Friday, August 08, 2008

Not Again!

Dare I say it again? She's sick! She woke up at 3 AM crying. I put her in bed with us only to have her throw up all over. Fun times for us, especially Daddy who can not handle vomit. She proceeded to throw up 4 times in 45 minutes. We stayed awake until 4:30 AM just to be sure, she was done and to check her temps. Then we all went back to sleep together. This all makes for a tired and worried Mommy today. I am actually waiting for the Doctor to call me back so I can talk to him. I'm sure it's just some weird bug, but I need to vent my worries and be told that I'm a psycho worry-wart and she is fine. Ha! Thankfully she doesn't seem to be running any temp today. We are staying close to home again today. I was supposed to go to my cousin's wedding tonight, but will not be doing that now. It's means more cuddle time with her.
Welcome Home! Welcome Home!
We have had a fun week in between our sickness spells. On Monday we went to see my friend who just got back from basic training. We were supposed to go to her welcoming home party on Saturday but couldn't because Peanut was sick. So we caught up on Monday. We ate lunch at Chili's and hung out at her house. The kids played together and had alot of fun. Peanut was completely worn out and slept the whole way home. BFF is at her med school orientation and has her white coat ceremony tomorrow. She then starts Med School on Monday morning, a new chapter in her family's life.
Welcome Home! Welcome Home!
Wednesday we went to Gigi's house. In the morning we picked the bounty that the garden has produced. There are green peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, acorn squash, green beans, onions, and tomatoes in my fridge right now waiting for me to do something with them. Peanut had fun picking tomatoes and helping Gigi dig for potatoes. In the afternoon Gigi and Papa went to the Popular Rotorcraft Assoications International Convention together. Papa was able to show Gigi his gyrocopter and take in the events of the day. They had a good time.
Getting Veggies Gigi's Shoes
On Thursday I had to work at the preschool with the other staff members, preparing for the upcoming year. Daddy took care of Peanut all day. They had a picnic together down the street at the park. What fun! This has become a Daddy and Peanut tradition of sorts. Daddy said Peanut called it a "pic" and kept saying that the slide and swings were "hot". She is always concerened about things being hot. I'm not sure why.
DSCF7854 Picnic
Last night Peanut and I spent our evening at Dobbie and Papa's. Peanut had fun swinging, feeding the fish, playing, and eating ice cream all by herself. Mama had fun catching up with Dobbie and looking at the pretty quilts she has been making.
Ice Cream

Here are so
me random pics from our week.
Here she is putting her pjs on by herself.
All By Myself

She enjoys putting her babies to bed in her "new" doll baby bed. Each night at her bedtime, she holds her baby doll and her play phone and I turn on her bunny mobile and cover her up. The other day I caught her doing this same routine with her dolls except for the bunny mobile. She was also talking away to them and feeding them "baby juice" from the play bottle we have.
Night, Night

And to end with.....I ran into Goldilocks and.....
What long locks you have!
Snow White this week. Heehee!
Welcome Home!
And a funny story to end with. While at Gigi's after he had left, I was sitting in the living room and Peanut headed to the kitchen. She was really quiet and I kept saying her name but she wouldn't respond. After a few minutes I went to see what she was up to. She had climbed up on the chair and dug into the candy jar that Gigi keeps out but we've tried to keep a secret from her, and was standing on the chair eating a Hershey's miniature candy bar paper and all, grinning at me! Stinker! No wonder she wasn't responding...she knew Mommy would take the candy away.

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Joy ☺ said...

Is corakins feeling better now?? I can't wait til you guys come over. These stories are giving me withdrawal. Do please teach your daughter to take the wrapping of candy bars from now. I'd be afraid of what that poop would look like. ha ha. how funny that she found those!