Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saying Good-Bye

We have some good friends who are moving back to Texas on Saturday. To say good-bye the proper way, Peanut and I went to see them and headed to the ZOO! We had so much fun with this Mama friend and her sweet little boy. The weather was PERFECT for a morning at the zoo. We rented a wagon and let the kiddos ride together. They did so well. It was so good to spend time with this friend and catch up. She is expecting her second child in October, so we had alot to talk about!

I did get some cute pics of our fun day together and of course will share them with you all.
Another Zoo Trip

Here they are checking out the Komodo Dragon.
Another Zoo Trip

The Orangutang exhibit was my favorite. Peanut thought it was so funny that these big creatures each had their own blankies that they were holding and wrapping around their heads.
Another Zoo Trip Another Zoo Trip

Watching the monkey watch them.
Another Zoo Trip

Playing together in the Australian outback.
Another Zoo Trip Another Zoo Trip

Peanut liked the goats. She was fascinated by all the fun little brown balls all over the ground! YUCK!
Another Zoo Trip Another Zoo Trip
She was also fascinated by the goats' tails.
Another Zoo Trip

The kids had fun eating snacks together while the Mommies pulled them all through the zoo.
Another Zoo Trip

I think Peanut has a crush.
Another Zoo Trip

We ended our time together with a picnic. It was super yummy! Thanks Friend. I am so thankful we finally got to spend some time together before you had to leave. You will be missed!

Another funny story to end with....
We live in a neighborhood that the friendly ice cream truck frequents FREQUENTLY. Peanut obviously started noticing her fun toddlerish music when the truck would near. She runs to the window to see it coming. We have "taught" her that it is the singing truck that comes by every so often to play music for us. So now when it comes by, she gets excited and says, "Singy truck!" I just don't have a big enough wallet to pay $10 for a push-up 10 times a day! So the "singy truck" it is for now.


the back door said...

yes, we know that truck all too well. unfortunately our kiddos know exactly what it is. and while they usually chase it down or run outside to it, they know that mommy has told them it is way too much money and we have the same thing in our freezer - 12 of them for the price of 1!!!

Joy ☺ said...

I LOVE THE SINGY TRUCK STORY -ALL CAPS! I laughed out loud. We don't have one. Though my sister used to say she was going to own one and play Metallica in it... hmmm...

Julie said...

Hmmm... That zoo looks awfully familiar! :) We were there on Sunday!