Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Swim Day

Swim Day
It was pretty hot here this week, so we pulled out the blow up pool for Peanut. She loved it so much. We haven't gotten to use it much because it has been a cooler summer and we haven't been home alot. We also have a little slide that we position so that she lands in the pool when she goes down! She must have gone down the slide a million times. She was in heaven.
Swim Day Swim Day
The funny part of it all was that I didn't have the right size swim diapers so I just let her wear a regular diaper. I didn't know just how big they would become. I was crying from laughing so hard at her big booty and tummy. Her diaper was enormous! Dobbie stopped by and got quite a kick out Peanut too. We were both trying to capture the moment on camera but she was moving so fast. I got a few that I will share with you. (And that hat....that was all Peanut. She had to wear her hat and wear it backwards!)
Swim Day
Now behold the "poochiness". If you look closely at her tummy and cute little behind in these last few pics, you will see it! It was definetely better to see for real.
Swim Day
Swim Day

And I did not realize that the dipaer actually disintergrates so that when you take it off all the goop inside the diaper falls out! Yuck-o! Thankfully I undressed her outside and discovered this, so she, the chair she was on and the deck all got hosed off! She thought it was great fun to run around outside naked. Ha!

Now for a couple of things to close....Peanut is all better. No more strange vomitting or illnesses. A mama should not go online to research her child's strange symptoms. I was in a panic after the things I read, but all is well now! I am so, so, so grateful. I never want to take her health for granted.

At her 2 year old well baby visit, the doctor suggested we do a lead test on Peanut. They have started recommending these at the 2 year visit (and which by the way, sounds like it will be mandatory to do in a few years). He said it was no big deal, just a heel prick. I thought it was a good idea since we live in an older home and due to all those wonderful toy recalls that we have had lately! So today we headed out for the biggie...just a heel prick! We walked in and the lab tech said, "This isn't for your little one is it?" I thought that was it is JUST a heel prick. After she finished ooohing and ahhhing over my beautiful little girl, I said, "It's not a big deal right? It's just a heel prick." To which she replied, "No, it's a blood draw. We don't do heel pricks after they start walking because the foot gets too tough." To which I replied, "Oh, well that's fine, she just started walking YESTERDAY!" HA!!!! I wish. I really did think about just scooping my baby up and leaving. I even told the tech it was a good thing the doctor told me it was a heel prick, otherwise we probably wouldn't have come. I abhor getting blood drawn so you can imagine my disdain over having it drawn out of my baby girl's arm. Another tech came in and held her arm while I covered her eyes so she couldn't see what they were doing and do you know what?!? She didn't shed a tear one time or even flinch! She did have an unsure look on her face but that was it! She is WonderWoman to me. I couldn't believe it. After getting her shiny, sparkly bandage in place and 3 huge Winnie the Pooh stickers, I promptly took that girl to Wendy's for ice cream! I was so stinking proud of her. She did better than Daddy or I could ever do!
So that's the story and I'm sticking to it!


the back door said...

we have a picture of jack when he was almost 3 wearing his diaper while going down the slide into our little pool. we took it from the backside and i look forward to showing it off to his wife someday! they get huge and saggy and the little pellets fall out!!

chloe also had a blood draw once and never even cared. it might have been for lead or it might have been when she hadn't gained weight for a year. i guess i don't remember the why - just the event that she did handle better than me!

Joy ☺ said...

Wow! Getting her blood drawn and she did that awesome! Dawson would have taken the needle and run after the nurses! ha! She's amazing! Great job on raising her. :)

shannonfay said...

Ya, so, I miss you, and your little girl too, and even your husband. Some day we can see each other again....may not be after October 3rd....doggone anatomy...but someday...

shannonfay said...

until after October 3rd is what I was saying....but you probably knew that....ok...more bones and stuff....