolved around caring for Mimi for 10 years. This will leave a big void for him. He has great friends and family who will walk beside him.

I have to leave you with some cute pics of Peanut from that day.
Mimi's Funeral
Listening to Mimi's funeral. At Mimi's funeral.

I miss you Mom!