Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthday with the Grandparents

Happy 2nd Birthday! Happy 2nd Birthday!
Here I am again! Last night we celebrated Peanut's birthday with her grandparents at Gigi's house. Dobbie, Papa, Gigi, Daddy, and I helped her celebrate. It was great fun! Peanut was so happy to have everyone together in her honor. We had a yummy supper of green beans, potatoes, and cucumbers from Gigi's garden. There was also sausage and blueberries. And for dessert, of course there was a homemade birthday cake. I chose a cow cake this year in honor of Peanut's infatuation with all things farm, such as cows, pigs, tractors, and dirt. I think Mr. Cow turned out pretty cute. Peanut did and kept saying, "Wan tow!" ("Want Cow!") all day at Gigi's. She also had a small fit when we sat down for supper and there was no cow on her tray. Heehee!
Happy 2nd Birthday! Happy 2nd Birthday! Happy 2nd Birthday!
To go along with the cake, Gigi and I made homemade ice cream. I love homemade ice cream and we haven't had it in quite a long time. Peanut's birthday was a good reason to make this yummy treat, and yummy it was. My aunt and uncle who live just down the road came down to for some treats too.

Peanut had fun opening her presents again. She got an Elmo medical kit, a sprinkler, a homemade baby doll dress and dolly diaper bag from Dobbie, a puzzle, coloring book and crayons. Fun stuff!
Happy 2nd Birthday! Happy 2nd Birthday!
Now the celebrating is over and we have a 2 year old. Wow!

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