Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

Dear Peanut,
First hair wash 2 days old
Bundle of Joy
It has been 2 years since you were born. Where have those years gone? We have had so many people tell us that the time will fly and we didn't want to believe them, but it is. You have grown so much and changed even more. We adore you more than words can say. You truly are the joy of our lives. What did we do with our time before you. Nothing has meant more to us than being your mama and daddy!
B-day Party The Big One Year Old!
Birthday Night Out
We are excited to see all that this year holds for you. You will learn new things and grow even more. Next year you will seem so much more like a kid and not our baby. You will always be our baby in our hearts.
The Relatives are Here! Cheeser
Know that we love you and nothing could ever change that. We love you!
Happy Birthday!

(Sorry this video isn't as well done as last year but Mama put it together quick.)

Click to play 2 Years Old
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-Mama and Daddy


michelle said...

Mindy! Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl! I too, have a 2 year old but she will be 3 in September...oh how time flies!

It hardly seems possible that it was over 10 years ago that we were folder partners in choir! Please email me so we can catch up! It seems we have quite a bit in common...
Michelle "Shout"

shannonfay said...

Happy Birthday, sweet little peanut! I can't wait to see you...and of course your mama! What an adventure the past two years have been. We are blessed to know you, little one =)

-aunt shannon