Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Sweetest Angel

One of Cora's favorite things is to view photos, particularly photos of her cousins. She loves to say the names of the people in the pictures and asks us questions about what her cousins are doing at the moment... such as whether they're taking a nap, eating lunch, playing, etc.

We either pull up our photos in iPhoto and hit the play button to start the slideshow, or we go to our Flickr account. The cool thing about the Flickr account is that we can select all of our photos tagged "cousins" and view it as a slideshow. You can also embed your slideshows on your blog, or share a link (email, etc). Yes, I'm a nerd, but this is really cool!

I'll probably turn this song into a movie slideshow, but until I have time, we'll do it this way... The song is The Sweetest Angel by Jonatha Brooke. Lyrics are by Woody Guthrie (the entire album are Woody Guthrie lyrics that her never wrote music to). The album came out on Tuesday and we love it!

So imagine that you're watching an old slide show projected on a white sheet with a cassette deck playing along. Remember those days?

Cora, you are our sweetest angel.

- Daddy

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Another post about being sick. Mommy is frazzled and Peanut is sick. On Sunday she started a head cold or at least that is what we thought it was. She had a runny nose and a little cough. No biggie...I did keep pushing the Tylenol to keep her temp under control. We don't want another seizure. Yesterday then she fussed and fussed twice when she was going potty in her diaper. She didn't have a diaper rash so I immediately suspected a bladder infection and made an appointment for this morning. I am SOOOOO thankful that she fussed because had she not, I probably wouldn't have taken her to the doctor for what I thought was a cold. Well, it turns out she has an ear infection, yeast infection, and probably pneumonia! Thankfully the doctor said it didn't sound too bad but put in an order for a chest x-ray which we did right away. We're just waiting for the results now. We had to rent a nebulizer and begin breathing treatments and get antibiotics for the ear infection and for the yeast infection.

We did our first breathing treatment and oh my! Within 30 minutes of it, Peanut was running around like a wild woman and trying to climb shelves. She is not usually like this so you can imagine our dismay. :) I had heard that the treatments can wind kids up so I figured that would happen. It's a few hours later and she is still a ball of energy. Wow! Do I have to give her more? Ha! Mama is worn out!

That is where we are at for now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Swim Day

Swim Day
It was pretty hot here this week, so we pulled out the blow up pool for Peanut. She loved it so much. We haven't gotten to use it much because it has been a cooler summer and we haven't been home alot. We also have a little slide that we position so that she lands in the pool when she goes down! She must have gone down the slide a million times. She was in heaven.
Swim Day Swim Day
The funny part of it all was that I didn't have the right size swim diapers so I just let her wear a regular diaper. I didn't know just how big they would become. I was crying from laughing so hard at her big booty and tummy. Her diaper was enormous! Dobbie stopped by and got quite a kick out Peanut too. We were both trying to capture the moment on camera but she was moving so fast. I got a few that I will share with you. (And that hat....that was all Peanut. She had to wear her hat and wear it backwards!)
Swim Day
Now behold the "poochiness". If you look closely at her tummy and cute little behind in these last few pics, you will see it! It was definetely better to see for real.
Swim Day
Swim Day

And I did not realize that the dipaer actually disintergrates so that when you take it off all the goop inside the diaper falls out! Yuck-o! Thankfully I undressed her outside and discovered this, so she, the chair she was on and the deck all got hosed off! She thought it was great fun to run around outside naked. Ha!

Now for a couple of things to close....Peanut is all better. No more strange vomitting or illnesses. A mama should not go online to research her child's strange symptoms. I was in a panic after the things I read, but all is well now! I am so, so, so grateful. I never want to take her health for granted.

At her 2 year old well baby visit, the doctor suggested we do a lead test on Peanut. They have started recommending these at the 2 year visit (and which by the way, sounds like it will be mandatory to do in a few years). He said it was no big deal, just a heel prick. I thought it was a good idea since we live in an older home and due to all those wonderful toy recalls that we have had lately! So today we headed out for the biggie...just a heel prick! We walked in and the lab tech said, "This isn't for your little one is it?" I thought that was it is JUST a heel prick. After she finished ooohing and ahhhing over my beautiful little girl, I said, "It's not a big deal right? It's just a heel prick." To which she replied, "No, it's a blood draw. We don't do heel pricks after they start walking because the foot gets too tough." To which I replied, "Oh, well that's fine, she just started walking YESTERDAY!" HA!!!! I wish. I really did think about just scooping my baby up and leaving. I even told the tech it was a good thing the doctor told me it was a heel prick, otherwise we probably wouldn't have come. I abhor getting blood drawn so you can imagine my disdain over having it drawn out of my baby girl's arm. Another tech came in and held her arm while I covered her eyes so she couldn't see what they were doing and do you know what?!? She didn't shed a tear one time or even flinch! She did have an unsure look on her face but that was it! She is WonderWoman to me. I couldn't believe it. After getting her shiny, sparkly bandage in place and 3 huge Winnie the Pooh stickers, I promptly took that girl to Wendy's for ice cream! I was so stinking proud of her. She did better than Daddy or I could ever do!
So that's the story and I'm sticking to it!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Detours and the Office

On Friday Peanut and I headed east to see a college friend of mine. We were roomies my senior year and are now huge Office fans. At the beginning of summer we had decided we needed to have an Office marathon. Well now that summer is almost over, we finally got our schedules to work together and had it. Now I was in charge of bringing The Office dvds. On our way out of town, I realized I had forgotten them!!!! Geesh! My brain is gone these days. Then on our way the road I needed to take was closed! I had to follow a detour which took me way out of my way. Peanut did not like this new route. We were both frazzled by the time we got to Friend's house. BUTTTT there were yummy chicken enchiladas waiting for us. Yumm-o! Good cooking! (I think I need to make those this week now!)
College Buddy
And then for dessert, they pulled out their Chocolate Fountain. Double Yumm-o! (Does Rachael Ray have a copyright on the word Yumm-o? Hmmm?) We dipped oreos, rice krispy treats, and strawberries in the oozing chocolate. The kiddos enjoyed the goodies too.
College Buddy College Buddy College Buddy
We also enjoyed watching the 1st season of The Office. We had lots of laughs together. We put the kids to bed so we could enjoy more episodes but this was not meant to be. Her little guy went right to bed but my little gal did NOT. She is scared to death of pack and plays so would have nothing to do with theirs. I decided to just lay down with her until she fell asleep but she did not. I decided I did not drive all that way to lay in bed with a sleepless toddler! I came for The Office! So we both ended up on the couch watching The Office with Friend until 1:30 a.m. Yes, both of us. I did not feel guilty at all! Ha! I never, ever let her stay up so this one time was just fine. She even laughed with us, probably at us. We ended our marathon by watching the episode where Michael grills his foot on the George Foreman grill. That is my favorite episode and it made us laugh until we cried.
College Buddy College Buddy
The next day we took the kids to the park after eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The kids even held hands. we have a little flirt on our hands? Ha! He was a good influence on Peanut because she braved the big slide for the first time! She went right down and loved it. She usually just climbs to the top then decides, "NOPE!" and climbs back down.
College Buddy
Upon returning home we let them play in the sprinkler. Again Peanut loved this and didn't even cry when she got water in her eyes. Is my baby growing up? :( She did figure out that she could run over and wipe her eyes on the towel all by herself. They were full of giggles for us.
College Buddy College Buddy
College Buddy
We ended our time at Friend's house by watching our kids jump together on the bed. They were so funny! Needless to say it was a pretty quiet trip home for me. I think we are finally caught up on our sleep after a good nap today for both of us.
College Buddy

Peanut is learning to count! Right now she can count to 4 all by herself. We are so proud of her!
P.S. Friend this one is for you. Will I see it again anytime soon? Ha!
College Buddy

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saying Good-Bye

We have some good friends who are moving back to Texas on Saturday. To say good-bye the proper way, Peanut and I went to see them and headed to the ZOO! We had so much fun with this Mama friend and her sweet little boy. The weather was PERFECT for a morning at the zoo. We rented a wagon and let the kiddos ride together. They did so well. It was so good to spend time with this friend and catch up. She is expecting her second child in October, so we had alot to talk about!

I did get some cute pics of our fun day together and of course will share them with you all.
Another Zoo Trip

Here they are checking out the Komodo Dragon.
Another Zoo Trip

The Orangutang exhibit was my favorite. Peanut thought it was so funny that these big creatures each had their own blankies that they were holding and wrapping around their heads.
Another Zoo Trip Another Zoo Trip

Watching the monkey watch them.
Another Zoo Trip

Playing together in the Australian outback.
Another Zoo Trip Another Zoo Trip

Peanut liked the goats. She was fascinated by all the fun little brown balls all over the ground! YUCK!
Another Zoo Trip Another Zoo Trip
She was also fascinated by the goats' tails.
Another Zoo Trip

The kids had fun eating snacks together while the Mommies pulled them all through the zoo.
Another Zoo Trip

I think Peanut has a crush.
Another Zoo Trip

We ended our time together with a picnic. It was super yummy! Thanks Friend. I am so thankful we finally got to spend some time together before you had to leave. You will be missed!

Another funny story to end with....
We live in a neighborhood that the friendly ice cream truck frequents FREQUENTLY. Peanut obviously started noticing her fun toddlerish music when the truck would near. She runs to the window to see it coming. We have "taught" her that it is the singing truck that comes by every so often to play music for us. So now when it comes by, she gets excited and says, "Singy truck!" I just don't have a big enough wallet to pay $10 for a push-up 10 times a day! So the "singy truck" it is for now.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Funny Story

Toddlers are literal. Oops! This week we were pretending to talk on the phone that was actually an arch shaped block. I pretended to be talking to Elmo and said, "Oh, you want us to come to your house. That would be fun." Then I got off the phone and asked Peanut if she wanted to go to Elmo's house. She eagerly nodded her head. Now all week she has asked repeatedly, "Momo's house?" I explained to her that Elmo lives in New York City on Sesame St. and that is far away so we can't go there right now as it is too far. Toddlers don't understand distance either. far there have been no tears about not going to Elmo's house.

Not Again!

Dare I say it again? She's sick! She woke up at 3 AM crying. I put her in bed with us only to have her throw up all over. Fun times for us, especially Daddy who can not handle vomit. She proceeded to throw up 4 times in 45 minutes. We stayed awake until 4:30 AM just to be sure, she was done and to check her temps. Then we all went back to sleep together. This all makes for a tired and worried Mommy today. I am actually waiting for the Doctor to call me back so I can talk to him. I'm sure it's just some weird bug, but I need to vent my worries and be told that I'm a psycho worry-wart and she is fine. Ha! Thankfully she doesn't seem to be running any temp today. We are staying close to home again today. I was supposed to go to my cousin's wedding tonight, but will not be doing that now. It's means more cuddle time with her.
Welcome Home! Welcome Home!
We have had a fun week in between our sickness spells. On Monday we went to see my friend who just got back from basic training. We were supposed to go to her welcoming home party on Saturday but couldn't because Peanut was sick. So we caught up on Monday. We ate lunch at Chili's and hung out at her house. The kids played together and had alot of fun. Peanut was completely worn out and slept the whole way home. BFF is at her med school orientation and has her white coat ceremony tomorrow. She then starts Med School on Monday morning, a new chapter in her family's life.
Welcome Home! Welcome Home!
Wednesday we went to Gigi's house. In the morning we picked the bounty that the garden has produced. There are green peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, acorn squash, green beans, onions, and tomatoes in my fridge right now waiting for me to do something with them. Peanut had fun picking tomatoes and helping Gigi dig for potatoes. In the afternoon Gigi and Papa went to the Popular Rotorcraft Assoications International Convention together. Papa was able to show Gigi his gyrocopter and take in the events of the day. They had a good time.
Getting Veggies Gigi's Shoes
On Thursday I had to work at the preschool with the other staff members, preparing for the upcoming year. Daddy took care of Peanut all day. They had a picnic together down the street at the park. What fun! This has become a Daddy and Peanut tradition of sorts. Daddy said Peanut called it a "pic" and kept saying that the slide and swings were "hot". She is always concerened about things being hot. I'm not sure why.
DSCF7854 Picnic
Last night Peanut and I spent our evening at Dobbie and Papa's. Peanut had fun swinging, feeding the fish, playing, and eating ice cream all by herself. Mama had fun catching up with Dobbie and looking at the pretty quilts she has been making.
Ice Cream

Here are so
me random pics from our week.
Here she is putting her pjs on by herself.
All By Myself

She enjoys putting her babies to bed in her "new" doll baby bed. Each night at her bedtime, she holds her baby doll and her play phone and I turn on her bunny mobile and cover her up. The other day I caught her doing this same routine with her dolls except for the bunny mobile. She was also talking away to them and feeding them "baby juice" from the play bottle we have.
Night, Night

And to end with.....I ran into Goldilocks and.....
What long locks you have!
Snow White this week. Heehee!
Welcome Home!
And a funny story to end with. While at Gigi's after he had left, I was sitting in the living room and Peanut headed to the kitchen. She was really quiet and I kept saying her name but she wouldn't respond. After a few minutes I went to see what she was up to. She had climbed up on the chair and dug into the candy jar that Gigi keeps out but we've tried to keep a secret from her, and was standing on the chair eating a Hershey's miniature candy bar paper and all, grinning at me! Stinker! No wonder she wasn't responding...she knew Mommy would take the candy away.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sick, Again!

Peanut was sick again yesterday! She woke up at 7:00 a.m. screaming and I went in to find her throwing up. So nice to wake up to in the morning. She threw up 8 times in the first hour she was awake. I felt so bad for her. I also panicked about her temperature. She threw up the Motrin I gave her so I put her in the tub, put cool cloths on her, and gave her half a dose of Tylenol. This all seemed to hold her temperature steady. I also called the doctor in a complete frenzy. Thankfully the Tylenol stayed down and so did her temperature. She also started feeling a bit better by afternoon. We just took it easy all day and watched alot of movies together. We missed BFF's Welcome Home, belated birthday, anniversary, son's belated birthday, and hubby's birthday party all in one. I was very, very, very sad about that.

Hopefully this is the last of the illness for us for a while. This whole seizure thing has put a whole new spin on seeing Peanut sick. I literally laid beside her in tears as I was so scared that she could have one at any moment, but the Lord watched over her and protected her and helped relieve Mommy's anxiety. Thank you to Dobbie for making a pharmacy and grocery run for us! That means alot to me.

Here are some cute little things from the week:
We got to see some of my friends from high school on Thursday. We all met at one friend's house for supper and to let all our kids play together. Here are some pics of Peanut and Mama's friend's little girl who is almost exactly 3 months older.
Playing Playing

Also Peanut has named herself, "You." She thinks this is her name. Why wouldn't she? Anytime we point her out in a picture to herself, we say, "This is you." So now she calls herself this most of the time.
Blue Eyes
She has also been watching Dobbie and Mama sew. The other night we were at Dobbie's and discovered Peanut "sewing" on Dobbie's sewing machine that was sitting on the floor. She had taken the cover off, and put a ribbon right where it was supposed to go in order to sew on it. A proud moment for us!
Peanut has been doing somersaults for a few months now but we caught it on camera to share with you. It's much cuter in person!



We have also been trying to get a picture of her showing how old she is with her fingers. It is pretty cute. She can say "two" but has a cute way of holding her fingers to show two. We'll keep working on that.

And lastly, who can resist a picture of a baby with her new underwear on her head?
Underwear head