Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Real Quick

This is going to be real quick and mostly pictures. This past weekend our community held a huge festival and we took in all 4 days AND today was the first day back to work for me. I am EXHAUSTED. My brain waves are really weak so bear with me. I know my fans are waiting for pictures though, so everyone should be happy!

Two weekends ago Dobbie, Peanut and I headed to sister-in-law's house. SIL had made aprons for Dobbie to sell at her booth at the festival so we had to go pick them up, and have pizza, and spend a night in a motel so the kids could swim. All for a good cause....beautiful aprons. Peanut had a blast swimming with Dobbie and the cousins.
Peanut and her "buddy" gave each other a goodbye hug before we headed for home.

I caught Peanut in the kitchen trying to fix her Leap Frog fridge toy. (The batteries were dead.) She had found a screwdriver and was trying to unscrew the back! She makes her grandpas proud
Fix It Girl

As you know from a previous post Peanut was sick again. We found out it was a viral infection in her bronchial tubes. Thankfully it was not pneumonia. We kept up with her breathing treatments and cut them in half. That helped greatly with her hyped up mood. I have been able to survive them now. (I called Daddy at work that first night in tears, telling him there was no way I was going to survive the breathing treatments due to how "active" Peanut got after them. She had been caught scaling shelves...something she never does! It was bad. Thankfully Dobbie saw her reaction to them and had me call the office to see if we could halve the dose. Thanks Dobbie!) We visited the doctor again today and he said she sounded fine and her ears looked great. We have to do treatments through the weekend, then hopefully we have a clear bill of health for a long, long, long time!

Peanut has started trying to dress herself. It doesn't matter whose clothes are laying around, she will try to put them on however she can. Today Daddy said she had his boxers and socks on!
Dress Up

Like I said at the beginning we had a busy festival-filled weekend. Dobbie had her booth at the festival and did well. We did hear from several vendors that sales were really down this year. We are all very proud of her dedication! Amidst all of our trips to see Dobbie, Peanut and I got to take in some fun things. We saw a hot air balloon launch on Saturday. On Sunday the hot air balloons came back in the evening for a balloon glow. It was really pretty. Afterwards we took in the fireworks which were great. Peanut loved the "boom-booms" as she called them. On Monday morning we took in the parade together. We had a great Mama/Daughter weekend. We missed Daddy but he was busy at work so we called to fill him in on our adventures.
Festival Festival Festival
Festival Festival Festival

This is all my brain can manage right now. Hope you all had a great Labor Day!

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Joy ☺ said...

I cracked up at the little pipsqueak trying to fix her leap frog! She's a genius!
You should have asked Dawson and I to come to your festival. I would have let him and Cora go up on a hot air balloon ride. ha ha.
I miss you and corakins!
I never heard if you did get your office dvd back!